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Snapshot of Digital India - May 2013

Ethinos' compilation of statistics on online India's growth story in the last one year; including social commerce, mobile commerce, IPL on social media, social media security, and more!

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Snapshot of Digital India - May 2013

  1. ASnapshotof Digital IndiaMay 2013Compiled by Ethinos Digital Marketing
  2. Smartphone Market Share StatisticsGlobal Smartphone Market Share by Operating SystemOperating System Market ShareAndroid 70.1%iOS 21%Blackberry 3.2%Windows 2.6%Linux 1.7%Others 1.3%Operating System Market ShareAndroid 62%Symbian 21%Windows 8%iOS 1%Blackberry 11%Indian Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
  3. Indian Market Share held by leading Smartphone operating systems 2012 (Estimated)Smartphone Brand Market ShareSamsung 32.7%Apple 17.3%LG 4.8%Huawei 4.6%ZTE 4.2%Others 36.4%Smartphone Market Share StatisticsGlobal Smartphone Market Share by BrandSmartphone Brand Market Share (February 2013)Samsung 41.6%Nokia 19.2%Blackberry 12.1%Apple 9%Sony NASmartphone Brand Market Share (February 2013)Indian Smartphone Market Share by Brand
  4. Tablets Market Share StatisticsOperating System Market ShareAndroid 88%iOS 10%Windows 1%Blackberry 1%Indian Tablet Market Share by Operating SystemOperating System Market ShareWindows 3.3%Windows RT 0.4%iOS 39.6%Android 56.5%Others 0.2%Global Tablet Market Share by Operating System
  5. Tablet Brand Market ShareApple 39.6%Samsung 17.9%Amazon 3.7%Asus 5.5%Microsoft 1.8%Others 31.5%Tablets Market Share StatisticsGlobal Tablet Market Share by BrandTablet Brand Market ShareSamsung 19%Micromax 12%Karbonn 10%Apple 9%Indian Tablet Market Share by Brand
  6. The Size of Social Media Platforms in India• Pinterest Users (August 12) – 134,000 6.7% of 20 million• Pinterest is the 29th most popular site in India 7.2 per cent of the Pinterest users come from India and they generate 6.6per cent of the pageviews• Pinterest Users (November 12) – 1, 680, 000 (7.2% of 23.4 million)• The US is the biggest country on Pinterest (accounting for almost 50% of users), followed by India (4.4%) and Canada(3.6%)• Number of users (February 13) – 1.232 million (4.4% of 28 million)• Number of users (April 13) – 5.55 million (11.8% of 48.7 million)15+ million Aug ’1217 million Nov ’1218 million Feb ‘1320 million April ‘1351 million Aug ’1265 million Nov ’1271 million Feb ‘1378 million April ‘1316 million Aug ’1233 million Nov ’1233 million Feb ‘1333 million April ‘131,34,000 Aug ’121,680,000 Nov ’121.232 million Feb ‘135.55 million April ‘13
  7. INDIA CHINA USA UKFACEBOOK USERS 63 million 580k 158 million 31 millionTWITTER USERS(not updated)-400+ million*(Sina Weibo)288 million 11 millionLINKEDIN USERS 20 million 3million** 78 million 11 million*Twitter numbers not available ** LinkedIn has no official license to operate in China yetCountry-Wise Comparison of Social Media Usage
  8. Facebook penetration percentages of the top ten countries:United States -- 50.22 %Brazil -- 34.88 %India -- 5.44 %Indonesia -- 19.81 %Mexico -- 36.89 %Turkey -- 42.22 %United Kingdom -- 49.46 %The Philippines -- 30.48 %France -- 38.99 %Germany -- 30.48 %*Qatar ranked 97th but has 81% penetration*(put the appropriate images)Country–Wise Penetration of Facebook
  9. Twitter penetration percentages of the top ten countries:Argentina-15 %China -- 2.64 %India -- 2.65 %United States -- 7.29 %Brazil -- 9.94 %Mexico -- 10.17 %United Kingdom -- 10.47 %Argentina -- 15.37 %Spain -- 10.64 %Italy -- 5.08 %Germany -- 2.92 %*(put the appropriate images)Country–Wise Penetration of Twitter
  10. LinkedIn penetration percentages of the top ten countries:United States -- 25.17 %India -- 1.72 %United Kingdom -- 18.58%Canada -- 19.47 %China -- 0.23 %Netherlands -- 18.12 %South Africa -- 4.86 %Brazil -- 0.98 %Pakistan -- 0.90 %*(put the appropriate images)Country–Wise Penetration of LinkedIn
  11. • Most of the IPL teams have continuously been leveraging the power of social mediathrough various contests, quizzes, super fans, fantasy league, etc.IPL Teams on Facebook• The combined strength of all the IPL teams stands at close to 10 million fans out of whichMumbai Indians has a lion’s share of more than 30% (3 Million+ Fans on Facebook)followed by Chennai Superkings and Kolkata Knightriders around 19% each.• When it comes to the Fan Growth Rate, Hyderabad Sunrisers are way ahead of all theother teams with a fan growth rate (FGR) of 16.3% in week 3 and an average fan growthrate of 23% in this IPL edition on Facebook. active users.Indian Premier League Social Media Coverage
  12. • Mumbai Indians are growing at the least rate which might be attributed to them alreadypossessing the largest fan based amongst IPL teams• In terms of Facebook applications, the Kolkata Knight Riders Team has seen the highesttraction in terms of highest active users followed by Royal Challengers Bangalore.Jointly, both the applications draw more than 1.2K monthlyIndian Premier League Social Media Coverage
