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Esimple è uno studio creativo che si occupa di innovazione tecnologica ed è specializzato in applicazioni 3D business oriented.

Nel nostro company profile trovate una dettagliata spiegazione dei nostri servizi e delle aziende a cui abbiamo fornito innovazione.

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Company profile new

  1. 1. be the first, be innovative, be different Company Profilemercoledì 6 giugno 12
  2. 2. Who are we? a team of tireless technologic explorers We are a creative studio dedicated to technological innovation. A group of people passionate about technology who look forward to new interaction possibilities between man and machine and new fields of application for 3D technology. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  3. 3. What we do? innovative and functional business oriented solutions We bring your ideas to life. We develop engaging, innovative and functional solutions that are perfectly tailored to our clients’ business requirements. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  4. 4. A technological hub synergy is the better way to innovate pio pio ! A technological hub of innovators. Born as a start up with the goal of developing a new web surfing experience, we are now a well-established e-business, a "technological hub" that offers innovative business oriented services. These services includes, but are not limited to: web services, innovative marketing campaigns, creation of software aimed at improving productivity within businesses. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  5. 5. Partnership we can turn your ideas into reality turn it real! We support innovation. We actively cooperate with communicative agencies that offer innovative services; with creative studios that entrust us with the fulfillment of their projects or ideas; with business companies that are looking for innovative marketing solutions or that want t o i n t ro d u c e i n n o v a t i o n i n t o t h e i r production process in order to optimize resources and improve productivity. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  6. 6. Our expertise: 3D technology flexible and functional technology In 2008, Esimple was the first company in the world to create a successful 3D e-commerce portal. VirtuyMall was the first virtual mall of its kind. It offers a true-to-life web surfing experience and realtime interaction with avatars in a 3D environment that can be freely explored. Over the years, our expertise in the field of 3D web technology has only grown. Specific applications of this technology include: Websites in 3D Virtual Tours Augmented reality 3D Shops & Showrooms Architectural reconstructions in 3D 3D configurators Mass behaviour simulations 3D business oriented platforms:virtual fairs, conference rooms, 3D schools for e-learning and art galleries. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  7. 7. Our passion: Games Marketing link your message to entertaining content Video games are our greatest passion. We offer our clients not only technical expertise, but also advise them on which specific ideas have the best chance of grabbing the customers attention. We develop the following kinds of gaming solutions, which each have a promotional, educational or informational purpose: Advergames Facebook Games In-Store Games Educational & Serious Games Gamification be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  8. 8. Our speciality: Mobile apps & games anyone, anywhere, anytime iPhone and iPad games and apps Android games and apps The mobile market has grown exponentially over the last few years and continues to show great potential. Esimple pays this market special attention. We specialize in traditional mobile solutions as well as 2D and 3D games, developed for practical or entertainment purposes. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  9. 9. Your Design by Natuzzi will this sofa fit in with your living room? The client: Natuzzi, the worlds leading producer of leather sofas. Over 750 shops and counting. The Problem: To provide sales agents - and end-users - with a tool to help select the correct product, without having to resort to the classic paper-and-pencil strategy, which more often than not ends up putting off customers. The solution: The configurator allows for the creation of virtual rooms, which can be furnished - in real-time - with Natuzzi products. The end-user can then enjoy a realistic, real-time visualization of what the room will look like with the products chosen. The viewing process includes the designing of the room, the placement of sofas and other furniture products, the 3D visualization and the avatar physically walking in the newly created environment. The whole experience can be completed with a mouse or touch interface, with the user being guided through the entire procedure. The application - available for Windows and Mac OS X computers - has a low learning curve, as its meant to be used by non-professionals. An automatic update system and XML data feeds allow the company to release library updates that include new furniture products. The configurator has also been personalized for the Italsofa brand of Natuzzi Group, specialized in young and dynamic products. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  10. 10. Bausch&Lomb AR an amazing way to animate business trade shows Network League, a communications agency, asked us to find an innovative and entertaining solution for its client, Bausch&Lomb. Bausch&Lomb is a global company specialized in eye care, with a focus on comfort and innovation. The company turned to us to develop an engaging, entertaining system for its stand at SOI, an important trade show of Medical Division. The solution we came up with made use of augmented reality. Using a green screen method, a video was recorded of a dancing model dressed like an angel. The visitor could then select a station within the Bausch&Lomb stand. Thanks to augmented reality technology, it appeared to the visitor as though the angel was standing next to him and he could dance with her. Every visitor was given a photo of his or her dance with the angel, in exchange for completing a short personal survey. The reaction to the interactive stand was extremely positive: visitors were engaged and entertained and Bausch&Lomb became the absolute star of the trade show. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  11. 11. Heineken - BeerGame how do you draft the perfect beer ? The Client: Heineken, the worlds most famous beer producer, founded in 1863 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken The Problem: People simply dont know how to really appreciate a lager beer, in this case from the Fischer brand. Its time to fix that. The Solution: Esimple suggested the development of an advergame for iOS devices using the devices sensors to simulate the physics behind drafting the perfect beer. We created a virtual pub where you can play as a bartender and serve your customers a properly drafted beer. This score can also be posted on your Facebook wall and the games online scoreboard. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  12. 12. Virtuymall can we combine 3D technology and e-commerce? www.virtuy.com The first shopping mall in the world in 3D realtime: The pilot project introduced by Esimple, Virtuy is the first virtual shopping mall in the world providing both a web 2.0 portal - where you can shop quickly - and a unique 3D experience where the user can walk around the mall, visit the shops and interact with other visitors. Webportal - www.virtuy.com : The web portal makes use of the latest technologies to provide a simple and fast way to browse all the various products and sections. The underlaying structure is optimized for search engines to make it easy for potential customers to find the various products of the brands who chose to invest in a Virtuy shop. Each client has his own personal login to access the administrative area where he can list his products for sale, edit information about the shop and manage the offers for the special VIP Premium users area. 3D Experience - 3d.virtuy.com : The most innovative part of the project is the 3D version of the mall. Through the dedicated 3d.virtuy.com portal you can impersonate an avatar and walk around the "mall" just like in real life. Entering each shop you can view the products displayed on the shelves and then buy them using what is the first truly immersive 3D representation of a real shopping mall. Inside the mall you can meet other visitors from all over the world or interact with service avatars who can give you information about products and help you just like in real life. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  13. 13. General Electric Usatoprimamano how sell on-line and in an innovative way ex-hiring cars? Customer: GE Capital Solutions is a division specializing in leasing, rental and servicing of the group General Electric, one of the best known companies in the world. With more than 300,000 GE employees is one of the most solid and appreciated multinationals globally, both in size and results. Needs: GE Capital Solutions has launched the section GE Used primamano®, a special area that deals with the remarketing of vehicles ex- rental. Each vehicle is cataloged within the management systems of GE Capital Solutions. The need to be met was to publish online catalog of vehicles, in an innovative way, easily searchable and functional. Solution: The project was developed entirely from the definition of the import of data from the internal management of GE Capital Solutions, development of the frontend web technologies that facilitate the search of vehicles. The main innovation of the project is, however, that it introduced an innovative method of navigation in web 3D through the building of a dealership virtual. Inside the dealership are presented cars for sale in the form of promotional leaflets in shelves branded. The data present in the experience 3D are shared with the other web, thus allowing a perfect alignment of the catalog proposed. Benefits The inclusion of the 3D Web has established the success of the platform, setting it as one of the first dealerships virtual world. An approach that allows to enjoy the benefits of emotional marketing, able to engage the user into an engaging and fun. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  14. 14. Enel Drive AR How explain in an innovative way the functioning of Enel Drive? Multicore Sistemi ask us to find a way to explain, in an immediate and involing way, the operation of Enel Drive. We select the technology solution of live augmented reality. By Live Augmented Reality is possible, simply framing with an iPad a marker, seeing an EnelDrive rechargeable car and observing an avatar getting out of the car and making the rechargeable operations. A technology solution as spectacular as funcitonal, that is able to show the functioning of an innovative system of electric recharge made by Enel, by an animated projection. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  15. 15. Barbara d’Urso 3D Website How do you let fans experience Barbara ‘s world? Barbara dUrso can be seen on television every single day. She is one of our most beloved TV personalities, with a tremendously successful career. We developed an innovative website for her that features a 3D dressing room where she can meet fans and share a photo or message. The website allows Barbara to start a dialogue with her fans in an engaging and interactive way. A really innovative project, which we intend to develop further in order to make the interaction between Barbara and her fans even more engaging and interesting. The 3D dressing room is just one part of the website we created to further build Barbaras image. The website also has a 2D section, with high quality photos to illustrate the stars personality. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  16. 