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Engr. Asim Mahmood CV

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Engr. Asim Mahmood CV

  1. 1. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV Engr. Asim Mahmood O B J E C T I V E To work as an Electrical Design Engineer in United Arab Emirates for a fast paced and dynamic environment. To achieve milestones by effective project management and result oriented efforts. Analyze, evaluate electrical issues and provide remedies. Seeking a full time position with reputable organization providing potential for growth and professional development D I S C P L I N E / E X P E R T Y ________________________________________________ Electrical Engineer with 6.5 years experience in Planning , Scheduling, Design, Tendering, Execution and Project Management for Underground & Overhead distribution networks for Electrification of Housing Schemes, Commercial Centers, MEP Works for buildings, installation of High Voltage 132KV Grid Stations, Road Lighting Works with LEDs, Power Plants and Pumping Stations. W O R K E X P E R E N C E (6 YEARS - 05 Months)___________________________________ VENUE: FAISALABAD DEVELPOMENT AUTHORITY (FDA) Mall Road, Faisalabad (March 2010 to date) DESIGNATION: Assistant Director Electrical (Design) BPS-17 DIVISION: Engineering “The Faisalabad Development Authority was created by Government of Punjab under the Punjab Development of Cities Act, 1976 Succeeding Lyallpur Improvement Trust (1956). FDA is responsible for the planning, designing and implementation of various public sector development projects in accordance with the function of Authority” http://www.fda.gov.pk/ PROJECT: DESIGN AND ELECTRIFICATION OF FDA CITY HOUSING SCHEME Area: 1250 Acres (6,050,000 yd2 ) Project Cost: USD 14.70 Million Role: Project Manager (Electrical) Achievements:  Successfully got prepared design of electrification of FDA City Housing Scheme by consultants NESPAK (National Engineering Services of Pakistan) for USD 7 Million (11 KV distribution Network only) and submitted it to FESCO for vetting and execution. Total assessed load for housing scheme is 96 MW. (The design included 25 Numbers of independent 11KV overhead and underground feeders, Transformer loading charts, Detailed BOQs, Node to Node Feeder’s Single Line diagrams, Load flow Analysis, Electrical Layout Drawings, Pole to pole schedule.)  Successfully got design approved by local electric power distribution company i.e. FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company).  Successfully got site approved for Grid Stations by Site Selection committee of NTDC (National Transmission and Dispatch Company) and FESCO.  Successfully got approval of Express feeder No.6 from Board of Directors FESCO to electrify blocks A and F of FDA City Housing Scheme from existing 132KV Chiniot Road Grid Station. Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV  Successfully reached an agreement between Management of FESCO and FDA for phasing of project in terms of financial commitments by FDA and delivery of deliverables by FESCO.  Successfully procured 11KV Outgoing Grid Station panel (VCB) for FDA City Housing scheme by tendering according to specification P-44:96 of FESCO and handed over this to Grid Station Operations staff.  Successfully electrified the site office of Project Management Unit in FDA City Housing scheme by extending existing distribution network from Ram-de-wali feeder of FESCO.  Successfully got prepared detailed estimate for 02 Nos. Grid Stations of 132KV/11kV with 1 x 10/13 MVA transformer bay for each grid station to be augmented subsequently according to load demand.  Successfully supervising the execution of project in phases and ensuring quality of work according to the standards of FESCO/WAPDA General Job Description • To plan project from concept stage and carryout it within agreed timeline and budget. • To coordinate between consultant, local electric power distribution company and FDA for all type of electrification works • To prepare detailed tender document with complete cost estimation. • To calculate electrical loading for residential plots, commercial centers, public buildings, street lights according to standards set by local electric power company FESCO • To plan location for placements of RMUs, PMTs and LT Distribution boxes. • To plan MV/LV corridors for trenches to lay cables. • To prepare transformer’s loading charts for detail of load connected with LT of transformer. • To plan and manage CAD documentation of design work • To prepare technical specifications, technical reports, progress reports in order to update senior management about progress of work. • To furnish demand notice for shifting of HT/LT lines falling in alignment of road. • To ensure quality of work by observing standards and SOPs of local electric power distribution company FESCO. • To assign tasks to project engineers and monitor day to day progress of work. • To keep fully update with terms and conditions, rules, procedures of local electric power distribution company. • To coordinate with concerned civic authorities in order to obtain NOC for road cuts, excavation in green belts for laying of cable in trenches. TENDERING: Involved directly in tendering for Faisalabad Development Authority according to the procedure laid down in instructions of Government of Punjab and Government of Pakistan Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV under (PPRA) rules for various projects related to Electrical Engineering Overhead Transmission and Distribution Networks (including OHTL) Underground Distribution System, External and Internal Electrification of Housing Colonies, Plazas, Commercial Centers and Road Lighting works. • Preparation of Rough and Detailed cost estimates. • Preparation of Tender Document (with complete detail as scope of project, costing (BOQ Bill of quantities), Completion Time line, Technical requirements/drawings etc. • Approval of Rates/Rate Analysis from P&D (Planning & Design) Department. • Approval/Technical sanction from competent Authority on Tender document • Call of EOI from relevant firms/Contactors (for Pre-qualification) in local and international newspapers. • Enlistment of firm/contractor with Faisalabad Development Authority. • Float of Tender in local and international news papers • Preparation of Bid Schedule • Call of Bids by contractors (In Single Envelop/Two Envelop System) • Preparation of Comparative Statement • Approval of Bidder/firm/contactor by competent authority. • Signing/ award of contract agreement. PROJECT: DESIGN AND ELECTRIFICATION OF MILLAT TOWN COMMERCIAL CENTER Role: Project Manager (Electrical)  Successfully prepared the design of electrification of Millat town Commercial Centre.  