  13. Twitter is extensively featured on the tournament’s official website (www.iplt20.com) in variousforms, such as:• The Team Hashtag Battle: On the Live ‘Match Centre,’ there will be hashtags for both teams(eg. #KKR and #DD). As the teams fight it out in the middle, their fans will indulge in a battleof hashtags to ensure that their favourite team triumphs on the popularity front.• Live Tweet Counter: The ‘Match Centre’ has a counter that keeps rolling as people tweetanything related to the match, or the Pepsi IPL 2013.• Top 10 Trends: There is a section on the homepage that ranks the Pepsi IPL 2013 teams onthe basis of how talked about they are on Twitter. It will help fans track the overall Twitterpopularity of their favourite team.• The Loyalty corner: There will be a box on the homepage where the fans can announce theirallegiance to a team on Twitter. All they need to do is select which team they support and hit‘TWEET’.Indian Premier League on Twitter
  14. • Pepsi IPL 2013 Conversation: There will be a box on the official website’s homepage, throughwhich the fans can let the world know why they are excited about the Pepsi IPL 2013.• Pepsi IPL 2013 Tweets: There will be a section on the official website that will feature tweetsfrom the Pepsi IPL 2013 franchises, cricketers, commentators and administrators. The sectionwill act as a fan’s one-stop destination to know what the ‘who’s who’ of the Pepsi IPL 2013 istalking about.• Chennai Superkings and Kolkata Knightriders are leading teams not only in terms of followersbut also the engagement. Closely trailing them is the Mumbai Indians team with anengagement score of 35 and more than 171K followers.• On the activity front, more than 66% of the tweets by the IPL franchises were pro-activetweets, while only 9% being replies to followers. Most of the tweets were in the periodof 6 PM – 12 AM midnight which is understandable with the time slot of night matchesin IPL.Indian Premier League on Twitter• Kings XI Punjab has been the most active team on Twitterresponding to most of the tweets (97 replies) by their fanswithin a span on 15 minutes or less.
  15. • On YouTube, IPL teams are mostly focusing on gettingone on one with the players/support staff and all thenever seen behind the scenes footage to resonate withthe audience.• In week 3, Royal Challengers Bangalore, HyderabadSunrisers and Chennai Superkings have a healthyaverage view rate per video of above 1,000 views.• Pune Warriors is non-existent on YouTube with noactivity recorded by the IPL brand for the past 2 years.• Royal Challengers Bangalore was the most activechannel this week with more than 50 videos uploadedby the IPL team in weeks 3 alone.• The IPLT20 website being among the top 1,000 websitesvisited in India in the past month (Source:Similarweb.com), social media has contributed toaround 6% of the overall traffic.Indian Premier League on YouTube
  16. Social Scorecard• ESPNcricinfo Match Companion is the first-ever ‘Social’ scorecard for cricket in time forthe IPL 2013 season.• Providing a second-screen match experience, it combines standard scorecardinformation and stats with the functionality of social media – allowing fans to connectand engage with other fans and friends to chat, debate, play games, follow the chatteron Twitter and have tools to access in-depth stats, information and analysis.Indian Premier League Related AppsApps by Pepsi (Official Sponsor)• Pepsi has tied up with Twitter to allow viewers to play cricket on the socialmedia platform; Google+ is doing special Hangout sessions that will generatepost match conversations. YouTube has made the experience of watching IPLmore social with the ability to chat live and has integrated Google+.• Pepsi has launched a Tweet20 tournament on Twitter - a Twitter API-basedapplication, which allows people to play cricket on Twitter.
  17. • Gartner Research has gone as far to say that 50% of web sales will come via social media by2015• Forty percent of India’s 90 million urban Internet users say that online activities such asproduct research and price comparison influence what they buy.• Indian men are far more likely than women to be on the Internet (32 percent versus 12percent) and more than three times likely to be digitally influenced (14 percent versus 4percent).Social Commerce in India• Only 30 percent of online buyers were drawn to Internetshopping for discounts. A higher proportion (37 percent)valued the convenience of shopping from home, and 29percent said that they appreciated the expanded varietyof products available online compared with what isavailable at brick-and-mortar stores.• B2C ecommerce sales grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion forthe first time in 2012, according to eMarketer. In2013, sales will grow 18.3% to $1.298 trillion worldwide
  18. The Social Commerce Numbers Worldwide• B2C eCommerce sales share worldwide, by region, 2013:– Asia-Pacific: 33.4%, to grow to 39.7% by 2016– North America: 31.5%, to go down to 28.2% by 2016– Western Europe: 25.7%, to go down to 22.6% by 2016– Eastern Europe: 3.9%, to go down to 2.7 by 2016– Latin America: 3.5%, to remain unchanged by 2016– Middle East & Africa: 2.1%, to grow to 2.3% by 201• Top 5 countries, ranked by B2C eCommerce sales, 2013:– US: $384.80 billion– China: $181.62 billion– UK: $141.53 billion– Japan: $140.35 billion– Germany: $53.00 billion• The Indian e‐commerce market primarily comprises of five major segments i.e. onlinetravel, retail, financial services, digital downloads and ‘other services’, wherein the online traveland retail segments dominate the overall pie with a cumulative share of more than 85%.
