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M2M Application Enablement with the Everyware Cloud Platform

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Cloud-based Device Data and Device Management Integration Platform for M2M Applications

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M2M Application Enablement with the Everyware Cloud Platform

  1. 1. M2M Application Enablement with the Everyware Cloud Platform Cloud-based Device Data and Device Management Integration Platform for M2M Applications Robert Andres
  2. 2. The Internet of Things Legacy M2M Systems – Distributed Systems Distributed Systems
  3. 3. The Internet of Things Major Industry Trends lead to M2M 2.0 and a Commoditization of Distributed Systems • Powerful embedded systems • Of the shelf, purpose built HW • Virtualization technology • Enterprise IT • Cloud computing • Open & Industry Standards Commoditization of distributed systems
  4. 4. The Internet of Things Modern M2M Systems Technology advances and standardization lead to a commoditization of distributed systems Where today’s solutions differ: • • • • • • Scaling up to larger applications & implementations Scaling down to smaller applications & implementation Interconnecting solutions on a platform level Much lower upfront investment Much faster implementation / deployment Much better TCO
  5. 5. The Internet of Things Distributed Systems Fundamental Building Blocks • IT centric, cloud based M2M application enablement and connectivity platforms as building blocks for enterprise IT • Implementation of “Enterprise Service Bus” architectures to allow an easy integration of different device data systems and applications • Multi Service Gateway approach to integrate and consolidate data streams and future proof investments • IT centric application development to implement business logic in smart edge devices / service gateways • Of the shelf purpose built devices designed to meet vertical market value propositions M2M Integration Platform MultiService Gateway Approach
  6. 6. The Internet of Things Distributed Systems Architectural Overview Consumers of Data APIs, Dashboards, Console, etc. M2M Infrastructure Solution Operational Technology Building Block Standard Interfaces Producers of Data M2M Integration Platform MultiService Gateways
  7. 7. M2M Integration Platform Everyware Cloud Positioning Application Service Layer SaaS Application Enablement & Infrastructure Service Layer PaaS System Infrastructure Service Layer IaaS Integration Platform Devices
  8. 8. M2M Integration Platform What is Everyware Cloud? • Everyware Cloud is about Device Data, about M2M: It has been built from groud-up to provide an infrastructure that is specialized in optimum device data comunication, collection, analysis and management. • It is an Integration Platform: Everyware Cloud is designed to act as an intermediate system between the distributed devices and the applications making use of the data coming from these devices. Any communication certainly is two-way in nature allowing also applications to control and manage the devices when required. • Everyware Cloud is conceptually like an Operating System for the Internet of Things enabling the transfer of device data independent of any other language, platform or OS to and from Enterprise applications
  9. 9. M2M Integration Platform The missing Piece Ticketing Billing ERP Track & Trace DB CRM DMS Business Applications ? Multi-Service Gateways Sensors, Actuators, Displays,
  10. 10. M2M Integration Platform The missing Piece / Application Enablement Ticketing Billing ERP Track & Trace DB CRM DMS M2M Integration Platform Effectively decoupling the producers of data from the consumers of data • • • • • • • Message-oriented Multi-tenant Global Scalable Elastic Secure Reliable
  11. 11. M2M Integration Platform The Missing Piece – Integration (Decoupling) M2M Application Enablement Platform Act Communicate Integrate Store
  12. 12. M2M Integration Platform The Basic Formula for Machine to Business Application Communicate - Leverage an open standard TCP/IP based transport technology which decouples data producers from data consumers, designed from the groundup for M2M applications. No more monolithic solutions, No more wasted bandwidth!

Store - Store your data into a schema-less, distributed, decentralized database which is fault tolerant and elastically scalable. Fearless, your data is safe and available!!

Act - Instantly trigger business decisions based on sophisticated rules on the real-time data stream or on complex off-line analytics using the historical data. Fully Integrate into your enterprise infrastructure through secure, easy-to-use REST APIs. Effortless data access! Integrate – Utilize standard REST APIs for easy application development as well as data & management application integration.
  13. 13. M2M Integration Platform The Basic Formula for Machine to Business Application Device cloud architecture Collect & Control Communicate Store Data Access Data Store Broker Optimum M2M Protocols Act @ Integrate
  14. 14. M2M Integration Platform Everyware Cloud Values & Capabilities • Decoupling sensors and applications: flexible M2M platform that offers a complete separation between devices and applications while allowing to build many-to-many relations at the business level to enable new services • Optimum device connectivity: bandwidth optimized, open, data agnostic, message oriented transport protocol for efficient network usage • Flexible data management: data in any format can be stored and accessed quickly in an elastic and secure schemaless database • Long-term available data: data can be stored and queried at any time • Real-time data management and analytics: device data can be received and statistically analyzed in real-time • Data accessing and querying: standard REST APIs for easy application development as well as data & management application integration
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