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Positive Mindset At Work

  1. Positive Mindset At Work 1 Day (7 Contact Hours) WWW.FOSTERANDBRIDGEINDONESIA.COM
  2. Positive Mindset At Work The growing acceptance from companies and organizations to good project management knowledge, skills, and practices nowadays has been very encouraging for any professionals who understood the value of project management. Many companies and organizations, over these years, have acknowledged how professionals with project management skills and capabilities can positively contribute to their success. FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  3. About The Program Embarking on a set of challenges at the workplace is ever disconcerting. We got caught up with overcoming the assignments so much so we would easily lost our drives, motivations, passion -or worst- our positive mindset. We know that positive mindset will allow us to see the “glass is half full” (as contrast to half empty analogy) and recognize work challenges in a clearer and confident way. Furthermore, our colleagues would feel comfortable working with person who have a positive mindset and behavior. A positive mindset will allow us to work passionately, more productively, and make us as the better colleagues, supervisor, and team members at our workplaces. This training program is specifically designed to equip you with ways to evaluate your career, and facilitate you to develop the motivation to be progressive person who actively contributes in creating positive vibe at the workplace. This training program also designed to help you identify and manage de-motivating issues as part of your challenges to stay positive and to continuously drive your best self actualization for your career advancement. POSITIVE MINDSET AT WORK - 1 DAY FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  4. This program is highly recommended for YOU Any professionals at any levels and new Managers and Supervisors who want to develop and to sharpen their positive mindset in a professional setting. Who Should Attend POSITIVE MINDSET AT WORK - 1 DAY FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  5. • The Essence of Positive Mindset • Spiritual being versus material being • The Law of Principle and Process • The barriers to be positive people • The road to be actualized person at the workplace • Creative way to manage satisfaction and dissatisfaction at work WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Positive Mindset At Work FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  6. Through active participation, mini presentation, group discussion, experience- sharing, fun related games and quiz, personal and group work exercises, presentation and evaluation. Participants will actively involve in exploring discoveries and implementing the principles of powerful presentation. 30% - Lecture / Theory 40% - Exercises / Role Playing 30% - Discussion How We Deliver The Program FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA POSITIVE MINDSET AT WORK - 1 DAY
  7. How To Register POSITIVE MINDSET AT WORK - 1 DAY • Fill the registration form • Send it back by email to: 1. REGISTER THE PARTICIPANT • We will contact you for registration confirmation • We will run the training if the minimum number of participant is achieved 2. CONFIRMATION • Once the class is confirmed to run, please complete the payment, and • Make the transfer to: BCA. AC/No. 523.500.8855 Formasi Bina Interaksi 3. PAYMENT FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  8. ABOUT FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA Foster & Bridge Indonesia is part of Formasi Accoladia Group that focuses on the professional development business in Indonesia. We are supported by highly qualified professionals in Training & Development and T&D Management fields. We are also supported and professional facilitating team with actual hands-on working experiences in their respective fields. Our Business Group FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA NURTURING | ELEVATING | CONNECTING
  10. OUR EXPERIENCES Since our launching in Indonesia, 4 years ago, we have worked together with hundreds of professionals and HR/Training Partners from countless national and multinationals organizations. Thank you for all of your trust to work with us. We will not let you down. ABM Investama, Tbk Aero System Indonesia Altus Logistics Amway Indonesia Asuransi Bintang Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia Asphalt Bangun Sarana Australian Embassy Jakarta Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia (Persero) Bank ANZ Indonesia Bank BCA Syariah Bank CIMB Niaga Bank Commonwealth Bank BTPN Bank Maybank Syariah Bank Mega Bank QNB Kesawan BASF Indonesia Becton Dickinson Indonesia Ltd Berlian Sistem Informasi Bauer Pratama Indonesia Carl Zeiss Chandra Asri Petrochemical, Tbk. Cipta