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  1. Public Relations Plan Completed By: Lindsay Garfinkle Elizabeth Hanna Nimit Mehta Katherine Moreno Back!
  2. Objective MTV Facts Target Audience Target Audience Profiles Ebony Veronica Timothy Monica Rob Overall Business Objectives Specific public relations and advertising objectives Specific public relations and advertising objectives (Cont.) SWOT Analysis Strengths Strengths (Cont.) True Life Featurette Weaknesses and Opportunities Threats Problems and Opportunities Problems- Jersey Shore Problems (Cont.) Jersey Shore Problems (Cont.) Teen Mom Opportunities Opportunities (Coachella) Opportunities (Coachella Cont.) Coachella Benefits to MTV Coachella/MTV Advertising Example Electric Zoo Electric Zoo Sponsors Electric Zoo- DMA Electric Zoo-Go Green Efforts Product/Service Price Customer Acquisition/Retention Distribution Quality and Customer Service Public Relations Advertising and Objective Techniques Budget Estimate Implementation Time Table Conclusions and Recommendations Press Release and Appendix Table of Contents
  3. Public Relations Plan Objective Why Rebrand? If MTV stands for Music Television, why has the music aspect of this well- known network become recently overshadowed by the reality TV shows such as Jersey Shore and Teen Mom? Yes, these shows make MTV popular amongst some viewers, but have the reality TV shows and the people on the shows gotten more attention than the network itself? What happened to focusing on music artists and actors/actresses who actually possess a level of respectable talent? Can we devise a plan that will fix MTV's tarnished image (due to the trashy reputations of shows like Jersey Shore) and restore its respected image that once represented music, youth, and diversity? Yes we can…
  4. MTV Facts -Over 32 million people in the United States watch MTV at least once a week -8.5 million teenagers watch MTV at least once a day -Teenagers represent MTV’s main source of revenue -The American market represents 80% of MTV’s revenue -On average, teenagers in American spend 100 billion dollars of their earning each year -The parents of teenagers spend 50 billion dollars on top of the 100 billion spend by their children -MTV’s parent company is Viacom -Viacom also owns networks such as Nickelodeon, Country Music Television, Comedy Central, and VH1 -MTV is Viacom’s most profitable network Therefore… Jones, Chris. "The Narrow Road." The Narrow Road. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2012. Cast of MTV’s TV series ―Skins‖
  5. Who is MTV’s current target audience? -12-34 year olds (Jones) -Due to reality television shows like Teen Mom and Jersey shore, the 18-34 year old age group grew by 39% after these shows first appeared (Flamm) What does this mean? -According to an article ―MTV gets its groove back‖ posted in 2011: -Judy Mc Grath, CEO of MTV networks and one of the channel’s early architects ―We know the audience we serve, shows that appeal to young people—not their parents (referring to the controversial show ―Skins‖ which portrays young teens on a show filled with sex and drug use— is what it's about‖ (Flamm) Basically… -This means MTV currently has the attention of it’s most valuable target audience America’s youth (also known as the ) ) Flamm, Matthew. "Crain's New York Business." Latest from Crains New York Business. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2012. <>. Jones, Chris. "The Narrow Road." The Narrow Road. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2012.
  6. But lets ask the Millennials themselves about rebranding…
  7. …Music, youth and diversity? By rebranding, who are we trying to appeal to? African American President for two presidential terms…times are changing and America’s youth is too… Meet Ebony (age 22), Fashion Blogger, Fashion Institute of Technology Student, Aspiring fashion designer and was recently featured on for her Blog ―The Fashion Key‖. Do you think she is going to relate to Jersey Shore and Teen Mom? NO. Just one perfect example of todays respectable, ambitious youth She thinks NEEDS A MAKEOVER!
  8. Meet Veronica (age 26)… Creator of the blog Veesaidshesaid, Miami resident, lives with her professional photographer boyfriend, yoga instructor, and huge Justin Bieber fan. She wants something she can watch that is as individual and creative as she is. Her world is so spontaneous, that reality television is lame in comparison to her everyday lifestyle BORES MEEEEE!
