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Athens 2017 - innovathens festival

Our visit to Innovathens festival

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Athens 2017 - innovathens festival

  1. 1. Our visit to INNOVATHENS Erasmus+ team in Greece
  2. 2. On Wednesday 15th of March our Erasmus+ team visited “INNOVATHENS Creative Industries: The Pitching” Inside Technopolis City of Athens, the most recognizable place of Athens with more than 900.000 visitors per year. A historical old gas deposit has been transformed, from scratch into a modern, well equipped space and is functioning as a center for networking, knowledge and experience exchange and research institutions for young people of the city of Athens.
  3. 3. The key objectives of INNOVATHENS seek to: •Create sustainable technical and organizational preconditions to attract innovative ideas and new groups or entrepreneurs. • Provide open innovation services of high added value to the start-up community. •Encourage projects promoting with the use of conventional information and communication technologies. •Network with ecosystems and funding opportunities within and outside Greece. The objectives of INNOVATHENS
  4. 4. Young people of the City of Athens, and beyond, who have the ambition to create an innovative enterprise Individuals and/or working groups, which already have dared their first attempts Groups of students or graduates with creative new ideas who intent to transform them to sustainable businesses Enterprises being in the establishing phase Innovative enterprises wanting to develop their business model and enter the global market Addressed audience
  5. 5. The event The 17 teams participating in the INNOVATHENS’ Creative Industries programme, supported by PLANET, had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors and other businessmen by having 5 minutes to introduce their ideas. PLANET, in collaboration with INNOVATHENS for the cultivation of innovative new business initiatives, provided to the programme’s participants targeted advisory services regarding business strategy development, as well as personalized mentoring and coaching throughout the duration of the programme.
  6. 6. One of the ideas which stood out to us the most was CarpeVidem is an application where restaurant owners can promote their businesses. This app includes videos, tours, maps and reviews from the customers themselves for each shop making it easier to find a place to eat catering to everyone’s needs. It seems practical and well designed. It also gives the opportunity to small businesses to promote their services.
  7. 7. “It was interesting to see something like this for the first time and better understand the importance of having a business plan. We certainly had fun and the opportunity to spend more time as a group and discuss which business we believed to be the most prosperous.” Students’ experiences “It was without doubt an experience to remember, since we got to see how anyone can make their ideas heard and utilize them. The only things needed are will, innovative ideas and positivity.”