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Social Software Supporting Knowledge Work

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How knowledge work can be supported with social software platforms. What are the design principles of these platforms

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Social Software Supporting Knowledge Work

  1. 1. knowledge work and social software platforms www.kilpi.fi www.kilpi.fi 1
  2. 2. consumer and communication technologies leading the way SharePoint 2007 Windows Live Google Maps, Google Docs 2003 iTunes 2005 Ajax 2004 Flickr and Facebook 2003 Del.icio.us and Skype 2005 YouTube 2002 Web Services IT as interaction technologies 1999 Google 1997 Slashdot 2003 MS SharePoint 2001 Wikipedia Browser as the user interface to anything 1999 Lotus Notes 5.0 1995 Altavista Portal technologies 1997 Lotus Notes 4.5 Group work programs and in-house email 1992 SAP R/2 ERP 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 www.kilpi.fi 2
  3. 3. knowledge work is creative work done in interaction work is about interdependent people in interaction utilizing social software platforms www.kilpi.fi 3
  4. 4. the basic unit of work is not an individual, but individuals in interaction a new look at the nature of work and the nature of group formation and working in groups www.kilpi.fi 4
  5. 5. three challenges of knowledge work 1. work is by default iterative, collective editing. content is the by-product of communication and in perpetual beta 2. there needs to be a systematic approach to reflection and interaction 3. power law and context based peer production is the main approach to creating value www.kilpi.fi 5
  6. 6. three levels of working in groups 1. working in a transparent way. making your work visible to others 2. commenting the work of others. taking part in conversations 3. contributing through publishing and shared, collective editing. working together towards common goals www.kilpi.fi 6
  7. 7. work and organizing should be seen as patterns of interaction in time, utilizing social software platforms www.kilpi.fi 7
  8. 8. designing social software platforms more interactive less interactive www.kilpi.fi 8
  9. 9. more synchronous more asynchronous www.kilpi.fi 9
  10. 10. more closed more open www.kilpi.fi 10
  11. 11. the dynamics of mediated interaction more synchronous more interactive more closed more open less interactive more asynchronous www.kilpi.fi 11
  12. 12. analysis and re-design more synchronous more interactive more closed more open less interactive more asynchronous www.kilpi.fi 12
  13. 13. OFFICE PACK OF THE FUTURE: PUBLISHING, SEARCH, CONVERSATION www.kilpi.fi www.kilpi.fi 13
  14. 14. more information www.kilpi.fi www.kilpi.fi 14