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How to work a green room at a Comic Convention

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How to work a green room at a Comic Convention

  1. 1. How to work a green room at a Comic Convention. I have a lot of experience in working a celebrity green rooms at various conventions. As long as you can understand my instructions and follow them completely you will be able to make the guests comfortable. You can also have some fun. Can you handle working with your favorite celebrity? (2,8) Most conventions only have volunteers for positions like this. There will also be a manager for the green room. If they find you are not doing the job to their liking or if you are making the celebrity guests feel uncomfortable than you will be fired and gone in a moment’s notice. (1) Also most conventions usually only have one volunteer working the green rooms, depending on the size of the convention or room. So you also have to make sure no other volunteer goes in the green room. It is your job to tell kindly ask them to leave. If they don’t listen to you then let your manager know and they will ask them to leave. So to do a good job and be successful follow these steps and rules and you should be fine. 1. When you get to the green room make sure it is setup and full of supplies for the guests. These would be the supplies (pictures below to show examples of green room setup) (3,4,5)  Snacks –chips, fruit, granola bars, gum, etc.  Drinks – water, soda, Red Bull, Coffee  Aspirin  Hand Sanitizer  Cups, creamer, sugar, stirrer’s – for the coffee
  2. 2. 2. Make sure the tables are setup and clean. Sometimes there are big packs of gum, or a bowl of nuts/M&M’s, something for the guests to snack on while relaxing at the tables. 3. You will want to make sure the trash is emptied and continuously check it, if it get full over the course of the day, empty it. (4) 4. It is extremely important to know and remember for the duration you are working the green room is the real name of the celebrity guests. *Do not greet the celebrity guests by their character name For example, if you were working a Walker Stalker Convention, mainly a convention for The Walking Dead, you would not greet a celebrity guest by their character name. Like if you saw Scott Wilson (Herschel) you would not go up and say “Hi Herschel, it’s nice to meet you” you would say “Hello Mr. Wilson/or Scott, it’s nice to meet you.” *Always greet them by their REAL name, it’s very important* (1) (4) 5. When a celebrity comes into the green room try to introduce yourself. If they are talking to someone do not interrupt! When you are able to go up and only say “Hello, I am (say your name here), I am the volunteer working the green room. If you need anything I will be right over there.” Best thing to do is find a spot by the all, out of the way, so you are giving the guest space but still there if needed. *Do not hover over the guest!* (4) 6. Stand off to the side where you choose. 7. During the duration of the day make sure you keep the room clean. Do not wait to be told to clean something! Make sure the snacks are filled and drinks are stocked. Make sure there is no trash on the tables or floor. (4)
  3. 3. 8. When the day is over clean up the room and make sure it is ready for the next day. If it is the last day of the convention then you need to help pack up the green room. If you did a good job than you might be picked to work the green room at another convention. It’s not guaranteed that you will get to work that position again, because they only need one or two people. But if you follow these steps and do well then there is a chance. (6) (7)