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6th European Soil Partnership (ESP) Plenary meeting
28-29 March 2019
FAO headquarters, Rome, Italy
Josiane Masson

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  1. 1. European projects and activities European Commission, DG ENV Josiane Masson Unit Land Use and Management (D1) DG Environment - European Commission ESP Plenary meeting, Rome, 28- 29 March 2019
  2. 2. Support to GSP and ESP • DG ENV is NFP for the EU • EU main donor of GSP since 2014 – 3rd phase 2019-2020 EUR 1 Mio. Financing from DEVCO – GPGC programme subdelegated to DG ENV • Support to GSP Secretary activities • Support to ITPS • Support to capacity building ext EU • Financial support to ESP – 150 K EUR • Pillar 1 – contract to WUR • Pillar 2 – Summer school • Pillars 4 and 5
  3. 3. Links ESP and EU policies • Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection COM(2006)231 - Overall objective: protection of soil functions and sustainable use of soil, based on prevention and restoration • Links ESP and the 3 non-binding pillars of STS • Awareness raising: IYS2015, organisation of conferences on soil for WSD • EU-funded research projects (H2020, preparation of Horizon Europe 2020+) – funding opportunities • LIFE/LIFE+: 147 projects on Soil Protection http://ec.europa.eu/environment/soil/pdf/LIFE%20and%20Soil%20protection.pdf • Monitoring – EU soil data collection and analysis (LUCAS 2018 and 2021), EEA/EIONET Copernicus Land Monitoring – contribution to Global soil maps Awareness raising Research Legislation Integration in other policies
  4. 4. Policy priorities • Implementation of soil and land-related SDGs – Land Degradation neutrality (15.3) • DG ENV launched a contract in 2019 – Conference end of 2019 • EU soil policy – potential new initiative • New CAP reform post 2020 – including soil protection (erosion, SOM) and soil management (cross-compliance, eco-ecoschemes) – MS subsidiary • Climate change LULUCF and adaptation – importance of soil carbon sequestration • Integration soil in other policies: research, regional policies (urban development, remediation of contaminated sites)
  5. 5. Policy priorities • Intégration of soil in the international policy agenda • UNCCD COP 14 in India 2019 – LDN reports • CBD COP 2020 in China – new global BD strategy - need to enhance the importance of soil BD and soil ecosystem services • IPBES Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment 2018 • UNFCCC – new IPCC report on climate change and land – raising importance of SOC sequestration • Priority on SOC linked to SDGs and Rio Conventions • UNEA3 – resolution on soil pollution – GSP contribution, follow-up needed • G20 and G7 • Better synergies needed between various initiatives
  6. 6. Challenges in the EU • Continuous trend of soil and land degradation • Variable types of degradation depending on regions • 45% soil low or very low soil organic carbon mainly in Southern EU • Degradation of peat lands in Northern EU • 22% soil affected by soil erosion • Local soil contamination 2.5 Mio sites • Soil sealing 845 km2/yr • Desertification in Southern, Central and Eastern EU • Salinization due to bad irrigation practices
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention! http://ec.europa.eu/environment/soil/index_en.htm