Kridatama Cantika Puspa Pesona Canvas Development Cedefindo Citarasa Prima Group Clariant Adsorbent Indonesia Daya Adicipta Mustika – Daya Group East Jakarta Industrial Park Eastspring Investment EATIKI (Qraved) FMC Health & Nutrition Farpoint Freeport Mc-MoRan Inc. Fortune Indonesia Givaudan Indonesia GrabTaxi Indonesia Gemalto Smart Cards HERO Supermarket, Tbk Hitek Nusantara Off Shore ICBC Indonesia Indesso Niagatama Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) Indosat Ooredoo, Tbk Integrated Healthcare Indonesia, Tbk International Recovery Ivo Mas Tunggal – Sinarmas Group Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation(JCLEC) Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) Jardine Lloyd Thompson JAPFA Foundation JasAero Engineering ServicesJasa Marga (Persero) JLC Sourcing & Services Ltd. Indonesia K-Swiss International Manufacturing Ltd, Indonesia Kaltim Prima Coal Kawi Agung Kencana KBC Advanced Technologies – Singapore Kiroyan Partners Kreasiboga Primatama Kompas Gramedia Lexus Indonesia Martina Berto, Tbk. – Martha Tilaar Group Metrodata Electronics, Tbk Oracle Indonesia OCBC NISP Petra Energy Putera Sampoerna Foundation Rabobank Indonesia Rafless Medika Indonesia Rajawali Corporation Sandvik SMC School of Government and Public Policy Shelf Drilling Syngenta Indonesia Solusindo Kreasi Pratama – Tower Bersama SWA Magazine Syailendra Asia Sun Education Group Takeda Indonesia Tetra Pak Stainless Equipment TOTAL E&P Indonesie Triputra Group Universitas Siswa Bangsa International UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) USG Boral Vale Indonesia VivaStor Techno Logica FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  11. We continuously expand our program offerings. Any programs that will nurture, elevate, and connect professionals with better outcomes. COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM OPTIONS We carefully selected our facilitating team with our own unique criteria to ensure quality program delivery and client experience in any of our programs. PROFESSIONAL & QUALIFIED FACILITATORS Our business is focused on T&D programs only. We dedicate our lives on this professional development field only. No side businesses. SPECIALIST IN TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT We build our own elearning system to ensure your learning journey continues long after our class. We truly believe that our programs are more than our classroom delivery. It goes beyond that. An experience of itself. Our team are dedicated professionals in T&D management field. We are very passionate in T&D & Learning fields. ELEARNING SUPPORTED FRIENDLY STAFFS & LEARNING EXPERIENCEPROFESSIONAL TEAM & MANAGEMENT WHY US? FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  12. We at Foster & Bridge Indonesia understand that your Learning journey does not stop at our classroom. It goes beyond that and you need to access all of your training materials at anytime, anywhere you need them. Our My-Leaps system is specifically designed to cater this very need. After your class with us, you are automatically signed up for 12 months access to your free-of-charge My-Leaps account. You can access the softcopy of your training materials, forms, and templates used in your class. You can access more additional materials, videos, and also your class photos! Easy. Simple. And Free! Yes, we do have our own eLearning system MY-LEAPS ELEARNING SYSTEM FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  13. Our My-Leaps system is accessible using various tools. Mobile. Laptop, etc. ANY GADGETS READYADDITIONAL VIDEOS Your My-Leaps account is ready anytime and anywhere you need it. 24/7 - ALL YEAR ACCESS Our system enables our clients to set up internal tests or certification. Interested? INTERNAL TEST READY You can access them anytime you need them. No more USB drive at class. TRAINING MATERIALS Never lose your training data & materials. We manage them well. REPOSITORY SYSTEM Relive your class experience with us. Stay connected with all of your classmates. CLASS PHOTOS Test your understanding on the materials or other interesting subjects. QUIZZES & TESTS We curated additional videos that will enrich your knowledge & understanding. MY-LEAPS SUPPORTS FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIA
  16. Get Connected @fosterandbridgeid Contact our team to discuss your upcoming development programs. Our team is ready to help and to work with you. Foster & Bridge Indonesia Foster & Bridge Indonesia Menara Palma 12th Fl. Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav.6 putri @ +62 21 2939 1228 Menara Palma 12th Fl. Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 6 Jakarta Selatan 12950 MARKETING OFFICE Kota Kasablanka Tower A 38th Fl. Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88 Jakarta 12870 BUSINESS GROUP OFFICE FOSTER & BRIDGE INDONESIAImages by 123RF Photo Stock