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Polish school presentation

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  1. 1. ERASMUS + Happens
  2. 2. Our school Here is our school
  3. 3. Our school is located in Radomsko Our school is beautiful. It has a gym, a canteen and a common room.
  4. 4. „The two” is a school with hundred year tradition
  5. 5. Gym The gym is our favourite place at school. We train there two times a week. It is quite big and suitable for playing basketball, volleyball and doing different exercises.
  6. 6. Canteen In the canteen we eat delicious meals, which are cooked by very nice ladies. We eat only healthy food there.
  7. 7. Common room In this place we can use computers or watch something interesting on TV. We can relax there or do our homework.This is a nice place to spend free time with friends.
  8. 8. We work actively to promote health: ✓ we belong to the district „Health-promoting schools” ✓ we are involved in the action „Breakfast gives you the power” ✓ and in a nationwide program of education and preventive„Protect children smiles”
  9. 9. We have modern and renovated classrooms.
  10. 10. Our school is number one
  11. 11. RadomskoRadomsk o is in Voivodes hip of Łódź. It has about 40 000 inhabitan ts
  12. 12. Radomsko is located in the centre of Poland.
  13. 13. The most interesting places and statues in Radomsko The museum in Radomsko A statue of St Jadwiga St Lambert’s Church
  14. 14. A historical Railway Station Community centre A beautiful library A historical church of St Maria Magdalena
  15. 15. Poland Poland is situated in the central Europe with neighbouring countries such as: Russia,Lithua nia Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany
  16. 16. Places worth seeing in Warsaw The Capital Of Poland is Warsaw
  17. 17. Cracow- a beautiful, historical city in Poland
  18. 18. Masuria The Tatras Masuria is located in the The highest Polish north - eastern part of Poland. mountain range. It is a beautiful area with forests and lakes Amazing regions in Poland
  19. 19. The Baltic seaside Moving dunes