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Saul Bass presentation


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Saul Bass presentation

  1. 1. Saul Bass Saul Bass
  2. 2. 1920-1966 - “making a main title was like making a poster – you're considering the event into one concept, this one metaphor… a backstory that needs to be told or a character that needs to be introduced.”
  3. 3. • 1920 – Born in the Bronx district • Bass studies at the art students league in new york and Brooklyn college under gyorgy kepes, a Hungarian graphic designer • After apprenticeships with Manhattan design firms, bass worked as a freelance graphic designer or ‘commercial artist’ as they were called • 1946 – he moved to los Angeles to get away from creative constraints imposed on him in new york
  4. 4. 1954 - Otto Preminger invited him to design the poster for his movie, Carmen Jones. Impressed by the result, Preminger asked Bass to create the films title sequence too.
  5. 5. 1955 – Bass first made his mark on film when he designed a simple paper cut out of a herion addicts arm for the opening titles of The Man with the Golden Arm. Bass chose the arm as a powerful image
  6. 6. He is best known for his use of simple, geometric shapes and their symbolism. Often, a single dominant
  7. 7. Bass’s posters had an uncanny ability to capture the mood of a film with simple shapes and images. This was his preferred method as opposed to using