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June2020 v2 newsletter

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Church Newsletter

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June2020 v2 newsletter

  1. 1. EpworthUnitedMethodistChurch 3061LincolnWayW. MassillonOH44647 CHANGESERVICEREQUESTED DATEDMATERIAL JUNE 2020 The EchoJune 2020 Newsletter of Epworth United Methodist Church Worship Time: Sunday 9:30 am Sermons for June, June 7— “Do No Harm”; Galatians 5:15; Matthew 28:16-20 June 14—“Do Good!”, III John 11b; Acts 10:38; Matthew 9:35-10:23 June 21—Father’s Day, “Stay in Love With God”; Psalm 105:4; Colossians 2:6-7; Matthew 10:24-39 June 28—”A Time of Testing, Limitations and Love”; Genesis 22:1-14; Romans 6:12-23; Matthew 10:40-42 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2020 Sunday, July 19-Thursday, July 23 Age 4 years - 6th graders We are looking forward to Vacation Bible School this summer! Due to the COVID-19 emergency, we are following the state guidelines in order to have a great week, and also a safe week, for everyone. We are adjusting our plans and activities to include wearing masks, social distancing, providing materials and items that will be used by just your child during the week, as well as additional sanitizing and hand washing, One of the guidelines that we must follow is group size. In order to ensure that we have the proper number of adults for groups of kids, you must sign your children up prior to VBS. July 6 is the deadline to contact us to put your child's name on the roster for VBS. Please contact us in one of the following ways with child’s name and age, parent’s name and phone number. We will call you soon after the 6th to confirm that your child is on our list. Send email to msenften1@yahoo.com OR text Marie at (330) 754-9443 OR call Frances in the Epworth office at (330) 832-7271. “Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me……’” Linda Lockwood & Marie Senften-Deitz
  2. 2. Pastor’s Pen PLAN TO RETURN TO LIVE WORSHIP Thank you all for your patience and support during this difficult time due to COVID-19. Your leaders have been working and planning on how, when and what we need to do in order for us to open things back up. I want to thank all of our leaders for the hard work that they are doing during this time of sepa- ration. This has given us a chance to work through the issues of live-streaming our worship service, and we have been able to offer the worship service to our home-bound members. We have reconnected with others and we have connected with new people. We hope that some of them who are able, will join us later. We will continue to offer live-stream worship, even once we return to face to face worship. Here is what we are planning. We hope to return to worship on June 21st and hold the service in the Fellowship Hall, assuming that we have the Bishop’s permission to return. We will set up tables and chairs to maintain the standards of social-distancing. We will sanitize the facility before and after each service. We will offer hand sanitizer to you, as you enter the building. We will not use hymnals but will project the hymns and liturgy on the screen. We will have bulletins for you to take home with you. We will not be passing around the attendance pads, but will take a head count. We will be offering a visitor card to any visitors who join us. We will not pass the offering plate - drop your offering in the plate when you enter the building.. We will not be offering communion for a while. We would encourage you to wear a mask and stay apart. We would encourage you to remain home if you aren’t feeling well or feel at risk. We will not be shaking hands—but will wave, say hello from a distance. We may delay having a coffee and fellowship hour. We will be offering hand sanitizer as you leave. So that is our plan—although some things could change. We will give you the word once it is decided that we can return to worship. Thank you for your faithful financial support during this time. We would appreciate whatever additional support you would provide, if you can, for us to cover the costs of the additional equipment that we need to buy and in- stall prior to returning. Blessings and peace! Rev Leslie Peine We are excited to announce that Canton Calvary Mis- sion WILL be able to offer our CLAY program (Calvary Learning & Arts for Youth) this summer, beginning June 29th! It will be a little different due to following the COVID-19 guidelines, but it will be a great summer experience for the kids who attend. Can you support the CLAY program by sponsoring a child or some chil- dren? Sponsorship is $40 per child. Donations for CLAY can be made through our website, www.cantoncalvarymission.net by Paypal, or mailed to Canton Calvary Mission, 1345 Gibbs Ave NE, Canton, OH 44705. Thank you for caring for our kids! Our DayCare will be reopening under their regular license on June 1, 2020. There will be smaller class sizes, which may make it necessary to use the craft ladies room. All CDC and ODJFS guidelines will be followed as to sanitation and social distancing. We would like to thank the DayCare Staff for their dedication in car- ing for the children in our community. Thank you to our Worship Team for their hard work and dedication in bringing us the service during the pandemic.
  3. 3. FINANCIAL REPORT CHURCH 4/1/2020Balance Fwd. $10,628.99 Receipts $7,885.00 Total Income $18,513.99 Expenses $5,958.09 04/30/2020Balance $12,555.90 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 04/30/2020 EOC Credit Union $1,231.92 EOC Credit Union $18,048.06 FARMERS Savings $29,106.55 Total $48,386.53 BUILDING EXPANSION 04/01/2020Balance Fwd. $ 151.38 Pledges $1,385.00 Church $2,000.00 St. Pauley $ 116.97 Total Income $3,653.35 Payment $2,589.42 4/30/2020Balance $1,063.03 4/30/2020 Loan Balance $ $119,411.28 4/30/2020 June Birthdays 6/2 Sam Krichbaum 6/4 Kim Mortland 6/7 Patrick Kerr 6/9 Allie Jones 6/11 Milford Kerr 6/11 Carol White 6/21 Daphne Brickey 6/22 Michael Charney 6/23 Justin Derheimer 6/25 Debbie Bushmire 6/26 Melissa Hughes 6/27 Art Schumacher 6/29 Brian Krichbaum June Anniversaries 6/2 Bryan & DeAnna Cox We have purchased the following items to help us contin- ue to LiveStream our services for those who do not feel comfortable returning to the physical building. Laptop Computer & Monitors—$442 Video Capture Box—$121 Proclaim Software—$313 (14 month subscription)—this is what allows us to have the backgrounds, song lyrics, readings, and scripture displayed. Licensing to keep us legal (these give us permission to use music in the service and to stream the service) One License—$277 CCLI—$59.40 We are looking at upgrading the sound system in the Fel- lowship Hall which will cost approximately $4,000 We have money in a memorial account that we are using for the majority of these purchases. We have received a donation of a new camera and digital copies of our hym- nals. If you would like to donate to this project, please just mark your envelope “LiveStream” or “Video Equip- ment.” Thank you all for your patience as we navigate these un- certain times. Please stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you all soon (from a socially safe distance.) Epworth UMC 3061 Lincoln Way NW Sunday, July 19 –Thursday, July 23 6:15-8:30 p.m. Age 4-Grade 6 Bible Stories, Crafts, Games, Science, Snacks, Music, Fellowship, Fun Due to COVID-19 guidelines, children must sign up by July 6. Email msenften1@yahoo.com OR Text 330-754-9443 OR call the church at 330-832-7271 with parent name, child name, child age and phone number. You will be contacted to confirm child’s place on list. Completed form should be brought in first night of VBS. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - — Child’s name _____________________________________________ Age_____ Address ____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name _______________________________________________ Phone ____________________________________________________________ E-mail ______________________________________________________________ Allergies or other medical conditions: _________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ In case of emergency contact : _________________________________________ Phone: _______________________Relationship to child ____________________ Masks will be required for kids, staff & parents who come into building!