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Evaluation: Question 1; Part two

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Evaluation: Question 1; Part two

  1. 1. While we were planning our music video, Vernallis’s theory was very important to us; • We realised after lots of research that editing to the beat is a key factor in engaging and entertaining the audience. • As a result of this my music video has a rhythmic base closely connected to the song, and the editing to the beat is consistent throughout the verses. • One part of the music video where we really wanted the edit to be obvious was at the end of the bridge before the last chorus. • The firework lighting effect reflects the drum sound that is built up through the bridge of the song. My music video followed Goodwin’s theory; • We broke the 4th wall • The artist was the narrator/participant/character • We tried to challenge the ‘male gaze’ but didn’t succeed as much as we would have liked to as my artist was still styled accordingly. • My music video is mostly amplification, however there is a section of illustration (when the artist smells the rose whilst we here her sing “inhaling the scent of my loves prevail”. • I also decided to use Godwin’s theory for my Digipak; the picture I have chosen to use for my front cover follows the theory of breaking the 4th wall. I decided to do this as I thought it was more powerful and helps to connect with the audience more. Illustration Breaking the 4th wall Being styled accordingly Breaking the 4th wall (DigiPak out side panels The firework lighting effect
  2. 2. • • • • • • Initially, we decided against the ‘male gaze’ in our music video since Ariella’s main audience are teenage girls and we wanted Ariella to be a role model for them. We made sure there were no shots that dismembered Ariella. However, we did style Ariella accordingly, which we initially didn’t want to do. This is most obvious in the skate park scene when Ariella is wearing tight clothing and high heels. I have learnt that it is very hard to deflect from the ‘male gaze’ in the music industry. We chose to use the recognisable colour red to be our motif throughout the video. This is displayed through Ariella’s red nail vanish, lipstick, the red rose and the top Ariella wears in the beginning of the video. I also incorporated the colour red in my DigiPak and advertisement; I had Ariella wear red lipstick and I used red roses. "In a world ordered by sexual imbalance, pleasure in looking has been split between active/male and passive/female. The determining male gaze projects its fantasy onto the female figure which is styled accordingly"