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Evaluation question 1 complete

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Evaluation question 1 complete

  1. 1. Before designing my advertisement, I researched the conventions and found out; • That there is a release date • A lot of female artists have an image on themselves on it instead of the digipak cover • There are some reviews from magazines • There is information about where it can be bought/downloaded • There is a website for the artist • The artists name is again, like the digipak usually bigger than the album name • There is consistent synergy through the DigiPak and Advertisement • There is sometimes an image of the DigiPak cover I also researched a previous students Advertisement. The artist ‘Y. Shocker’ for his album ‘Lure of My Memories’. ‘Y. Shocker’ follows the conventions of an Advertisement and also has consistent synergy throughout his advertisement and digipak by keeping to the colour scheme of grey. I researched Rihanna’s Advertisement for her DigiPak album ‘Loud’. Rihanna followed the conventions of an Advertisement and has consistent synergy throughout by using the colour red. For my own advertisement, I both followed and challenged the conventions; • ‘Ariella’ is in a bigger font than the album name • There are magazine reviews • I have listed the places where the audience can buy/download the album • I have the artists website • I have consistent synergy by putting in an image of a rose that links in with my digipak • Unlike most female artists, I didn’t have a picture of Ariella, instead I just used the digipak front cover. I chose to do this as I wanted people to remember what the cover looks like so it would be easily recognized.