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Empire marquee catalog

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Empire marquee catalog

  1. 1. EMPIRE MARQUEE MARQUEE Tent & Parking Shade EVEnt MAnAGEMAEnt Office#1113, 11th floor Eden Heights buidling,Jail road Lahore. Tel: +92 42 35786715 Mob: 0323-8888819 facebook.com/empiremarquees www.empiremarquee.com info@empiremarquee.com empiremarquee@live.com
  2. 2. Marquee Tent Party & Event Marquee Tent Wedding Marquee Tent For Out Door Marquee Tent A party tent is a great idea for that special birthday party, garden wedding, holiday celebration, or family picnic. It doesn’t matter whether the tent needs to provide cover for 10 people or 1,000 people, as there is a party marquee tent available that is just the right size. Party marquee tents vary greatly in price and quality, and buyers should carefully consider the construction materials of a tent before purchasing it. The stronger the marquee tent, the more durable and sturdy it will be in various weather conditions. Small marquee tents are available from many outdoor and gardening stores as well as some major department stores. For larger marquee style party tents, specialty party event stores sell a wide range of tents in various size conditions. The temporary warehouse marquee tent is designed to use in factory or other stores outdoor places. The Wedding Marquee Tents for sale are available in clear span width of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, and 30m. The length of the wedding tent has no limit and can be increased or decreased by 5m bay distance. The side height is only 3.5m and Wind Loading is 80km/hr. A sturdy and reliable wedding marquee tent is necessary for any event, no matter how big or small. The size marquee tent one needs often determines what type of marquee tent is best. acebook.com/empiremarquees www.empiremarquee.com info@empiremarquee.com empiremarquee@live.com Tel: +92 42 35786715 U.A.E 00971-50-6975093
  3. 3. Pagoda or Gazebo Tents Pagoda or Gazebo Tents Gazebo tent provide the means to create eye-catching tensile roof structures. Together with ease of assembly and perfect build-quality, the gazebo tent provides the perfect solution for a vast range of applications. Gazebo tents create an ideal solution for reception areas or can be joined together by the use of integrated rain gutters, which enables the formation of multiple configurations enhancing the visual impact of any event with a tough of elegance whatever the location. The standard Gazebo Tent with the side height of 2.5m is available in 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, and 6x6m. All the framework and junctions are made out of aluminum alloy. It is easy to assemble the roofs because it uses eyelets and sliding plastic resin balls to fix it. acebook.com/empiremarquees www.empiremarquee.com info@empiremarquee.com empiremarquee@live.com Tel: +92 42 35786715 U.A.E 00971-50-6975093
  4. 4. Save your Car Parking Shade The car park sheds is basic product in our company and our top priority, because this product has great importance to the consumer due to the heat of the scorching sun, especially in Pakistan to protect the car and its contents from damage and to mitigate the severity of the heat inside the car. We have various kinds different sizes of Car shades, whether in homes or commercial markets or airports or in the arena of companies. We have car parking shades with different shapes and distinctive designs, we have taken into our consideration the consumer gusto as well as the shade site for car of the sun movement, so we give him free advice, and we offer him the appropriate design of the car shade according to their location. Parking Shades Benefits Our parking shades bring many great benefits to your commercial premises, including: UV screening Our parking shades provide health protection for clients and employees. They also minimize sun damage to vehicles' paint jobs. Water repellence Rain bounces right off these parking shades. Cooler vehicles Our parking shades protect your clients' and employees' vehicles are protected from weather damage, including rain, wind, snow, and sun. They also prevent vehicles from getting too hot inside when they're parked in your parking area.
  5. 5. Event Arrangement Event management is more than just a task, it’s the art of creating an experience. First impressions last, so it is important when embarking on any event - regardless of its scale - to incorporate an approach and technique that will ensure a resounding success. At Empire Marquee & Al Fakir we bring in tailor-made event management support based on the needs of our clients, utilizing resources strategically to generate a talk-of-the-town experience. We see every event as an opportunity to stretch ourselves and prove our value, leaving no stone unturned to facilitate an activity that has a memorable and lasting impact. Our team of professionals thinks out of the box to create unique, tailor-made event management solutions. It is this winning combination of expertise, experience and innovation that has made our company a leading force in event management in Pakistan & UAE .
  6. 6. Event Design Empire Marquee Wedding Stages and Event Services are well planed, creative design and execute a diverse range of events for corporate, companies, societies, club, individuals and others. Empire Marquee & Al Fakir party services Wedding Organizer is one of the pioneers among the wedding organizer in Pakistan Sharjah, Dubai, UAE. To make the entire wedding ceremony a grand success the role of the wedding organizer or a wedding planner is much more than normally considered.