  9. Meet Timothy (age 23)… New York City night life club kid, part time cashier at Diesel 5th Avenue, and aspiring singer/song writer/musician. Anything that happens on reality television is nothing in comparison to things he witnesses in New York City every night. He needs something new to excite him. He wants less reality TV and more of the thing that he’s most compassionate about…MUSIC and nightlife GIMME MY BAAAAAACK!
  10. Meet Monica (age 25)… Party girl, Fashion showroom employee in Los Angeles, frequent concert goer, and loves to mingle in LA every other night. The last thing she is doing is sitting at home watching television. MTV needs to find a way to connect with her other than through television SHE WANTS THE OLD BACK! (no Snookie)
  11. And Finally, Meet Rob (Age 32) Slightly older than the other target audience members. Retail Manager in New York City and former Florida resident. Could relate to the old (80’s-90’s era) MTV better (TRL). Would love to see MTV revamp and end the reality televisions phenomenon YOU REPLACED WITH WHAT!?
  12. Overall Business Objectives -To gain new viewers with new and old programs that are not reality television shows -To connect with a fan base (target audience) that can be defined as today’s youth (as seen in the previous slides) -To find new ways to creatively educate the future through our programs -To give respect to musicians of all kinds by provided them a decent foundation which is the MTV network
  13. Specific Public Relations and Advertising Objectives Continuing with their recent stream of music-related announcements, MTV also decided to revive the alternative music-based show ―120 Minutes‖. Previously featuring the likes of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Weezer, and more, the show had a large following and influence during one of alternative rock’s best times. Also returning will be VJ Matt Pinfield as host. With a weekly online show, and yet no return to the primary channel (it will be shown monthly on MTV2), it seems MTV is focusing on creating more music-related content, outside of the standard pop, in their online presence.
  14. -To reconnect with their Target Audience -To gain back the respect of advertisers they have lost and others they wish to gain -To maintain their high ratings without offending any viewers ethnicity, race, religion, and/or orientation -To showcase the talents of America’s youth To increase their online audience To showcase upcoming, aspiring musicians -To stray away from reality television and replace it with television shows that not only entertain but also educate To become associated (w/ MTV logos) with associations such as Coachella and Electric Zoo Specific Public Relations and Advertising Objectives (Cont.)
  15. Situation/SWOT Analysis BACK! B B B BACK!
  16. Strengths MTV dominates the young adult population due to its association to pop culture (Music, films, fashion, and other forms of entertainment such as award shows). Has ―appeal‖ to advertisers that support the station and make it successful. For example, during VMA’s (video music awards) companies such as PepsiCo and Ford jump at the opportunity to get the largest commercial slots. MTV is a launch pad for thriving artists. Once they are on MTV they can represent the top successful artists of the time. MTV is an expanding network, opening up to locations such as India and China and adapting to their cultural and regional differences. MTV has tremendous support for social and political issues, which strengthen and influence its viewers to take a stand for what they feel is right in and for the world.