16. Gillette Proglide Game Can a game illustrate the smoothness of the Gillette Razor? The customer: Bboard Communication is a web agency leader in the creation of innovative and unconventional marketing campaigns that usually uses technology to reach the best results for its clients. The needs: Develop a game to be played in a touchscreen, able to give the customers the "gliding" sensation of a new proGlide Razor. The solution: Esimple developed more than one game concepts to propose to Bboard and its Client, they chose the one that had a funny balloon (marked with Gillette logo) that has to be covered in shaving foam and then shaved with a virtual razor moved by customers touching the screen. The digital signage supports, connected with touch screens, were provided by Videonbox, Esimple partner, that also create the design of the hardware. Technologies used: Unity 3D, Touch Screen Results: The marketing campaign started on July 11, 2011 in more than 70 stores, with excellent results. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  17. 17. Cepu How do you entertain trade show visitors with an educational game? Cepu, leader in university preparation services The goal: Create a touch screen game to attract visitors to the various events organized by the company throughout the year. The game has to be in line with the services offered by Cepu, but, at the same time, fun and engaging. Esimple designed a game that combines the idea of learning with that of simplicity and fun. The quiz is comprised of hard and simple questions. Thanks to the fun game at the end of the quiz, the experience remains enjoyable even if not all questions are answered correctly. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  18. 18. Herbal Essence - in-store Quiz Which shampoo is most suitable for my hair? Bboard Communication is a web agency leader in the creation of innovative and unconventional marketing campaigns. The company makes use of the latest available technologies to obtain the best results for its clients. The goal: Develop a quiz that automatically matches a customer to a Herbal Essences product. Esimple created a system to analyze the answers given to the quiz and to propose (in realtime) the Herbal Essences product best suited to the customers needs. To make the experience fun and enjoyable, Esimple chose to develop an application to be run in digital signage terminals connected to touch screens. These were provided by Videonbox, an Esimple partner, who also worked out the design of the hardware supports. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  19. 19. Aboca Food Diary How can I calculate the calories I consume each day? Aboca was established in 1978. The company specializes in the research and development of natural health care products. Leader in its field throughout Italy (and Europe as a whole) thanks to an extremely efficient distribution model that targets pharmacies and herbal product shops. Distributed for free through Apples App Store, it enables the user to access all of the websites popular features through the native and intuitive iOS interface. Compatible with most iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions, it allows the user to plan meals, check his performance and daily statistics and access information from his personal profile. New features will be released over time according to a roadmap outlined with the client, in order to keep the users interest high with each release. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  20. 20. iTable Soccer Online Can I play a table game with my iPhone? The aim was to recreate a table top sports game widely used in the 80s and 90s by the name of Subbuteo ®, using the unique touch screen of the iPhone and iPod devices. The idea was to develop a virtual simulation and introduction to the game. The project was sponsored by the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF). The 3D graphics were implemented in such a way that you can rotate and zoom the view in total freedom. Our programming department also extensively studied the behavior of the physical pieces (players) and the ball in order to create a realistic gaming experience. To recreate the famous flick of the finger, we developed a control method that takes into account the direction as well as velocity of the movement generated by the player on the display. The fun part of playing Subbuteo (now called table soccer) is definitely being able to challenge your friends and hold tournaments. We therefore decided to offer an online multiplayer option; a dedicated server is now in place so that gamers from all over the world can play together online. iTable Soccer was released in the App Store and in less than a month has been downloaded by over 2000 people. The game is now ranked number 1 in Italian Simulation Sports Games and number 13 in Italian games overall. iTable Soccer also entered the app top 500 in 35 countries. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  21. 21. FAQ: why choose 3D technology? the features and benefits of this extraordinary technology 1. Engage your target audience, immersing it in a world imagined by you: 3D web technology represents a new era in web surfing. It offers an immersive experience and lets your customers freely explore virtual worlds, in first-person view or through a customizable avatar. 2. Interaction that is true-to-life: Interaction between avatars happens in realtime through public or private chat and gives your customers a sense of social and spatial sharing. 3. Interactive online shopping: Using 3D technology to create an online store lets you present your products in a more attractive manner. Virtual shops can be fully customized and made interactive; customers can interact with shop assistants and each other before proceeding with their purchase. 4. 3D technology to power design: 3D technology can be used for the development of business software such as interior configurators, machine displays and interactive manuals. Unlike with CAD rendering, there are no load times and objects or environments can be viewed from different angles in realtime. be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12
  22. 22. Contact us be the first, be innovative, be different Reach us: Follow us: Via Isonzo 64/66 52100 Arezzo http://flickr.com/photos/esimple Tel. +39 0575 20939 http://facebook.com/esimplestudios Italy http://twitter.com/esimplestudios Call us: +39 0575 20939 http://youtube.com/esimplestudios Write us: contatti@esimple.it http://vimeo.com/esimple Find us: http://www.esimple.it http://linkd.in/esimplecompanyprofile http://bit.ly/esimplegoogleplus http://pinterest.com/esimple be the first, be innovative, be differentmercoledì 6 giugno 12