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Kelass coffee shop - presentation Athens 2017

Student's project

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Kelass coffee shop - presentation Athens 2017

  1. 1. BUSINESS PLAN:COFFEE CAPITAL Names: Louise Hagege Arianna Sani Elena Linardatou Sofia- Simela Thoidi Soussana Gkliva Kostis Panteleakis
  2. 2. COFFEE CAPITAL: BUSINESS PLAN  Name:KELAS² Slogan:AS YOUR HOME Address: Parma , Italy Telephone number : 0521292258 Fax number:0521292235 E-mail address :kelass@gmail.com
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is a detailed presentation of our business plan called KELAS². Our business is a innovative coffee shop located in Parma, Italy serving different varieties of coffee assorted with traditional sweets . We hope you enjoy our presentation.
  4. 4. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION  Vision :Become popular at people who are into the ages of 25 to 50 and connect them.  Goals: Attract and sell coffee and desserts at customers of 25 to 50  Values :Unite the different cultures from all over the world and respect each culture
  5. 5. ΒUSINESS DESCRIPTION  Type of Business: Coffee shop  Name: Kelas2  Location: Parma, Italy  Product Description: Coffees and desserts from all over the world, chocolates, teas, refreshments
  6. 6. MARKET STUDY  Company position: our company derives from all over the world and the customers could sit at tables like their home. The business would be located at Parma, Italy, there the clients can relax without being stressed.
  7. 7. MARKET STUDY  Pricing Strategy: Our price would be medium (2.50-3.00 euros) . Our business has a lot of taxes to pay due to the imports for the foreign coffee and also the place that would host the enterprise this is the reason we choose this price.
  8. 8. MARKET STUDY  Customer Profile: Our age target would be 25-50 years old. Our shop would be approached mostly by Italians (due to the position) but we can serve coffee also at people coming from other countries. The customers would need nice coffee at high quality served in a friendly environment .
  9. 9. MARKET STUDY  Target Market and Demographics: Touristic places, countries’ capitals targeted to people from all over the world.  Competition :Our threats ,are possibly other shops selling coffee at better quality and at a lower price.  Sales strategy :we could sell the first week coffee with 50% discount  Advertising and Promotion: social media ,famous people advertising the products  Slogan :As your home
  10. 10. OWNERSHIP-MANAGEMENT Only one person controlling with others helping him (accountant). We will also have a manager for the imports, whom will find coffees around the globe in the best prices and in the best quality. We will also have a chief executive as to control and help the employees  owner  investors  marketing manager  executive chief  employees
  11. 11. FINANCE  We start by explaining our ideas to the bank. More specific, we need a building at a medium size with one floor located at a busy road . We also need three employees. More specific, two employees at the kitchen/bar and one for selling. As far as equipment we need a coffee machine, raw materials, equipment for serving and cleaning.
  12. 12. FINANCE  Promotion...  We need also money for the promotion of our coffee shop. We want 5.000 ADS/flyers. We need also a big advertisement in order all the people have the opportunity to know our position.  Revenues…  By doing a really hard work we believe that our profit at the first year will be 164.250 euros.  Costs…  Rent: 4.800euros  Employees: 51.840euros  Raw materials: 16.400euros  Profits: 164.250-73.040=91.210euros
  13. 13. SWOT ANALYSIS  Strengths : original coffee shop, cozy environment, international coffee, comfortable/friendly.  Weaknesses : many competitors especially in the place we choose to set up the building.  Opportunities: many people would like to visit a new type of shop (not only Italians visiting it).  Threats: bigger businesses with famous logos might be more appealing.