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Eloqua perkin elmer case study

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This case study reveals how Perkin Elmer found success through centralizing its marketing initiatives by using Eloqua.

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Eloqua perkin elmer case study

  1. 1. Customer Success Story THE POWER TO SUCCEED. PerkinElmer Puts Teamwork to Work with Eloqua The Challenge It’s a common challenge for marketers. How do you create a consistent user experience across a myriad of customer touch points? When the typical user engages with multipleVital Stats: PerkinElmer campaigns, assets and web properties, ensuring that each element delivers a unified brand Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts and message experience can be challenging. The problem is exacerbated for large market- Industry: Scientific & Technical ing teams who are separated by geography and product lines and have different goals and Instruments objectives. The marketing team at PerkinElmer supports six global business units in the Annual Revenue: $2 billion sale of scientific instruments and applications, and knew firsthand the inconsistencies born out of a decentralized approach to online marketing. No. of Employees: 8,500 Marketers on each of the six teams were successful deploying individual campaigns, but because everyone was using different systems, vendors, assets and processes, they couldn’t easily share best practices or ensure a cohesive brand experience. Without a common platform for executing marketing programs, it was difficult to drive consistency or holistically measure marketing effectiveness across divisions. Additionally, because a typical PerkinElmer prospect could be engaged with any one of the six business units, the team needed the ability to track prospect behavior online in order to target the right people with the right offers and provide sales with insight into buyer intent. Ultimately, these challenges created a fragmented user experience across the different marketing vehicles and made it hard for marketers to collaborate on campaign design. The Solution The team at PerkinElmer needed to implement a marketing platform that would centralize all digital marketing initiatives, provide a common view of marketing data, and enable on- line profiling of customers and prospects to drive better targeting, segmentation and sales insight. In getting all six business units on the same system, marketers at PerkinElmer would have a common view of their marketing initiatives, making it easier to enforce brand and message compliance for all online customer touch points and providing a common language for defining the measure of marketing success. “Prior to implementing Eloqua, our teams didn’t communicate as much as we should have,” said Shannon Krukar, Digital Marketing Manager at PerkinElmer.
  2. 2. Case Study: PerkinElmer“Because we didn’t communicate as much as we should have, we weren’t able to see what other groups were doing,and we weren’t speaking a universal language when it came to marketing; therefore we didn’t have a consistent mes-sage and we weren’t fine tuning our strategies and approach like we could have in a more collaborative environment.”Core to their selection criteria, was an application that provided flexibility and room to grow as the team’s digital marketing efforts grew insophistication. Because each of the six businesses are unique in the way that goals, objectives and resources were structured, they neededa system to provide both the guardrails to drive universal consistency, but that also allowed enough flexibility so that different teams couldcustomize their approach based on individual requirements.ResultThe team at PerkinElmer implemented Eloqua within six business units across the globe, enabling a unified approach to online marketing andcreating a culture of collaboration and ongoing improvement. With a common vehicle for executing campaigns, the marketing team was ableto enforce standards across marketing assets, programs and measurement criteria, creating a streamlined user experience.“Eloqua has allowed us to pull all those differences and inconsistencies within the multiple business units into a single, consistent processacross the globe,” said Krukar. “It provides a more manageable way to execute effective campaigns, understand our customer needs, man-age customer touch points and maintain consistency. In addition to the internal infrastructure benefits, we are confident that our customersare having a more positive user experience because we are more consistent in the way we communicate with them.”Key to the success of the Eloqua rollout was the development of a defined structure for marketing programs that made it easier to enforceguidelines. Eloqua users from each of the six business units worked together to create common naming conventions and hierarchies for allonline marketing assets and rolled out common marketing templates that ensure users have a unified brand experience that reflects corporateguidelines, regardless of which division they interact with.Marketers at PerkinElmer can now easily implement universal marketing process changes, are optimizing their marketing spend by limit-ing the number of disparate systems in use and have the ability to create and deploy campaigns. With a common view of their data andthe insight into customer behavior or “digital body language” provided by Eloqua online activity tracking, they now have confidence that theprograms they run are matched to prospect interest and aren’t overlapping across business units. Because every online campaign is executedwithin Eloqua, they can also measure success centrally and see how campaigns are performing compared to other business units.Now that the team is empowered to create and control more of their own marketing assets, it’s no surprise that marketing quality and perfor-mance has improved. In one year, the Krukar’s business unit alone increased the number of online forms from 10 to 72. By attaching moreforms to more offers, it has allowed them to collect more explicit information on customers so that they are providing a consistent flow ofbetter qualified leads and more information on customer behavior to the sales team. Leads are now routed automatically from website formsthrough an automatic sync with the CRM system to more than 350 sales reps globally and form conversion rates have increased 99% over a6 month period.One of the most exciting benefits has been the increase in teamwork and collaboration across businesses. “We have really created a com-munity around Eloqua,” commented Shannon. “We do more collective brainstorming now and have come together around the platform todiscuss how we can improve.”About EloquaEloqua is the category creator and leading provider of demand generation applications and best-practice expertise for business marketers around the world.Thousands of customers rely on the power of Eloqua’s products and services to execute, automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua isheadquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America. For more information, visit www.eloqua.com.1921 Gallows Road 500Vienna, VA 22181-3900Call Toll Free: 866.327.8764 © 2010 Eloqua Corporation