  17. Strengths (Cont.) Part of MTV’s rebranding efforts should be to work with what they have already created, but emphasize on the fact that some of their programs that already exist can provide a greater sense of education and connection with the viewers than newer television shows (Teen Mom and Jersey Shore) For example: TRUE LIFE A documentary series that starting airing on MTV since 1998 True life provides a unique approach to educating the public through real-life examples of people they feature on the show Every episode features different people of genders, race, orientation, religion (sometimes), and even in different countries A young viewer will be able to relate more to these people featured on True Life rather than people who they see regularly in the tabloids A young viewer can not only learn, but be comforted by the fact that someone on the show may be going through the same thing in their lives considering so many different life scenarios are shown For Example: Meet Alyssa
  18. Alyssa: True Life featurette “I have Tourette's syndrome” (Aired 2006) (Link above) Small taped portion of Alyssa’s video ―Alyssa, 16, suffers from a severe case of Tourette's that causes her to flail her body uncontrollably and shout both words and inaudible shrieks randomly. She has an otherwise great personality and plenty of friends, but when frustrated, she often lashes out, especially at her grandmother, with whom she lives. When Alyssa's doctor recommends an experimental brain surgery that places electrodes in her brain and a generator in her pelvic region in order to improve her Tourette's symptoms by 70 percent, she opts to undergo the procedure. She's completely confident that the surgery worked, but two months later, she hasn't seen any changes. Fortunately, as her attitude becomes more positive, her relationship with her grandmother improves and Alyssa decides to be more independent‖(Source 2). Alyssa’s episode is one of the most infamous because he behavior was so outrageous. However, the point of the episode wasn’t to make fun of her, but to enlighten viewers and show people who may have Tourette’s Syndrome that they are not alone Other True Life Episodes include: ―I am getting a divorce‖ ―I have an embarrassing habit‖ ―I’m coming out‖ ―I live a secret life on the internet‖ ―I’m addicted to Heroin‖ 2-
  19. Weaknesses & Opportunities Weaknesses MTV tends to cater to ―instant fleeting on-demand interests,‖ which means MTV will lose its ranking because there are other wants and needs its viewers have. Through advertising, branding, and cultural contexts, MTV comes across problems reaching local audiences due to the cultural misunderstandings. Opportunities MTV can merge into the Internet and Mobile markets to gain a higher distribution of their products. By doing this MTV will open up its viewing demands and experiences. Globalization plays a major role in MTV’s international deals with India, China, and Brazil. By expanding its market to these places MTV has also grown in the marketing and advertising revenue fields. MTV can also sponsor popular concerts in the United States such as Coachella, who has the same target audience as MTV
  20. Threats -The emerging digital cable and other substitute platforms. -Due to the high interest of Pop Culture MTV takes a lot of risks and makes a lot of changes to the network. -Digital platforms are beginning to offer alternative network programs through other channels. -Other networks are trying to one up MTV by taking on some of MTV’s biggest advertising investors. -The target market of MTV is getting older so as a result MTV will have to expect a new generation with new likes and wants from the network.
  21. Problems and Opportunities
  22. Problems Jersey Shore ―As a nation, we have viewed the progressive degradation of reality shows, which now feature cast members seemingly willing to undergo any humiliation to secure their 15 minutes of fame‖ ―MTV is exploiting bad behavior for shock value and ratings‖- Elissa Ruffino, Contact for the National Italian American Foundation ―Any parent allowing a young child, or even teenager, to watch ―Jersey Shore‖ at this point, with no sense of what they’ll see, has either been living under a rock or is totally unaware of pop culture.‖ (Huff) -Many New Jersey residents hate ―Jersey Shore,‖ claiming it gives the Garden State a bad image.(Ruffino) -Projects negative stereotyping regarding Italian Americans (Ruffino) -―Jersey Shore‖ accounted for 47% of the disparaging remarks and 59% of the sexual references in the four shows on MTV (When compared to Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant, and The Real World) (Huff) -To take what Jennifer (JWoww) Farley, Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi or Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino seriously would be a huge mistake (Huff) -For the first time in over a year, MTV has shown dramatic weekly ratings improvement (posted on November 2, 2012, only after the Jersey Shore show was announced discontinued back in August 2012) (Anne) Ruffino, Elissa. "NIAF News Releases." NIAF News Releases. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <>. Huff, Richard. "Parents Group Says MTV's Filled with Demeaning Dialogue ." New York Daily News. N.p., 7 Dec. 2011. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. < 07/news/30488089_1_jersey-shore-polizzi-teen-mom>. Anne, Rachel. "Nickelodeon and MTV Celebrate Weekly Ratings Gain for First Time in over a Year." Nickelodeon and MTV Celebrate Weekly Ratings Gain for First Time in over a Year. N.p., 22 Nov. 2012. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <>.
