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Emad_CV (2)

  1. 1. Emad F.Hussein Married, Erbil_Iraq Cell: +964-770-4694586 Cell: +964-780-1007802 Cell: +964-750-0577504 Email: fakhreldeen.emad.ext@nsn.com eng.emadhussien.nsn@gmail.com Education • Bachelor Degree in Communication Engineering: Iraq, Mosul University/College of Electronics Engineering/Communication Dept. 2008-2009, • Major courses included: Analog/Digital &Optical communication, System Analysis, Design and control, Network and data transmit , Communication systems, Antenna and propagation. OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging career in the field of telecommunication sectors to use the skills acquired during the engineering services experience in the telecommunication industry. PROFILE More than 5 years of experience in telecommunication sectors: • Providing Technical support to the customer and Project management for upgradation and expansion of Transmission Network. • Provide customer service and Customer forecasting for upcoming rollouts. • Vast knowledge level of understanding of PDH/ SDH/Ethernet MW. • Experience of Network implementation under TRM sector more than 1000MW link different system mode. • Microwave Network Assessment. • Vast knowledge in FPH800, FPH200, A-series, FPR, FPMR, Flexi metro, SRAL-XD and Net Viewer. • Vast knowledge in MW links different system modes and different NW Topology. • One year experience as Maintenance Engineer for ISP(Internet service provider) Company. • Good experience for LOS surveyor in MW links and TSSR surveyor in BTSs.
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Nokia Solution and Networks _Iraq(Zain Project) Period: Feb 2011-Jan 2012 Positions: -NI ''Network implementation'' TRM Engr. Half period -SM ''service Management'' FLM First line maintenance Engr. Half period Responsibilities: • Responsible for all Transmission sectors at management services_MS_FLM _first line. • Responsible for all BSS(BTS, BSC and TCSM) sectors at management services_MS_FLM.. • Leads and takes responsibility of tech team (e.g. sub project" TSSR_LOS" , system acceptance testing, preventive maintenance and health check, FTK Audit ) • Providing the technical support On- field availability by conducting and handling the urgent cases trouble shooting and implementing data changes (software and corrections) as well as providing advice to the customers according to established processes. • Responsible for following up on all technical matters related to Transmission system and BSS. • Responsible for the modification of existing system routines, creation of new and temporary routines and follow up. • Follow up with trouble reports sent from the customer. • Handle and follow up all escalated problems. • Critical Daily analysis of all the Transmission reports. • Give technical guidance and support of other team members. • Proactively offers solutions to customer problems (e.g. Regular Health Check, Technical Audits) Nokia Solution and Networks _Iraq(Asia Project) Period: Jan_2012 Till end of 2013 Position: Team Leader (Field manager) in Microwave of Flexi Packet _Asia Swap Project and Ring Creation as Per 2+0 XPIC MW link;: Responsibilities: • Leading transmission teams in Dohuk and Mosul regions and surround for timely submission by defining the activities on daily basis for swap. • Lead of Team as 8 supervisor and more than 10 Sub-Contractor working in region. • Ensuring customer requirements for SWAP Activities (Outage requirements). • Responsible for Transmission Link Upgrade of Existing MW Network and re routing for BTS integration in network as per new topology upgrade (from Chain to Ring), Plus installing MW Link 2+0XPIC.
  3. 3. • Closing the work orders for BTS connectivity and cross connection. • Update different databases for MW links and cross connections. • Responsible for verification and acceptance of NSN for Swap Project. • Responsible for capacity planning of core transmission network for MGW interconnections. • Responsible for all technical matters related to Transmission systems. • Responsible for the modification of existing system routines, creation of new and temporary routines and follow up. • Responsible for all software contents of the system and the Transmission Services. • Follow up with trouble reports sent from the customer and escalated to Product Line through care department. • Responsible in NetViewer, to integrate the NW and configure it as per customer and planning requirements. • Responsible for Teams duties and handle them as directing them for the SWAP project activities and Ring integrations. • Settled on-field plan and giving out coming report. Nokia Solution and Networks _Iraq(Zain Project) Period: Jan_2014 Till to date: Position: Region Leader (field manager) in Microwave Flexi Packet _Zain Rings Project and BB Link upgradation: Responsibilities: • Deep supervision of Ring implementation from A to Z. • Responsible for acceptance and customer requirements. • Responsible for the modification of existing traffic and re rout it as per new topology_Ring. • Handling all necessary integrations as per customer requirements. • Advising all requirements for Ring creation. • Set all plug-in/configurations of Ring and Ring Protection. • Configure map connectivity of Rings, and updating it. • Responsible for all Technical issues related to the Ring and follow up. • Handling traffic shifting and distribute it equally as per Transmission media load. • Protect all kinds of traffic via Ring. • Synch the Ring. • Reporting accordingly of above.
  4. 4. National Experience *Management Services (TRM_A-series ,FPR_ and BSS _Flexi Multi Radio BTS_ Flexi EDGE BTS_FLEXI BSC) at NSN –Zain (Iraq). *Microwave Support MW(FPH800, FPH200, FPMR, SRAL-XD , FlexiMetro) at NSN–Asia Cell(Iraq) and Zain (Iraq) *Support all MW system mode and all topology NW mode with MW TRM media: System Modes of MW links: 1.1+0 2.1+1HSBY 3.1+1 SD 4.2+0XPIC 5.2+2 XPIC 6.2+2 Non-XPIC Ring Topology of implemented NW: 1. Chain. 2. Star. 3. Ring. 4. Rings with share load. Technical Trainings (In-Home)  Installation and operation of BTS(Flexi EDGE and Multi Radio BTS (NSN_ Erbil_Iraq).  Installation and operation of MW(A-Series''1200_Hub & 2200_Hub) (NSN_ Erbil_Iraq).  Installation and operation of MW(Flexi Hub_800 &FM_200) (NSN_ Suly_Iraq).  Installation and operation of NV(NetViewer) (NSN_ Erbil_Iraq).  HSE(Health and safety ensure).  Quality site and Risk assessment. SKILLS AND CAPABILITIES Generic Skills  Good negotiation and communication skills in English.  Goal oriented, self-motivated and committed to the successful outcome of the project Technical Skills  Network Management System (CT, LCT, NetACT, Netviewer, Tang)  MS office  CCNA, CISCO  Some SW program i.e: MatLab, AutoCAD. References: Atiq.rehman@nokia.com Project Director/Nokia: 009647801095436 Ziad.shakir@nokia.com Line Manager/Nokia: 0096407901901129 Haidar.makki@nokia.com Project Manager/Nokia: 009647809129300 Hamzeh.wazwaz@nokia.com Project Manager/Nokia Muhammad.azim@nokia.com Project Manager/Nokia009647901912309 Raffic.melconian@ericsson.com Operational Manager/EMS/North region: 009647510023645 Raied.gerges@asiacell.com Unit Head of TRM Region two at Asia Cell: 009647701106270 Maamon.fauzy@asiacell.com TRM planning Head at Asia cell: 009647701106285 Shakeel.khan@nokia.com Senior Care Engr./Nokia:009647506609084 m.zaman_khan@nokia.com TI manager/Nokia: 009647809294409 hussien.qassab@nokia.com Quality Manager/Nokia: 009647700005533