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Emerce B2B Digital - Three translation technologies to reach more customers at lower cost - Christian Arno

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This talk will be a fast-paced overview of how the leading lights of our business world are adopting translation technology. It will include inspirational anecdotes and practical advice on how companies of any size can use global content to drive international sales growth. It will be the culmination of years of experience observing how the world’s finest businesses – from Silicon Valley behemoths to large Asian corporates – succeed and fail when it comes to using content to grow.

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Emerce B2B Digital - Three translation technologies to reach more customers at lower cost - Christian Arno

  1. 1. 3 translation technologies Questions: slido.com/9784
  2. 2. Trend #1 We live in an ever more global marketplace
  3. 3. Trend #2 Traditional trading relationships are being disintermediated
  4. 4. #Trend 3 AI and Technology are transforming what is possible
  5. 5. Winners are: global first (or early), globally customer-centric, and fast.
  6. 6. The losers thought global/ecommerce/ technology were optional
  7. 7. The winners don’t use free translation.
  8. 8. The winners use: ● AI-powered human translation ● Quality controlled ● Integrated ● Managed
  9. 9. What is Translation Memory (T.M.) software?
  10. 10. What is TMS?
  11. 11. What is MT?
  12. 12. 84% of business buyers more likely to buy in their own language 60% of shoppers from non-English countries rarely or never buy from English-only websites Source: Common Sense Advisory, ‘Cant’ Read, Won’t Buy’.
  13. 13. Extend reach by market and product range Speed time to market Reduce ‘total cost of translation’
  14. 14. Key numbers: 162 Lingo-ists $14m revenue (on track ‘18) NPS 49 and rec rev at 104
  15. 15. Customers
  16. 16. Old World ● Expensive people copying and pasting ● Spiralling internal and external cost ● Quality - maybe? Sometimes? ● Slow time to global ● Tension with local markets
  17. 17. New World ● Integrated and automated content flow ● Reducing per word costs ● Manageable, controllable quality ● Global near real-time ● Harmony with global in-market teams
  18. 18. Ai-powered human translation has arrived. And we can deliver it for you.