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The Ten Commandments of Blogger Outreach

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The Ten Commandments of Blogger Outreach

  1. 1. finn 05/ 05/survey 2012 Kristien vermoesen Managing Partner FINN Public Relations www.finn.be kristien.vermoesen@finn.be Twitter: @kris10vermoesen FB: facebook.com/FINNPRthe 10commandments ofblogger outreach
  2. 2. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachor:
  3. 3. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachfinn survey among bloggers:what do you think about pr professionalsefforts when they contact you?these are the rules the bloggers specifiedfor pr professionalsall quotes are comments from thebloggers
  4. 4. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachsome fun facts about bloggers:
  5. 5. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachit’s generally okay to pitch bloggers
  6. 6. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach
  7. 7. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachin fact, most of them get A lot of pitches(remember that)
  8. 8. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach
  9. 9. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachnow, about those commandments
  10. 10. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#1you will allow hands on time with theproduct“Letting me test the product you want meto write about is the least you can do, Ithink.”“I couldn’t resist the offer to go on aroadtrip with a new car for four days.Seemed like fun.”
  11. 11. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#2you will not try to control theblogger’s opinion on the product“I will write about the product you giveme. But if I don’t like it, I will write just that”“I don’t mind writing about stuff I get. Butit’s always my opinion and no one else’s.”
  12. 12. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#3you will get their name and title rightbecause it’s the least you can do
  13. 13. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachanother fun fact
  14. 14. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach
  15. 15. finn10 commandments of blogger outreacha 60% success rate isn’t very impressive, isit? wonder why that is?
  16. 16. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#4you will read their blog before reachingoutbecause you wouldn’t pitch a journalist ifyou didn’t know his work or field either
  17. 17. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#5you will make sure your pitch is targetedto their specialty or subject“We have a car blog - strictly about cars- but we constantly receive pitches aboutliquor, watches and other “men” stuff. Wedon’t write about that, and yet the sameagencies keep sending those pitches tous.”
  18. 18. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#6you will dial down the commercial toneof your pitch“don’t treat me like a pr tool. i am human.”note: this is a complaint that bloggersshare with journalists, incidentally (asresearch by jordi xifra shows)
  19. 19. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#7you will not underestimate the bloggers“Even though we do this blogging stuffin our own time, we often know stuffbefore you do.”hint: bloggers also know that hi-respictures are not a real payment!! (*gasp*)
  20. 20. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#8you will not give them the feelingthat they should feel honoured to becontactedthey know you need them. Yet 23 percentof them complain about getting treatedlike second class journalists.
  21. 21. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach
  22. 22. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#9you will respect the “no”(or be willing to pay)“If I like the subject and we can use it,I will accept. If I don’t like the pitch butthe agency insists I write about it, I expectcompensation.”
  23. 23. finn10 commandments of blogger outreach#10you will give bloggers the option tounsubscribe(do this for journalists too. seriously.)
  24. 24. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachfull results & analysis:http://www.finn.be/blogs/bloggers-and-pr-it-me-youre-looking
  25. 25. finn10 commandments of blogger outreachFINnpr | SOCIal | branding | corp comm
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