  23. Problems Jersey Shore (Cont.) Lost Advertisers Jersey Shore reality television show the blame for diminishing advertisers for MTV (Ruffino) Companies that have ―Ran from the shore (Jersey Shore)‖: Dell: Will 'block' their commercials from running in future episodes of the show, claiming they don't 'condone or support ethnic bashing in any form.'" (Nittle) Domino’s Pizza (Du Pre) American Family Insurance (Du Pre) Abercrombie and Fitch: ―The company said it would offer "substantial payment" to MTV's The Jersey Shore's cast members to stop wearing the brand on air‖ (Coleman) Ruffino, Elissa. "NIAF News Releases." NIAF News Releases. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <>. Du Pre, Jolie. "MTV's Jersey Shore: Advertisers Run Scared While the Show Continues to Be a Hit." Yahoo! Contributor Network. N.p., 10 Dec. 2009. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <>. Coleman, Leight R. "CP Living." Christian Post. N.p., 23 Aug. 2011. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. < 54396/>.
  24. Problems (Continued) Negative influence on future generations (especially females) Featuring: The Parents Television Council (PTC) “Violence against women. Ethnic stereotyping. Anti-Italian slurs” (Nittle) -24% of what females said about themselves on those shows was positive Positive dialogue among females focused on: -Their appearance -Sense of accomplishment -Emotional resilience -―Women tended to talk about sex acts more than men, mentioned body parts more than men, and talked about intercourse more than men‖ -―Compared to men, women were far more degrading to themselves and other females.‖ -PTC president: Tim Winter "I do have a master's degree, so a person like me is rather annoyed with a show like that because I went to college, you know, to better myself, and then these idiots come out and make Italians look bad," Behar said. "It's awful. They should go to Firenze and Rome and Milano and see what Italians really did in this world. It's irritating.―-Joy Behar of ABC talk show "The View― (Nittle) Huff, Richard. "Parents Group Says MTV's Filled with Demeaning Dialogue ." New York Daily News. N.p., 7 Dec. 2011. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. < 07/news/30488089_1_jersey-shore-polizzi-teen-mom>. Nittle, Nadra Kareem. "Public Outcry Against “ Jersey Shore” Grows." Race Relations. N.p., 23 Dec. 2009. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <>.
  25. Problems (Continued) Overpaid Bad Role-Models TEEN MOM Reality stars are overly paid and giving off a negative image to young teens ―Jenelle gets paid $75,000 a year and her mom gets paid $65,000: she calls her an overpaid babysitter,‖ a source tells Star of the unemployed reality star. ―She also gets a lot of gift cards to places like The Olive Garden from MTV as a bonus payment." Yes, Teen Mom can be a lesson to the youth NOT to get pregnant, but at the very least. Jenelle is always in the tabloids due to misbehaving boyfriends and drugs. Radar Online. 12 May 2012
  26. Opportunities
  27. Coachella Festival Coachella, California 2012: the festival brought in $254 Million to the Coachella valley Held over two weekends in April Included artists such as: The Black Keys Swedish House Mafia, Pulp, Refused Arctic Monkeys Mazzy Star Afrojack Explosions in the Sky M83 Amon Tobin, Cat Power Madness Jimmy Cliff & Tim Armstrong GIRLS The Rapture Madeon M.Ward The Horrors Frank Ocean James Alesso Datsik Yuck Neon Indian Dawes The Black Angels Death Grips Wu Lyf Breakbot Atari Teenage Riot Feed Me Givers Other Lives Band of Skulls R3hab Wolf Gang The Midnight Beast EMA, etc. Haylie Duff and Lauren Conrad at Coachella "Coachooser 2012." Coachella. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <> Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the USA, with the biggest names in music travelling to the desert to perform at the festival
  28. Current Coachella Sponsors (and some celebrity sightings) H&M Heineken Hyundai Musicians Institute Statefarm Playstation Redbull Music Unlimited T-Mobile "Sponsors." Coachella. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <> Vanessa Hutchens, Emma Watson, and Katy Perry at Coachella
  29. How will this benefit MTV? -MTV can become the main sponsor for Coachella Assets to doing so include: -MTV logos on Coachella merchandise -Positive Recognition for the network -MTV VJ’s interviewing concert goers but also celebrities attending such as Vanessa Hutchens, Kristen Dunst, Alessandra Ambrosia and MANY more -Yes, this will cost MTV money, but it will be worthwhile in regards to mending MTV’s reputation by: -Connecting with their fan base (modern day youth) -Promote the musically artistic side of MTV by being linked to today’s most popular artists performing at Coachella -Also, as listed in the previous slide, if MTV were to become a sponsor, it would be the only major television network to do so "Coachella." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012. <> Since Coachella is already greatly affiliated with (main competitor of MTV), MTV must find a way to be part of this huge event. Therefore…