  19. • 95% of smartphones users have searched for local information• 46% of smartphone users researched for products on theirsmartphone, and went to the store to purchase• 61% of smartphones users called a business aftersearching, and 59% visited a local business after searching for iton their smartphone• 41% researched for products on a smartphone, and made apurchase on their smartphoneMobile Commerce Statistics• U.S. mobile commerce sales will rise 55.7% to $38.40 billion in 2013, 35.8% to $52.17 billion in2014, 30.9% to $68.29 billion in 2015, and 27.2% to $86.86 billion in 2016, eMarketer forecasts.• Of the $24.66 billion in mobile sales in 2012, $13.86 billion, or 56.2%, came from tablets; $9.86billion, or 40.0%, came from smartphones; and $0.94 billion, or 3.8%, came from other mobiledevices• Mobile commerce is projected to ten-fold from 2010 ($3 billion) to 2016 ($31 billion)
  20. • Near Field Communications, or NFC, is the global communication standard that enablesmobile devices to securely communicate with a payment terminal. ABI Research forecaststhat a total of 1.95 billion NFC-enabled devices will ship in 2017.• In 2011, only 5% of the total mobile phones were NFC-enabled; it is estimated that in thecoming five years, this number will rise to approximately 46% by 2016Near Field Communications• As more number of NFC products is madeavailable, the market will see the growth inverticals such as retail, ticketing, and smartadvertisement application.• The NFC market is almost evenly distributedamongst North America, Europe, and APAC. NorthAmerica and Europe are the major contributors inthe NFC chips market with combined share ofmore than 60%.
  21. • APAC is the fastest growing region. This high growth of NFC market in APAC is attributed tothe countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea.• The growth of the NFC applications market is expected to be exponential with the revenuegrowth from $7,686 million in 2011 to $34,515 million by 2016, at an estimated CAGR of35% from 2011 to 2016.Near Field Communications• The most attractive of all the segments is the mobilepayments segment; followed by the ticketing and accesscontrol.• The major players that provide chips and controllers forthe NFC products are NXP Semiconductors(U.S.), Broadcom (U.S.), and Renesas (Japan).
  22. Online Advertising MarketOther Interesting StatisticsTotal Online Ad Spend (FY 2012-13) INR 2,260 croresTrends in spends on various online ad typesIndian Digital Advertising Market GrowthThe online advertising market in India is projected toreach INR 2,938 Crores by March 2014, which wasvalued at INR 1,750 Crores in March, 2012 has grownby 29% over the previous year to reach INR 2,260Crores by March, 2013
  23. Mobile App Statistics• 42% of mobile users share multimedia via Facebook• Smartphone owners now spend as much time using socialnetworking apps such as Twitter and Facebook as they do playinggames• Users log an average of 77 minutes per day using apps on theirsmartphoneOther Interesting StatisticsCustomer Service using Social Media• Social media users are willing to pay a 21% premium for brands thatdeliver great service through social media• 17% have used social media in past year to obtain a service response• Social media users who receive great service tell an average of 42people (compared to just 9 for social absentees)• 83% of social media users have not completed an intended purchasebecause of poor customer service and will inform 53 people
  24. Other Interesting Statistics• 72 percent of Indian businesses have been exposed to malware, spam andphishing in the past one year and of these, nearly 37 percent have also lostcritical information and revenue due to these incidents.• 40% of social networking users quizzed have been sent malware such asworms via social networking sites, a 90% increase since April 2009• Two thirds (67%) say they have been spammed via social networkingsites, more than double the proportion less than two years ago• 43% have been on the receiving end of phishing attacks, more than doublethe figure since April 2009• Every day over 8 billion inbound and 12 billion outbound messages aresent via WhatsApp messaging application. These numbers surpass the 200million users who access Twitter every month and total 20 billion messagesare sent and received a month via this application; which is double innumber than those sent on Facebook.• The number of Internet users in India is expected to nearly triple from 125million in 2011 to 330 million by 2016Social Media and SecurityWhatsApp
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  28. EthinosPresentationson SlideshareSnapshot of DigitalIndia (August 2012)How NGOs can useSocial Media toraise funds11 Twitter CaseStudies10 Commandmentsof Social Media forBusinessGamification– Level 1siddharth.hegde@ethinos.com+91 – 9820217252http://www.linkedin.com/in/hegdesiddharthhttp://www.facebook.com /EthinosDigitalhttp://www.slideshare.net/Ethinos@siddhegde