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Highways England - Improved Road Scheme Planning - Smart Infrastructure - Esri UK Annual Conference 2018

  1. Improved Road Scheme Planning with Highways England’s Regional Programmes Map Chris Spencer and Graham Phipp
  2. Motorways and Trunk Roads
  3. The Problem ▪ Silo working ▪ No definitive list of schemes ▪ No knowledge of impact over entire route to customers
  4. The Solution
  5. Filter
  6. Time Slider
  7. Opportunities
  8. Case Study: A404(M)/A404 Tech
  9. Benefits ▪ Helping us plan better and work more efficiently. ▪ Assist in reducing delays through better planning and improving customer satisfaction. ▪ Reducing the amount of roadworks on our network therefore improving lane availability. ▪ Reducing risk to our road workers and helping reduce the frequency of work related accidents.