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PAE Industry Welcome Revised

  1. Conferences Seminars Special Events Trade Shows Themed Parties Concerts Fashion Shows and much more
  2. THE EVENT PLANNING INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE Total Spending for events worldwide has reached $650 billion dollars annually $71 Other $316 USA $263 Canada
  3. EVENTS INDUSTRY SHOWS CONSISTENT GROWTH  The events industry has grown at an average pace of 6.2% each year globally since 2003  It’s projected to grow 5.5% per year through 2011.
  4. Growth of Plan Ahead Events Franchises Worldwide 100 100 80 65 60 40 40 150% 62% Franchises 20 0 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011
  5. THE ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE OF MEETINGS TO THE U.S. ECONOMY The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy study reveals that the U.S. meetings industry directly supports:  1.7 million jobs With the country looking for effective  $263 billion in spending, ways to work its way out of a  $106 billion share of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) recession, the meetings industry plays a  $60 billion in labor revenue critical role in supporting jobs in  $14.3 billion in federal tax revenue and communities across America, creating  $11.3 billion in state and local tax revenue each year environments that foster innovation and business success and so do YOU! Source: CIC February 2011
  6. THE ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE OF MEETINGS TO THE CANADIAN ECONOMY A recent study revealed the overall effects (direct, indirect and induced impact) of Canadian meetings activity to the Canadian economy:  Generated more than $71-billion/year in industry output  Produced more than 673,000 meetings/year with an average of 70-million annual participants  Generated more than $14-billion in annual tax revenues for all levels of government  Created the equivalent of more than 550,000 full-time jobs/year
  7. IMPACT ON YOUR NEW BUSINESS A total of 205 million people, representing domestic and international delegates, exhibitors and organizers attend the 1.8 million meetings in USA. Of the 1.8 million meetings: 1.3 million are classified as corporate or business meetings 270,000 are conventions, conferences or congresses  11,000 are trade shows and 66,000 are incentive meetings The vast majority of meetings (85 percent) were conducted at venues with lodging. Meetings generate 250 million overnight stays by 117 million Americans and 5 million international attendees.
  8. THE EVENT PLANNING INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE Total Spending for events worldwide has reached $650 billion dollars annually $71 Other USA $316 Canada $263 How much of the pie do you want? "50 Top" represents $1.5 billion
  9. Event planning is one of the top 50 growing careers in the USA… And you are now part of the fastest growing full service Meeting and Event Management Company IN THE WORLD!
  10. Why Event Planning? One half to one percent of a company’s sales are spent on events. This percentage even higher for pharmaceutical, technological and financial service industries. Conferences, meetings and events are a great way to introduce new products, get face-to-face with customers and vendors and increase sales.
  11. Why Plan Ahead Events? Why you?  Benefit from our Knowledge and Experience – Over time, Event Planners gain extensive knowledge and wisdom regarding events and parties; they know the latest trends, newest venues, the hot colors, budget-saving secrets and details that the client may not be aware of if they plan only one or two events annually.  Stress-Free Troubleshooting – Despite all the planning, preparation and management, almost every event inevitably encounters an unforeseen hiccup. A PAE planner can secure the resources necessary to resolve any issues seamlessly and keep the event on track.  Enjoy “One Stop Shopping” Our staff is available to keep you organized, offer advice, manage and coordinate details, and most importantly, provide a single point of contact when you have questions or needs. We will also help you create an affordable budget, review all contracts, and make sure that your expectations are met.  Clients will save money – PAE Planners not only build relationships with suppliers but we have the most extensive list of vendors. A quality planner will pass on discounts and special prices to its clients (20 % or more)  Clients will save time – We at PAE can organize and execute an event in less time than the client ever could, allowing employees to focus on other responsibilities. WIFM
  12. Why Plan Ahead Events? Why you? “We provide spectacular events to companies and organizations that leave lasting memories to all of the attendees”
  18. Who uses our services? •Commemorations •Client Appreciation Events •Seminars •New Product roll-out •Golf Outings •Trade Shows •Political Events •Annual Business Meetings •Open Houses •Fashion Shows •Committee Meetings •Fairs •Education •Corporate Retreats •Fundraisers •Sales incentives •Meetings/Conferences •Association Events
  19. How do meetings help?  Drive Sales and Profitability 40% of Prospects are converted to customers in a face-to-face setting 4:1 return on investment for incentive travel, in the form of heightened employee morale and performance  Enable businesses to deliver key strategic objectives  Catalyst for education and professional development  Motivational and can instill behavior changes  Stronger brand awareness through customer experience  Create jobs and tax revenue wherever participants gather
  20. Who is my competition? Independent Planners Destination Management Companies Site Selection Companies In-house Event Managers We are independent planners, but we have a vast network = Credibility
  21. Don’t be afraid of the competition 1. Learn from your competitors: Your competitors are solving the same problem, however, in most cases they will be providing different solutions. It is always good to see how your competitors approach that problem; how they grow, how they identify target markets, and so on. You can learn from both their successes and their failures. 2. Have a mission statement: To me, the only cure to your competition paranoia is a clear mission statement. Do you have a good vision for your company? Have you built a very clear bottom line mission statement to define the key objectives, and also to measure success? Instead of focusing too much on your competition, you should focus on your own mission. 3. Are you any better?: Good competitors challenge you, and force you to think hard about your business. Are you any better than you competitors? If you are not any better, or cheaper, why should people hire you you? Are you serving different target customers? Your competitors can help you to examine your business, identify your competitive advantage, I believe that healthy competition is good. It motivates or further differentiate yourself in the market. you, and pushes you and your team to try harder.
  22. What sets PAE apart from the competition Buying Power for the Client One Stop Shop/Full Service Support System Star Point Services Mentors Brand Awareness Ultimately YOU set us apart from the competition
  23. ENTERING 2012…
  24. Sealing the Deal Source: Oxford Economics/USTA
  25. SEALING THE DEAL CUSTOMERS Prefer face-to-face 75% EXECUTIVES Long-term relationships 95% Negotiating major deals 82% Interviewing key staff 81% Listening to major customers 69% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
  26. THE BEST TOOL FOR THE JOB VIRTUAL MEETINGS Save time 92% Save money 88% Add flexibility 76% Permit multi-tasking 64% FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS Build relationships 88% Pick up body language 77% Support interaction, bonding 75% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
  27. CEE AGENDA 1 Goals/business planning 2 Vendor relations 3 Concept to completion 4 Marketing 5 Products/services 6 Sales 7 Pricing 8 Time management 9 Negotiating 10 Financial management 11 Contact management 12 Event management 13 Ad specialties 14 Event marketing
  28. CONGRATULATIONS And welcome to the PAE family

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  1. (CIC) Convention Industry Counsil
  2. The meetings serve as vehicles for job training and education, generating sales revenue, linking domestic and foreign buyers and developing lasting relationships in personal environments that build trust and unity.“Working side‐by‐side creates dynamic environments where handshakes convert to commerce, insight translates to innovation and knowledge sharing creates a better educated and more competitive workforce,”