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Kite up Career Transition Firm

  1. Career Transition Firm Kite Up is the first career management consulting firm specialised in the operation of the Internet and virtual professional networks.
  2. Career Transition Firm  Kite Up is the first career management consulting firm specialised in the operation of the Internet and virtual professional networks.  Our two-fold mission:  To help people find employment (IN placement)  To help companies optimize recruitment and/or external communication activities.  Career Transition Specialist : Elisabeth Giret-Bertrand  Profile on LinkedIn
  3. Career Transition Firm  Whether you are looking for a job or for a candidate, with the introduction of the Internet and virtual professional networks, nothing can’t be done today as it was two years ago.  Companies and recruiters inquire today on a global scale; thanks to Internet search engines, they clearly target specific skills that will have to be visible in the potential candidate’s profile. A candidate without the required profile will never be contacted; a candidate without an attractive profile may be considered but certainly not selected.  On the other hand, candidates may expand their job search around the world or, on the opposite, screen companies according to their profiles, and not only to their field of activity or their location on a map.  In any case, the key success factor lies in the efficient exploitation of such virtual professional networks. You may bear the brunt of it, should you be unaware about it!
  4. Our services to individuals  One-shot services:  Career evaluation  Project evaluation  Online transition tool for learning and job sourcing  CV and Profile writing  Cover letter writing  Translation of CVs into English or Italian  LinkedIn profile creation or optimization  Virtual network training: Xing, Talent Me, Viadeo, LinkedIn…  Skills assessment  Personality tests  Recruitment interview training
  5. Our services to individuals  Long-term care services (3 weeks).  An intensive programme, pluriweekly-training sessions with numerous practical exercises and weekly face-to-face interviews, for a highly practical preparation.  Individual interview to define your personal project  Skills assessment and personality tests (optional)  Programme and schedule presentation  9 thematic sessions  Where to get a job?  Professional cultural differences between France and Italy  CV – writing and translation  Cover letter - writing and translation  Virtual professional networks  French and Italian institutions to be known when looking for a job  Recruitment tests  Recruitment interviews + business simulation exercises  Italian labour contracts  Where necessary, we can help you to liaise with the most appropriate external services providers (head-hunters, legal advisers, accountants, etc.)
  6. Our service to companies  More than 200 million professionals have a LinkedIn personal profile, and most of them are middle and high management executives (3,2 million in France, 2,8 million in Italy on January, 1st, 2012)   Such inexhaustible and easily accessible treasure trove allows you to quickly screen, in a very targeted way and free of charge, potential employees who precisely match your project requirements. It’s however necessary to know how and where to look!  Furthermore, more than 2,6 million companies throughout the world – they usually are the most innovative ones - also have a LinkedIn profile. This new phenomenon is expanding fast. Be part of the trend if you want to enhance your business reputation and reach the target audience.
  7. Our service to companies  KiteUp offers specific training sessions to make you discover the potential of this new media.  What is the use of virtual professional networks?  Why and how creating a company’s profile?  Why and how creating an internal/external group?  Competitive intelligence: track your competitors, be informed in real time about what they’re doing, how they’re communicating, who they’re recruiting…  HR intelligence: what do your employees do on virtual professional networks?  Target: Executive management, Marketing department, HR  How to search for candidates on virtual professional networks?  Target: Human Resources department, recruiters.
  8. Career Transition Firm Kite Up +39 348 413 94 62