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Layar Merah Herbs

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Layar Merah Herbs presentation

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Layar Merah Herbs

  1. 1. Layar Merah HERBS Health & Cosmetics Herbal Base Product
  2. 2. Summary 1. Company own by 100% Bumiputra. 2. Started with and idea and now becoming reality 3. Exclusive herbal base product for men and women who want to enhance their sexual performance, physical and appearance. 4. Alternative solution from cosmetic surgery to enhance sexual performance, body appearance and look 5. International and local expertise in formulating and product trials 6. 100% natural herbal base product thus no side effects 7. HALAL product 8. Opening doors to additional household income. 9. Controlled and exclusive product distribution to ensure maximum income and product exclusivity. 10.NOT Multilevel selling 11.Huge potential for export 12.Cash profit upon sales for distributors & agents
  3. 3. Malaysia Health Product Industry Facts Sumber Dari KPDNK • Health product base industries contributed RM54.5 billion for the 10th Malaysi plan (2011-2015) and forecasted another RM86 billion for the 11th Malaysia plan (2016-2020). • The actual and forecasted growth for health product base are based on the industry resilient and robust movement during the economic downturn during the 1998 economic collapse. Despite the economic slow down, the health product industry product still managed to secure RM18.8 billion sales in 1998. • Base on records, the industri still contributed RM23.4 billion during the 8th Malaysia Plan (2001-2005), which is 24.4% growth and RM27.13 bilion (15.9%) during the 9th Malaysia Plan(2006-2010) • With USD 2.91 billion worth of sales in 2011, Malaysia has become 11th world biggest health product producer compared to United Sates (USD29.87 billion) which is in the 1st place and Japan in 2nd (USD23.86 billion).
  4. 4. Time Line 1. Feb 2014 – Launching of Layar Merah Herbs 2. March 2014 – Product sample distribution for trial and testing, March 2014 – “Creamako” introduce to the market for trials and March 2014 – Market awareness campaign 3. March 2014 – Recruitment of sales agents & approval from Malaysia Health Minstry 4. April 2014 – Creamako to hit the market 5. May Ke June 2014 – “Creamako Roadshow” & other herbal product line up 6. July 2014 – Brunei & Singapore market penetration 7. August 2014 – Indonesia, Thailand & Phillipines market penetration 8. September 2014 – Launching of “Creamako” upgraded version 9. December 2015 – Formulating global market strategy and penetration.
  5. 5. Layar Merah HERBS “CREAMAKO” Enhansing Your Sexual Pleasures It is compulsory for a husband to satisfy his wife, "A wife has the right to be satisfied as she has the obligation to satisfies her husband well (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 228)
  6. 6. Your Sexual Partner Remarks.. • “My husband is just like superman…both are fast!” • ”I am just like a bank...after he finish depositing his sperm..he just left” • ”Are you satisfied honey?” • “What is the point when I have all this luxury but I still premarturly ejeculate?”. • “I have good size penis but I still cannot make my wife satisfied!”. • “Physically I am happy but I am dying inside as a man coz I cannot perform and make my wife satisfied”. • “My husband cannot last more than 1 minute….how am I going to get satisfied?”
  7. 7. Why Choose “CREAMAKO” 1. Men's health product with all natural base ingredients. 2. Just massage between 1-3 minutes after applying on your penis and you are ready to perform. 3. See the deference for yourself 4. Reduce the sensitivity of your penis during sexual intercourse 5. Maintaining your penis “hardness” even after ejaculation. 6. No need to be taken orally, just apply the cream and you are ready to go! 7. Enjoying longer sexual intercourse with your partner 8. Helping the alter ego of men in sexual experience. 9. No side effects as product is 75% water base and natural herbs. 10.Men are obligated to seek help when they have penis erection problem…
  8. 8. SWOT Perbandingan Dengan Produk Lain CREAMAKO Other Product “A” Natural ingredients Mix with chemical Good profit margin as have less “level” and low cost marketing Unfavorable profit margin due to high incentive and too many levels. Simple packaging and easy to carry Bulky packaging Fast result Take longer time to feel the effects Low monthly agent & distributor commitment High monthly commitment which will result the agent to feel demorallized. No membership fees Have to register and pay “members fee” Controlled numbers of distributors and agents Uncontrolled Be the first and no down line! You will be just another downline…
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy Phase 1 1. Tapping into current available sales network 2. Cyber media marketing (FB, Twitter) 3. Promoting pre launch campaign Phase 2 1. Print media 2. Above the line media 3. Cyber media & chanels 4. Additional incentive + bonus for distributors and agents 5. Public interaction through cyber media 6. “Educating” distributor and agents Phase 3 1. Creating own branding 2. Incentive OR price for users
  10. 10. Other Layar Merah Herbs Product Line Up 1. Women breast firming and enlargement cream 2. Creamako V2 & V3 3. Intimate Gel 4. Whitenning Cream 5. Slimming product 6. Body cooling product 7. Intimate Pheromone spray 8. Women cosmetic products 9. Mens cosmetic product 10.Perfumes
  11. 11. Financial Requirement
  12. 12. Cash Flow Summary Projection
  13. 13. Discussion Pertanyaan Joe 0192468377 layarmerahherbs@gmail.com