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  1. Digital Enterprise and Business Innovation Benefiting from early RTD phases in ICT SMEs An example from the FP7 Adventure project within Ascora GmbH Dr. Sven Abels, Ascora GmbH,
  2. Overview • Background – Participation in RTD projects during PhD – Also a lot of activities in a bigger SME – But: • Big change: Started entrepreneur business in 2007 • Different perspective on RTD projects • Especially as things like exploitation, time-to-market, etc. are majorly important in the first years for an SME • Now = 5 years later • First feedback based on our participation in ADVENTURE Ascora GmbH,
  3. Overview • Ascora GmbH: – SME ICT company – Own company building in 2011 – Offices in Lower Saxony (Ganderkesee, Delmenhorst) and Berlin – 20 People in total: 18 Full Time + 2 Freelancers Almost all of them with an IT-Background – What do we do? 1. IT Business Solutions – Data Management and Integration / Interoperabilty – Services / SOA and Cloud based systems – eHealth 2. End User App development (mainly Desktop, but also Mobile, Web) 1.3Mio active and registered customers (~8 Mio users) Distributed under own labels and under third party white-label approaches Reaching from 9.90 € to 39.90 € Ascora GmbH,
  4. Overview • High number of users means: – Large amount of web server requests (avg ~475.000 per day) – Large amount of support tickets / CRM requests – Large amount of license checks – Large amount of messages – Large amount of … well… everything. ;-) • Management of customers and licenses via an old MySQL-Based solution – Managed customer data – Managed licenses – Managed invoices, emailed payment reminders etc. Ascora GmbH,
  5. Overview • Status: – Created for managing ~20 k users – All data interlinked, many different languages, horrible DB design. ;-) – But it worked After a while… • The solution started to become inflexible: Many different scripts, etc. accessed it. It was safer to not change the data model • Also: The solution got slower and slower, mainly because of Joins that came with the old Hibernate solution Ascora GmbH,
  6. Overview • What happened: – We went international in 2008  We started using the comment field to note the language of the user – Payments had to be international and we needed credit cards. So we cooperated with a payment service in 2008  We started using the comment field to note payment service reference ID – Customers came in (no idea why that has happened) and growth became a problem. Some people had different accounts and we had to merge them.  We started using the comment field to note the reference between users – … • A good advice: We found out that it gets chaotic when you start using the comment field for more than 5 things at the same time. ;-) Ascora GmbH,
  7. Overview • The normal way would be: – Get a new DB design, based on proven and scalable SQL database – Create a new and holistic system on top of it – Ensure that things like joins are minimized – And ensure that the data access is always encapsulated, e.g. via an ORM • However, we did it differently, because of our participation in ADVENTURE • ADaptive Virtual ENTerprise ManufacTURing Environment Ascora GmbH,
  8. ADVENTURE – The Plug-and-Play Virtual Factory • Virtual Factory – Multiple factories may form a virtual factory – Integrated ICT • Leverage information exchange – Interoperability at a deeper technical level • Definition of data formats for exchanging information • Ensuring that factories can be technically connected • Plug – Factories provide information • Semantically enriched descriptions of offered manufacturing capabilities and products • Exposed as services • Play – Factories model manufacturing process • Semantically enriched descriptions of required manufacturing capabilities and products • Manufacturing processes modeled as composition of services – Identify particular partners who offer a distinct product Ascora GmbH,
  9. Overview • For more info see: • Or download the FP7 ADVENTURE app in the Apple App Store or in Google Play Ascora GmbH,
  10. Overview • Early phases = Meaningless for SMEs? – Too much research – Mainly preparation – No possibility for reuse – Mainly for academic partners – … • Does it ever pay off from a commercial perspective? • Wait a bit… here is what happened to us… Ascora GmbH,
  11. Overview • In the course of the FP7 Adventure project, we have been studying different storage engines • We have been working with the other partners on cloud based data storages based on different technologies including NoSQL solutions. • This insight has allowed us – to compare multiple storage solutions – to experiment with new storage technologies (NoSQL) – to take the time to measure their performance and stability It gave us a much wider view. Ascora GmbH,
  12. Overview What was the result? • We decided to redevelop our customer and licensing solution based on the MongoDB NoSQL solution • Remember: This is our core business component. The most important thing that we have • It was the biggest internal project that our relatively young company has performed so far. • In beginning of September this development has been finished and the new system went online Ascora GmbH,
  13. Overview • Experience so far: – Much more flexible – Better integration with eCommerce payment providers (costs dropped by nearly 50%) – Better conversion rate inside our shop (lift in conversions) – Very easy to extend as there is no fixed database schema – Life view, etc.  Base for many many experiments – New AB-Test each week Ascora GmbH,
  14. Overview • Overall, we have clearly benefited from several activities in the early phases of ADVENTURE: • We have benefited from – The vision and requirements report Because it brought us to think about new storage engines at the first place – The architecture and the functional specification Because it has allowed us to experiment with new technologies and to carefully measure the behavior and performance of them – even though it was for a different context – The cloud storage design Because we have been able to integrate some of it into our solution – Messaging experiments Ascora GmbH,
  15. Overview • Plus: Soft-Benefits – Being “open minded” – Cooperating with different cultures – Different working environment – Good to exchange… …especially when there are different opinions on the table – etc • We benefited much more from the early phases than we would have tought. Especially because we‘re an SME Ascora GmbH,
  16. Questions? Dr. Sven Abels, Ascora GmbH,