  30. Advertising Example Coachella/MTV 2013 Front of T-Shirt SPONSOREDBY Back of T-Shirt
  31. ELECTRIC ZOORandall’s Island Park, New York City (8/31/12 - 9/2/12) -First festival took place in 2009 -110,000 people (and increasing each year) attended in 2012 -Electric Zoo has received coveted International Dance Music Awards nominations in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for "Best Music Event― -Has received press coverage from major media outlets like CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, Village Voice, Time Out New York, New York Post, DJ Mag, and Ocean Drive, establishing it as New York City's premier electronic music festival as well as a top American event -Each year, the number of performing artists increases
  32. Current Electric Zoo SponsorsCoors Light: The World’s Most Refreshing Beer returns to Electric Zoo for the third year in a row! Perfect for cooling off after all-day dancing in the sun, Miller Coors offers a selection of domestic and imported beers. Trident: As the official gum of the Electric Zoo Festival, Trident is the spark that will help liberate even more fun in your festival experience. Hi-Chew: Stop by the Hi-Chew airstream to kick back in our lounge and recharge with Hi-Chew fruit chews; the best fruit chew candy out there. It livens you up! Mobli: A Supporting Sponsor of the Official After Parties at Best Buy Theater, Mobli is a photo and video-sharing app built to connect awesome content with captive audiences. Find yours on Mobli! Virgin Mobile: Be sure to check out the Virgin Mobile Truck at Electric Zoo. We answer to a higher calling! BILLY BOY: Germany’s #1 condom brand has landed in America and returns to Electric Zoo once more. BILLY BOY is proud to be the sponsor of 3D glasses at The Riverside Tent. CMJ 2012: Don’t miss the annual CMJ Music Marathon on October 16-20 in NYC. ReverbNation: The world’s largest independent music marketing website, hosted an opportunity for a performance slot at this year’s Electric Zoo, to which over 600 eager DJs submitted. We’re pleased to announce the winner Julien Loreto who will be opening the Main stage on Friday, August 31st. SiriusXM: Live broadcast and artist interviews from Electric Zoo Festival on subscription satellite radio. SPIN: Since 1985, SPIN has given the first national exposure to many of history’s most important cutting-edge recording artists, while vividly documenting the culture surrounding music. Yelp: Connects people with great local businesses and community happenings. Visit to see what’s buzzing in your hood. Integral Sound: Custom professional sound systems renowned world-wide for their purity, precision and high performance. NEO: Audio cables created by Oyaide.
  33. ELECTRIC ZOO Like Coachella, MTV can become the main sponsor for Electric Zoo If MTV starts sponsoring major festivals/concerts such as Coachella and Electric Zoo it can advertise to people in different demographics who are also in top DMAs such as New York (Electric Zoo) and Coachella (Los Angeles) which means these areas have the best circulation and most likely the largest populations Rank Designated Market Area (DMA) TV Homes 1 New York 7,387,810 (# of TV homes) 2 Los Angeles 5,569,780 3 Chicago 3,493,480 4 Philadelphia 2,993,370 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2,571,310 6 San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 2,506,510 7 Boston (Manchester) 2,379,690 8 Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) 2,360,180 9 Atlanta 2,292,640 10 Houston 2,185,260
  34. ELECTRIC ZOO (Go-Green efforts) Electric Zoo is also promoting Go-Green Initiatives that will benefit MTV’s image if it becomes the main sponsor of this festival Electric Zoo 2012 Green Initiatives: -Like previous years, Electric Zoo is also proud to include several green initiatives for its fourth edition, including: -On-site recycling program for all of the trash. -50% of on-site generators are running on 100% biodiesel alternative fuel from recycled NYC fryer grease and the rest are on a B50 blend of 50% biodiesel from recycled NYC fryer grease and 50% diesel. -All of the site equipment is running on a B30 blend of 30% biodiesel from recycled NYC fryer grease and 70% diesel. -No factory farmed meat products are permitted for sale at Electric Zoo. -All of the food products and beer will be served on compostable ware (including plates, cups, napkins and utensils). -Free water will be available from refill stations.
