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Another world (1)- Laura

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world of religion

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Another world (1)- Laura

  1. 1.  We all are living in this world and believe in different things. For example , we have different religious or we believe in a different version that we have occurred on this world. Is it evolution , big explosion in the stars or event in paradise garden ? We all have our own true.
  2. 2. Scientists are making different discoveries about it. We have very much different proofs what show us that another world exist. For example , in the world are many people who had seen different organisms what looks like a human…
  3. 3. In this situation , of course, people have a shock and cannot make a communication with this guests from another world. Other people says , that they have experience with event when they had been "in another time "
  4. 4. In these situations they had been in our world ,in places where they are living , but didn't seen normal people. Only different awful "people" who were going along the street and did not spoke.
  5. 5. Some time later people who had been in " another time " were coming back in normal life , but what is interesting -time in our world is not going forward when they have not been there. It is first reason why I think that somewhere is another world.
  6. 6. The other reason is that in big cornfields people had seen big pictures. This wonderful pictures we can see only from a high point above the field.
  7. 7. Had discovered that people cannot make these perfect and wonderful pictures without seeing from the high point above the field. It make us to think how intelligent are “people” from another world. They always make contact with our world. Maybe they want to learn different our technologies and find out about us more…
  8. 8. Is it true, that another world exist or not-we must decide for ourselves. But we must learn very much about it, and maybe –our childrens in future will make communication with this guests from another world and learn something what makes life in this world better.