Successfully got the design approved by Local Electric power distribution company.  Successfully awarded contract to contractor by tendering.  Successfully got the execution of work VENUE: SITARA ENERGY Ltd Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad (January 2009 to April 2010) DESIGNATION: Tr. Electrical Engineer “Sitara Energy is a modern 86 MW Power Plant. It contains 8 X 6MW Niigata HFO Engines, 12 X 1.90MW Caterpillar Gas Engines, 4 X 0.9MW Guascor Gas Engines and 4 X 3MW Jenbacher Gas Engines. It also has a modern Waste Energy Recovery System and PLC based control systems. “ • Worked with operations staff. Learned startup and stop sequences of both HFO and Gas Engines, taking them on load and off load. Also learned the load management on engines and calculation of 24 Hour generation.  1000 Hrs, 2000 Hrs and 4000 Hrs maintenances of Niigata (HFO), Caterpillar, Jenbacher and Guascor Gas Engines. The job includes Compressed air of alternators, greasing of bearings, HT magger of Windings, complete overhauling of Auxiliary components (Electric Heater, Viscosity controller unit, Lube oil Purifier unit) inspection of Generator Control Panel and Protection Relays. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV  Monthly inspection of set points of Relays (Mostly MICOM P-121 and P-122)  Monthly inspection of vibration of Alternators and Motors (Both EGB and Auxiliary Motors)  Monthly inspection of Set parameters of Caterpillar Gas Engines.  Monthly inspection of set parameters of Niigata HFO auxiliary units (Lube Oil Purifier and HFO Purifier units ALPHA - LAVAL)  Monthly inspection of Station transformers (PEL 2500 KVA, SIEMENS 1500 KVA and 750 KVA)  Inspection of switch gear elements i-e ACB panels and VCB trolleys  Monthly inspection of Battery chargers and Batteries i.e. Electrolyte Level, Specific gravity of Electrolytes and terminal conditions.  Monthly inspection of Earth Pits resistance and water level.  Instrumentation jobs related to the troubleshooting of Pressure sensors, Flow switches, and solenoid valves. S O F T W A R E S K I L L S______________________________________________________ • PRIMAVERA P-6 (Institute of Computer and Business Techniques Lahore) 04 July 2011 Hand on experience of planning new projects using Primavera P-6 creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) up to activity level, scheduling, cost estimation, generate reports. • Feeder Analysis (MSR. Ver.2.8) Complete analysis of 11KV feeders i.e. %age voltage drop, % loading on each node, Calculation of line losses and Annual Energy Losses (AEL) on given load factor, Power factor, Load for existing and proposed systems. • AutoCAD 2007 Capable to develop electrical engineering drawings/schematics, Panel Drawings by using AutoCAD 2007. • Advanced user of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), T R A N I N G S ___________________ ______ TRANING: PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER) AND PIC MICROCONTROLLER, December 2011 VENUE : WAPDA ENGINEERING ACADMEY, FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN. • Two week training on Specification and general working principals of PLC systems. Worked on programming features of STL and Ladder language / functions available with PLC. • Basic structure and operation of PC based software (AEG/MODICON PC 0085) and GE Fanuc and Troubleshooting using AEG/MODICON I/O cards schematics. • Study of Microcontroller chip PIC 16F84, programming in PIC basic editor, program testing simulator. TRANING: CCNA (CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE) 640-802 December 2007 – January 2007 VENUE : CORVIT LAHORE Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV • Studied OSI, TCP/IP Model, Concept of collision domain and broadcast domain, Routing Protocols RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and routed protocols IPv-4 and IPv-6 • Configure basic router operations and switches with VLANS and Frame Relays. • Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection. I N T E R N S H I P S __________ SEIMENS PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COMPANY (PTD DIVISION), September 2006- October 2006 • Six week internship in the Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) Department • Studied the design and bidding of an ongoing SEIMENS grid station for Sitara Chemicals. • Studied the complete schematic of 132KV/11KV substations. • Studied in detail the protection of Power Transformers of rating 10/13 MVA, 20/26 MVA. INTERNSHIP TRAINIG AT SITARA CHEMICALS Pvt. Ltd. July 2006 – August 2006 • Worked with Electrical /Electronic/Instrumentation department. • Learned HV rectification process and studied 132KV substation in detail. • Observed the routine faults and maintenance of 132/11 KV Substation. E D U C A T I O N The University of Faisalabad. Faisalabad, Pakistan (2009) B.E. Electrical (Recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council) PEC No: ELECT/ 27096 Marks Obtained (in Percentage) = 77.20 % (A-Grade) A C H I E V E M E N T S ______ •Recipient of the certificate of distinction by The President of Pakistan in National Students Convention 2006 held at Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. • Recipient of the certificate of distinction by The Governor of Punjab in Punjab Students Convention 2006 held at Awan-e-Iqbal Lahore. • Member of the Literary Society of the University of Faisalabad L A N G U A G E S ______ • Fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Number 0092-332-6754390 Father Name: Mr. Mahmood Ikram (Late) Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV Address: 130-C, Raza Town, Canal Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan Marital status: Married Date of Birth: 10.03.1985, Passport No: MM0153001 PEC Number Elect/27096 Skype ID: engr.asim.mahmood (For online interview) Email: engr.asim.mahmood@gmail.com Page 6 of 6
  7. 7. Engr. Asim Mahmood CV Address: 130-C, Raza Town, Canal Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan Marital status: Married Date of Birth: 10.03.1985, Passport No: MM0153001 PEC Number Elect/27096 Skype ID: engr.asim.mahmood (For online interview) Email: engr.asim.mahmood@gmail.com Page 6 of 6