  35. Product/Service -MTV Networks International is one of the world’s largest television networks, spanning niche brands from pre-school to adulthood, including premier multimedia entertainment brands MTV and Nickelodeon. MTV brands are seen in more than 495 million households and are presented in 32 languages via 133 locally programmed and operated TV channels and 138 Web sites. In addition to its TV products, MTV produces films through MTV Films in association with Paramount Pictures. -MTV Networks International is a global media network with a channel reach of 1.4 billion people. -MTV Networks, based in New York, is a leading operator of entertainment cable channels, including MTV and other niche brands around the world. MTV. 22 March 2007. 22 November 2012.
  36. Price Current revenue is $1,088,000,000 yearly. -Ads on TV during their shows, earning a $170 CPM Merchandising--MTV (and all its associated channels including NIC, SPK, TVL, CMT, CMC) Items ranging from $8.99-$59.99 -The cable companies. In order to carry any of the MTV channels, cable companies need to pay them licensing fees. Television licensing fees also increased in 2009, returning $1.33 billion, 2.92% higher than in 2008. -Cable companies pay the company for support for events and programming, $200 million per year -Revenues from studio revenues, consumer product licensing and the distribution of filmed entertainment through new online and mobile platforms are recorded as ancillary revenue in the filmed entertainment segment. In 2009 these revenues accounted for $262 million Hakes, Jennifer. Google Press. 7 August 2006. 1 December 2012. McCracken, Brett. QIDEAS. 2012. 1 December 2012. Viacom Careers. 2012. _medium=Aggregator&utm_content=Paid&utm_campaign=Advocacy_Ongoing&DFA=1. 1 December 2012.
  37. Customer Acquisition 1. Identifies key customer segments through research (Nielsen) 2. Creates target groups of similar segments (shows targeted to tweens, teens, and young adults) 3. Delivers differentiated messages and experiences (through different television shows: reality, music shows, artist interviews, series) 4. Measures the effectiveness and adjust strategy. Retention -Long standing partnerships with organizations relating to discrimination, education, environ ment, political, global and sexual health organizations -Pod-busting-breaking up commercial pods with content that is almost indistinguishable from the entertainment programming MTV/THINK MTV. 2012. Carter, Bill. New York Times. 8 May 2008. I NEED MY OLD
  38. Distribution -Via satellite, cable, and terrestrial television -Google Video -MTV Website-live streaming shows - USA - International -Smart phone applications (increase hype) -MTV is Europe’s top distributed channel -Moving from distribution toward content production rather than just content providing. -Licensing agreements, syndication deals, joint ventures McCracken, Brett. QIDEAS. 2012 News Correspondent. Broadband News. 25 September 2012. Hakes, Jennifer. Google Press. 7 August 2006
  39. Quality and Customer Service -Monitors programming, messages, symbols, culture, l anguage and advertisements to ensure quality requirements -Ad product testing. -Exchange of information from Customer Service, Product Managers and outsource development teams to verify quality assurance in all programming. -Utilize standardized procedures - test plans, bug tracking, regression testing, automated testing Viacom Careers. 2012. MTV employs a Quality Assurance team to:
  40. Public Relations and Advertising Objectives Evaluation Techniques -There was great effort made by MTV to rebrand when the network decided to stop airing music videos and primarily show reality programming. Another attempt at rebranding may not be worth the same effort, given the channel is now viewed by a new demographic -Airing music related programs on television may not be in MTV’s best interest as viewers have kept up with the changes in technology and do not rely on television much for music needs -Music videos do not have the same value as they used to during MTV’s prime time in ’80s and ’90s Buchanan, Kyle. "How MTV Plans to Resurrect Music Videos (Hint: By Financing Them)." Vulture. Kit, Zorianna. "MTV's 120 Minutes to Return." Reuters. Wells, Jett. "Can MTV Return to the Glory Days of Music Videos?" Popeater.
