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Designing chatbot personalities

  1. Meaningful conversations Designing Chatbot Personalities @ E V A _ T R O S T L O S
  2. Eva Lettner Frontend Developer @eva_trostlos
  3. Engagement vs Frustration
  4. Key Principles Don't fool the user Keep it simple Be fast & convenient Remember user input ( Provide a way out )
  5. Who is speaking? Service Bot Brand Bot Character Bot
  6. Service Bot Provides specific service No small-talk features Examples: Giphy, Dungeons and Dice Bot
  7. Brand Bot Uses company voice guide Provides service + conversation Examples: Austrian Airlines Bot
  8. Character Is its own brand or part of a brand Provides service + conversation Has a sense of humor Examples: Mica the Hipster Cat Bot, Swelly
  9. The Flow
  10. Buttons vs Text
  11. The Voice Guide
  12. Dealing with negative Input
  13. Summary Who is speaking? How does the conversation flow? How does the user interact with the bot? How does the bot talk?
  14. LinksHi Poncho: Sauwetter: Dungeons & Dice: Austrian Airlines: Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot: Swelly: