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Networking Experience - Sunderland Vibe.docx

  1. Networking Experience (complete one for each event and upload to your blog in the suitable post) Sunderland Vibe (Talk) – The Living staircase Jonathan Ramsay and Chris March (From Sunderland Vibe) The publication was created in 2014 to raise aspirations in Sunderland, support the city's generational transformation and celebrate local communities. They make various things ranging from online articles, digital content, and print media. I learned about the opportunity to create content for a company within the local area. They told me that the content you make is based on what you want to do. You can create a TikTok channel, write articles or create videos, but they all must be based around Sunderland. this. This is helpful to know because Sunderland Vibe could be a viable career option for an aspiring content creation. It’s good to know that there are media related companies in the Northeast. Another thing he established was that there aren’t many media related jobs in the local area, so there will be competition for jobs. This means you will have to really sell yourself to companies. I think it’s healthy to get a taste of reality sometimes, because unlike College and University you don’t get the job just by applying. We were also told about their contacts; Sunderland Vibe are in touch with people from various companies such as Sky Sports. That is a key selling point for Sunderland Vibe. They all told us that they do other magazines in the Northeast such as NE1 (Newcastle Magazine).