  41. Budget Estimate Cost to sponsor at Coachella and EZOO $70,000 Direct Sponsor Fees $2-$10 per promotional item (production cost) Promo Items: 550,000 (T-shirts sizes XS-XL, hats, key chains, sweatshirts) Total estimated promo cost $3,300,000 Staff cost 200 people at $100 a day (per festival) Total staff cost $40,000 for the weekend At a rate of 0.01% ROI sponsors receive guaranteed 25,000 for co-op advertising Total Cost for sponsorship-$3,435,000 Coachella FAQ. 2012. 2012. Employee, MTV. Yahoo Answers. 2009. 29 November 2012.
  42. Implementation Timetable Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2013 Begin Contacting Coachella Officials for information regarding merchandise Decrease airing of Teen Mom Begin Contacting Ezoo officials Ezoo takes place Analyze festival revenue Increase airing of new True Life episodes Coachella Takes Place** Attempt to mend relationship s w/lost Sponsors Promote new Seasons of True Life Take Jersey Shore off Analyze ratings Analyze ratings Analyze ratings Promote 120 minutes Promote 120 minutes Delete MTV app for reality TV MTV Team designs 2013 Coachella Logo (MTV’s) for merch Advertises Coachella on Apps, Commerci als and Website MTV Team designs 2013 Ezoo log o (MTV’s) for Merch Advertis es Ezoo on Apps, Commer cials, and Website Ezoo takes place Analyze festival income Make plans/chan ges for next years sponsorshi ps
  43. Conclusions and Recommendations -By investing heavily in shows such as 120 minutes and True Life, MTV can not only educate the future, but gain back the respect the public once had for the Network -By investing heavily and creatively teaming up with festivals like Coachella and Electric Zoo, MTV can gain attention for it’s own network and at the same time, associate with music -As time goes on, MTV can explore other Festivals/Concerts that take place in top DMA’s to reach all areas of the United States -By deleting Applications that showcase Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, MTV can have a cleaner image, especially since Jersey Shore was cancelled. It makes no sense to still be promoting a cancelled shows via internet ( -By having a relatively production cost for merchandise sold at the festivals, MTV can even gain some of their invested budget back from the merchandise profits
  44. Press Release MTV Makes Efforts To Bring Back The Music NEW YORK, NY– MTV is prepared to undergo rebranding in efforts to return to its original Music Television platform through the revival of the show MTV’s 120 Minutes. MTV is also planning on becoming the main sponsor for music festivals such as Coachella 2013 and Electric Disco Carnival 2013 to re-connect with their target audience through a music-orientated environment. MTV2’s 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield, the re-introduction of MTV’s music series, is set to return to MTV2 as an on-air monthly series beginning mid summer. Also returning is Matt Pinfield, 120 Minutes’―most beloved and respected host‖, to provide music fans and MTV2 viewers with a pure look at today’s most noteworthy alternative and ―indie‖ artists, along with emerging artists whose music span various genres, through exclusive interviews and music videos. ―I am ecstatic to part of the rebirth of this iconic and influential music series,‖ said Matt Pinfield. ―While the new show on MTV2 will feature the same dose of progressive music fans of the original 120 Minutes embraced and loved, we’ll now be expanding outside the alternative music universe to feature a myriad of emerging artists and sounds from a variety of genres.‖1 New episodes of MTV2’s 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield will air the last Saturday of every month and will be available online at In addition, there will be a bi-weekly two-minute web series also hosted by Pinfield called 120 Seconds broadcasted exclusively on MTV’s recently launched strictly music website, MTV Hive. This web series will not only recap 120 minutes but will also show great moments and performances from many classic 120 Minutes episodes. According to Amy Doyle, MTV’s Executive Vice President of Music and Talent, ―The original 120 Minutes’ paved the way for the most exciting bands and artists of the time to forge deep-rooted connections with their fans‖. ―With the show’s re-launch across MTV’s multiple platforms and screens, we’re once again providing passionate music fans with a weekly and monthly destination to discover, celebrate and connect with the best established and emerging musical talent of today.‖