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codes and conventions of website for magazine.pptx

  2. List of codes and conventions (website) ■ URL ■ Homepage ■ Masthead ■ House-style ■ Navigation ■ Copy • Main image • Other links • Adverts/pop-ups • White space/background • Above/below fold' context • Multimedia elements
  3. URL ■ URL – Uniform Resource Locator is the link that allows users to access/locate a website ■ Commonly known as 'web address' ■ How to find ? - At the top of your browser, click the address bar and select the entire URL, then copy this (example in image) ■ Every website has a unique one and it helps to identify your website – includes your websites name
  4. Home Page ■ The home page is the main page of a website and the URL leads to this page. ■ What should a website homepage include ? - Headline, Within three seconds a website needs to tell visitors what the business has to offer, Sub-headline, Primary Calls-to-Action, Supporting Image, Benefits, Social Proof, Navigation, Content Offer.
  5. Masthead ■ The title/logo important to the brand/company - seen on the website to establish the brand identity
  6. House Style ■ The design and conventions the company repeatedly follows, again sustaining the brand identity and recognisable style/pattern ■ For example – formats, layouts, colour scheme, fonts, language
  7. Navigation ■ All of the links that take people to different parts and pages on the website as well as around the website (e.g. links/buttons within each page)
  8. Copy ■ Text that appears on the website
  9. Main image ■ The main image is the one at the top of the page showing the audience what to expect
  10. Multimedia elements ■ Other pieces of media seen on the website for example: ■ audio-visual elements ■ Music ■ animations
  11. Other links ■ External links ■ Links that take you to different pages within the website or links that take you to a place where you can access the company on different platforms e.g. social media apps; and more specific links to the company's online social media pages
  12. Adverts ■ Both banners and pop-ups that are controlled by the company and externally, respectively:
  13. White space ■ The use of white space is very important, too much and the website appears incomplete and too Little may seem cramped and unprofessional.
  14. Above/below the fold content ■ The content on the site either with or without the use of scrolling