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  1. 1. Technology Enhauced Learning (TEL) G-2-1-1
  2. 2. Keywords TELConstrast ROLEDefinition
  3. 3. Referencehttp://technologyenhancedlearning.net/what-is-technology-enhanced-learning/http://www.role-project.eu/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology-Enhanced_Learning
  4. 4. 1.Introducing Technology Enhauced Learning
  5. 5. 1. What is TEL
  6. 6. What is TELTechnology Enhanced Learning (TEL) seeks to improve thestudent learning experience by:Aiding student engagement, satisfaction and retention;Helping to produce enterprising graduates with the skillsrequired to compete in the global businessenvironment;Encouraging inspirational and innovative teaching;Personalising learning that promotes reflection;Delivering and supporting CPD and internationalisation.
  7. 7. TEL in EuropeThe EU supports a number of projects in the area of TEL.There are several Networks of Excellences that (have)specifically contribute(d) to shaping the research areaaround TEL:PROLEARN: endedKaleidoscope: endedSTELLAR: running
  8. 8. TEL in the United KingdomThe Teaching and Learning Research Programme iscurrently in its Technology Enhanced Learning phase. It iscurrently funding eight large projects in the TEL field acrossthe UK.
  9. 9. Associations dealing with TELEuropean Association on Technology Enhanced Learning(EATEL)CEN Learning Technologies Workshop (CEN WSLT)IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (LTTC)IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education(AACE)Ariadne foundationThe International Federation for Learning, Education, and TrainingSystems Interoperability (LETSI)ELearning Industry Group (ELIG)EdenEuropean Schoolnet
  10. 10. 过渡页2.Contrast TEL with PLE
  11. 11. 点击添加标题The main focus in TEL is on the interplay between theseactivities and respective technologies. This can range fromenabling access to and authoring of a learning resource toelaborate software systems managing (e.g. learningmanagement system, learning content management systems,learning repositories, adaptive learning hypermedia systems,etc.) and managing (human resource management systems;tools for self-directed learning, etc.) the learning process oflearners with technical means.
  12. 12. 点击添加标题PLE puts the individual learner at the center, connecting himor her to both information and to communities to: "... providepersonal spaces, which belong to and are controlled by theuser, [and also provide] a social context by offering means toconnect with other personal spaces for effective knowledgesharing and collaborative knowledge creation" [3] Using theterm "Social Learning 2.0," Anderson and Dron reinforce thisemphasis on community, conceptualizing it in terms of"groups," "networks" and "collectives" (2007)[4] and therebyachieve learning goals.
  13. 13. 过渡页3.ROLE
  14. 14. ROLEResponsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE) is aEuropean collaborative project with 16 internationallyrenowned research groups from 6 EU countries and China.ROLE´s main task is to deliver and test prototypes of highlyresponsive Personal Learning Environments, offeringbreakthrough levels of effectiveness, flexibility, user-control and mass-individualisation.
  15. 15. 点击添加标题ROLE Showcase Platform displays the softwarecreated in the ROLE research project. Please feelfree to try it out yourself. If you have questions donot hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is alwaysappreciated. Need a widget? Add your suggestionhere.
  16. 16. 点击添加标题The ROLE Alliance Programme offers additionalsynergy opportunities for all those, who would liketo test, enhance or further exploit our open sourceresults. We would like to encourage PLE motivatedpeople to subscribe either for individual or fororganisational membership here.
  17. 17. Thanks !