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* USA ranks behind Luxembourg/Switzerland/Norway. Internet Trends 2014 - Redesigned

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* USA ranks behind Luxembourg/Switzerland/Norway.
Source: OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, 2011 & 2012. The Institue for College Access & Success, 2014. Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau. “Voice of the Graduate”, McKinsey/Chegg. 25
Education Facts (USA)
It is expensive
Secondary School Costs
4th/32 among OECD Countries
for expenditure per student*
71% of 4-year college grads
$30K Average Student Loan Debt
$1T+ Total Debt
(more than credit card & auto loan debt)
Results are often subpar
Higher Education Costs
Public Schools
27th in Math
20th in Science
17th in reading
College Job Prep
1/3 of 4-year college graduates
don’t feel well prepared for
Education is key but faces important realities

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