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IoT Business Perspectives

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Real-World Paths to Financial Success
Keynote Presentation of Larry J Wall, Eurotech Inc. CEO at IoT Evolution in Fort Lauderdale FL on January 27, 2016

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IoT Business Perspectives

  1. 1. IoT Business Perspectives Real-World Paths to Financial Success Larry J Wall, CEO of Eurotech Inc. IoT Evolution, Fort Lauderdale, FL January 27, 2016
  2. 2. Pilot to Production Strategies Paths to Financial Success Industrial M2M/IoT Gateways Open Hardware
  3. 3. Impact of Industrial IOT 1. Operational Efficiency 2. New Products & Services Near-term 3. Outcome Economy 4. Autonomous, Pull Economy Long-term World Economic Forum: Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services Jan.2015
  4. 4. IoT Business Case Components O B V I O U S Sensors Edge gateways Edge applications Data transmission Data storage Process changes Staff impact Back-office applications System administration
  5. 5. IoT Business Case Components H I D D E N Hardware lifecycle Software evolution Integration Deployment logistics Reverse logistics Partnerships & Outsourcing Cultural Disruption Funding sources Lasting Impacts
  6. 6. Exponential Growth of Computing Source: Kurzweil, Ray
  7. 7. Processor Technology Evolution • https://intelligence.org/2014/05/12/exponential-and-non-exponential/ The EDGE is Powerful
  8. 8. Impact of the Business Case & Decisions
  9. 9. Smart Vending - Paths Connect and manage distributed equipment to reduce maintenance costs and provide new POS capabilities • Met first goals…then met hardware customization challenges Along the way • Assumed edge device was a constant • Struggled with software maintenance • Created a new experience but at increased (unplanned) costs Looking forward • Partial re-architecture for better abstraction & portability • Strategy includes Edge equipment evolution
  10. 10. FreeWire Technologies, Inc. – Focus on Strenghts Charging as a Service • Great idea meets market window and funding Along the way • Recognized value of “connected” early • Moved fast with standard products for fast time-to-market Looking forward • Will benefit from innovation & portability • Data is enabling new peripheral opportunities
  11. 11. Investment & Return Perspectives Focus on: • Value of the Data – Use case(s) • Protecting software development – Secret Sauce, Algorithms • Speed – TTM with balance • Managing end-points (Dev Mgmt) Expect to pull these Levers: •Edge hardware form factor – Embrace benefits •Sensor expansion – Incremental benefits •More software and applications at the edge – use the compute power IOT
  12. 12. THE Internet of Things is Everywhere …
  13. 13. Thank You