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Christ insanity

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Missing the point of Christianity

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Christ insanity

  1. 1. Christian-insanity March 24, 2019 There is no good reason not to love the energy of Christ. Love is the soul that make you a divine being. Christ is more than a name, but living in the energy of godliness that would make a god smile. Christ energy is not born, but one evolved by living each moment as a step rising in the spirit of awareness and grace. Christ energy is love loving unto itself beyond words of any description. All humanity that follows the highest calling from their heart is following that path of angels. Listen to your heart and you’ll see where you are going. Everyone needs to awaken and see where they are going. Always time to let go of attachment to the past as they will be there in any case but without the ‘hold’ that might prevent you going on to greater heights. What need’s to be treasured in memories will be the light to guide you on the new changing path. Be of ‘beautiful heart’ and be focused on the now. Like all humanity, Christianity has gone through and continues through it’s trials and tribulations. The world has opened to all and around the globe offering unheard of opportunities, especially for the evolution of all individually and collectively. All religions are ancient safety nets, that have been misused and misconstrued as words of the only truth. Truth as used is often a lie in the devil’s self interest. Truth is not that which serves ones interests. Truth is not ‘belief’, as belief is the search for truth. Truths are often hidden from the mind. Is death the end or just the beginning of another venture? Did Jesus always tell the truth, or is it even applicable as perhaps Jesus is a story to point to you to follow the path to the truth of life, love, and who you really are? To ignore with deliberation that which is meant to shine the light of the way for you to see that love holds many truths is to be a ‘truth avoider’, and that serves anything but truth. A lie is as good as the truth, if you can get people to believe it, and even the biggest lie will be believed, if you repeat it often enough. You can’t go on thinking and/or doing everything that’s wrong. Knocking on the door of truth may produce no answers, for the truth may be buried way in the back, and leaving the steps of the answer will leave you empty of seeing truth answering. You can’t go on expecting an answer that you are avoiding. Are your watching you? Every move you make is being watched whether you know it or not! The enemy of truth is the living dead within. Be free and in harmony with all circumstances as much as possible. Come out of the shadows of truth into the light of truth. Yesss Self Love Center