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Mezzotono Star Magazine - Tanzania 2010

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Publicada em: Diversão e humor
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Mezzotono Star Magazine - Tanzania 2010

  1. 1. 16 OCTOBER 17, 2010 SUNDAY NEWSSTARmagazine The five vocalists of Mezzotono: Marco Giuliani, the baritone, Francesca Leone, a semi-soprano, Andrea Maurelli, a tenor, Daniela » Desideri, a soprano and Fabio Lepore, another tenor; take the stage at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday evening. THE ART AND CULTURE CORNER » Marco Giuliani plays the guitar to back Francesca Leone for her solo piece.Mezzotono gave a display ofwhat the human voice can doWBy Staff Writer IMAN MANI ter a couple numbers, one realises so easy that even the uninitiated, ing the strings, with the other effectively. Also, how they would ELL the first that their voices actually sing and may be charmed into thinking hand. move from normal singing to a thing the visit- reproduce the different instru- it’s anything as easy as it seems. Seems there is always time combination of sounds, which in- ing Italian vo- ments, such as a drum kit, electric When Marco Giuliani, the baritone for humour from these five sing- cludes clapping in time from the cals quintet did, bass guitar and mandolin. in the group, took up his guitar to ers. Well they certainly know how audience, under their direction; all when they came The originality of their perfor- accompany his colleagues: Daniela to mix it well with a continuous in one rendition. Hearing one noteon stage, was to welcome the audi- mance is evident in the repertoire, Desideri a soprano, Francesca Le- stream of serious on time music, of a tuning pipe now and then re-ence with their rendition of ‘Malai- which consists solely of major Ital- one a semi-soprano, Fabio Lepore which has a strong beat behind the vealed how professional they wereka’ followed by greeting them in ian music and varies from songs a tenor and Andrea Maurelli an- melody line, from start to finish. at keeping in tune throughout theirSwahili. It didn’t matter that he in ‘Barese’ dialect to some classic other tenor, for a solo, brought a Knowing that all the proceedings performance.had to read this neither, for all traditional ones from there. This different flavour to their act. of the charity concert was going The lively audience showedpresent at the Golden Tulip along might be the case but because they The large range of music the towards the ‘Help a Village Proj- how much they appreciated thethe Dar es Salaam peninsula, on employ different musical idioms five contain, cover many genres ect’ in Njombe District of Iringa performance by refusing to allowWednesday evening, showed they like reggae, Jazz, and even rap, in and generations, which added Region, brought another dimen- them to stop. After-all they wereappreciated the effort by giving a their repertoire, it remains fresh much colour to their repertoire. sion to having a group that could an integral part of the stage act,round of hearty applause. and exciting to any audience. Giuliani’s fingers moving over the hold the interests of an audience. even when Giuliani sat on a chair Got a full house, with the larg- Their versatility, coupled with guitar’s fret board revealed that he It was interesting to see how and made believe he was playing aer majority being Europeans living a large degree of professionalism, was also an accomplished guitar- they could incorporate sounds, drum kit, with his hands and feetright here in the city. Although makes what they do on stage seem ist, whether strumming or pluck- like a cats meow during a song, so making the movements but thefrom those spoken to throughout sound coming from his mouth.the evening, there were those from It was good to see how theyother regions in the country pres- could go from one mood to anotherent. Wherever they came from, just like that. The audience reallythere was one thing they all had showed their insatiable appetite forin common, which could be seen Mezzotono’s versatile performancefrom their actions and that was the by not allowing them to stop. Theydesire to be entertained. None- were called back to the stage threetheless, there were enough indig- times. For sure it can be said thatenous people there for their pres- these two ladies and three gentle-ence to be felt. men represent modern day Italy One thing that came out right but carry something of the old thatfrom the beginning is that the cannot be named or denied.group that calls itself ‘Mezzotono’ Finally, the repeated an-– semitone in English – have noth- nouncements, inviting everyone toing half about them when it comes dinner, succeeded in allowing theto their sound or sense of humour. singing quintet the chance to leaveThey certainly know how to quick- the stage. Their repertoire includ-ly establish and then maintain a ed Italian classics like ‘La citta’ dilively atmosphere throughout their Pulcinella’ and ‘Il Balletto Barese’act from beginning to end. but also had numbers like Cole Hearing that their stage show Porter’s ‘Night and Day’, Stevieis entirely built on their five voic- Wonder’s ‘Overjoyed’, Beyonce’ses in a-cappella mode (meaning ‘Listen’ and ‘That’s what friendswithout the use of musical instru- are for’ by Bert Bacharach. Well,ments), one could get the wrong Getting a full house at the charity concert should benefit the ‘Help a Village Project’ in Njombe District of they certainly displayed what voic-preconception of their act. But af- Iringa Region. (Photos by Iman Mani) es are for, with style.