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  1. A Contractor’s Perspective Peter Trebilcock Director for Design and BIM 1
  2. A Framework for Collaboration & Integration
  3. Asset Lifecycle Simulation © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  4. Asset Lifecycle One Data Set © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  5. Beyond Delivery – Our Vision: Delivering customer value by being industry leaders in Building Information Modelling and the use of the digital toolset, to go Beyond Delivery through an integrated approach to the whole asset life-cycle
  6. Beyond Delivery Create an end to end BIM process model © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  7. Building Information Modelling = Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a delivery methodology that utilises digital tool sets to visualise, collaborate, simulate, optimise and integrate utilising an integrated data set (the building information model) through the whole asset lifecycle. © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  8. Integrated collaborative design © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  9. Solution iteration © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  10. Benefits for the Client • Client sees what they will be getting • Is an excellent interactive engagement tool • Better quality as issues resolved in trade co-ordination • Enables earlier completion as it reduces rework • Provides intelligent data for FM support and asset management • Lower costs via increased design efficiency and better planning and supply chain integration
  11. Increased design efficiency • Reduces administrative work allowing focus on design (using component based library) • Makes co-ordination & integration of all disciplines easier and quicker • Reduced design re-work • Improved/ more efficient RDD (Reviewable Design Data) process of signing-off designs with the end users
  12. Benefits for Balfour Beatty • Quicker/ more accurate response to proposed changes • Ease of demonstrating Phasing / Sequencing / logistics, site setup, traffic routes • Full collaborative approach involving supply chain – clash detection / easier co-ordination • Rehearse construction plans and sequences • Fewer surprises during operations • Fewer defects and snags • Increased safety • More competitive price • Building Model/Data constantly updated and current • FM Data available
  13. We become a Virtual Builder The value of prototyping and construction simulations!
  14. A good BIM project should include: 1. Design in 3D with associated data attached. 2. Concurrent Design and Solution Iteration through a collaborative and integrated team. 3. Undertake Virtual Construction Simulation - 4D. 3D geometry linked to a construction programme. 4. Visual Design and Construction Project Management around the 4D model. 5. An Integrated Data Management and O&M Plan, that utilises existing models and project learning.
  15. BIM 10 Point Plan 1. Project BIM Implementation Leader in post and trained. 2. Project Director & Leadership Team BIM familiarisation workshop held and strategy agreed. 3. Project BIM Objectives defined and agreed with OPCO BIM Leader. 4. Project BIM launch event held (continuation of the pre-contract BIM strategy). 5. BIM Execution Plan in place and approved OPCO BIM Leader. 6. Training programme & resources in place. 7. Software & Hardware in place. 8. BIM implementation process continuously reviewed, benefits and KPIs reported. 9. BIM integrated into project delivery process. 10. BIM success and best practice captured and shared.
  16. BIM Website 17
  17. Monthly Webex Knowledge Sharing Forums 18
  18. Clash Detection 19
  19. Integrated accommodation schedules 20
  20. Kelvin Hall School Kelvin Hall, Hull (BBCL) - Full NBS Specification linkages - Parametric detailing - Zero Harm integration and pilot study _boundaries Residual hazards added to models
  21. Skegness Academy Space laser scanned existing building incl. roof space to assist with accuracy. Imported survey as revit model into BIM
  22. Telephone House Shell and Core- everything new in BIM, with existing modelled from drawings and scans
  23. MOD Project M&E BIM model used particularly for plant room area to aid sequencing and area planning. M&E model linked to off-site manufacturing. 24
  24. St Ambrose Academy, Trafford M&E installation integrated by supply chain 25
  25. Gloucester EfW 26
  26. Gloucester EfW
  27. Gloucester EfW
  28. Ince Marshes EfW Sequencing Integration of client process equipment 29
  29. Barnsley Markets Example of 4D planning demonstrating phasing 30
  30. Visual Construction Management © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  31. Planned v Actual 4D Model showing Planned Construction – Jan. 2012 Aerial Site Photo – Jan. 2012 © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  32. MEP DfMA Module Installation © Balfour Beatty plc 2012
  33. St Silas Primary School Client engagement tool 34
  34. Client Engagement
  35. Client Testimonial
  36. Client Testimonial “Because we have been able to see exactly what it looks like we have been able to order the furniture now in advance, which would never have been able to with the use of flat plans.” A lot of consultation has gone on, I certainly feel more confident because we can actually see what it’s going to look like. They have used the BIM model to help understand how to “Keeping the school looking good, knowing how much that’s going to cost, sustainability, knowing how long things will last, all of those have been within the conversations we have had and very much built into the planning”
  37. Our Client offer • Access to the BIM model throughout the process • Access to the BB team to make a film of the journey and record progress • Engagement using the BIM model for review and sign off • Ownership of the BIM ‘kit’ and the end of the project • All the BIM asset data 38
  38. Using portable technology
  39. For Client, design and site staff
  40. Component Properties Courtesy of Space0
  41. Component Properties Courtesy of Space0
  42. Client 360 Gyroscopic Views Testimonial Courtesy of Space0
  43. Thank You