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EMD (European Maritime Day) 2016 , Piraeus Greece

  1. Towards the Implementation of MSP Directive at a Regional Level. Demands and Expectations from the Public Sector. Dr Eleni Hatziyanni Director of Environment and Spatial Planning, Region of Crete, Greece Post Doc Research Associate at the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research, Greece
  2. Ecosystem Approach (Overarching MSP Principle) Intensively used maritime area Competing activities within MA Ecological impact Available Scientific Data Existed Tools (GIS /Stakeholders Platforms) National supportive legislation International Cooperation Monitoring/evaluation MP or ICZM National/regional framework Intensively used Available Data MP/ICZM Framework Cooperation W Mediterranean (4) √ √ √ √ Alboran Sea (2) √ √ √ √ Area around Malta (3) √ √ √ √ Adriatic Sea (1) √ √ √ √ Aegean Sea (7) ? …. …. …. Libyan Sea (8) ? …. …. …. Levantine Sea / SE of Cyprus (5&6) ? …. …. …. MSP Potentiality +, - EU Commission, Policy Research Cooperation
  3. MarinePlan & sources EU Regional Fisheries CouncilsMarine Ecoregions Sea Traffic & PSSAs Regional Conventions Coastal Regions EU WFD ecoregionsEU MSFD marine & sub-regions Management Areas CPMR Geographical Commissions
  4. Description of maritime zones Description of maritime activities MSP,ICZM state of play and further implementation of directive Data collection Institutional and legal framework Cross border cooperation Monitoring evaluation Management of the maritime area Difficulties Barriers Coastal Regions Med Action Plan 1975 Barcelona Convention 1976 Protocol on SPAs & Biodiversity 1995 Protocol on ICZM 2008 E Med AI Initiative Adriatic Ecoregion Trilaterial Commission Ramoge Aggrement (W Med) >20 EU Projects so far Implementation of MSP Directive
  5. Crete island, Greece, Eastern Med area 8.336Km2 max length 260 Km max (min) width 60(12) Km population (2011) 622.913
  6. Crete island, 2 Km from the coastline Specific Coastal Water Management Zones Marine Traffic Routes
  7. Marine and Maritime Activities (Greece, GVA bil euros) Maritime transport Deep-sea shipping 6,70 √ Coastal Tourism 6,90 √ Short-sea shipping 3,63 √ Yachting & marinas 0,21 √ Ferry services 1,69 √ Cruise Tourism 1,60 √ Shipbuilding & repair 0,267 Coastal protection against erosion 0,014 Food & ecosystem services Other water projects 0,11 Fishing 0,84 √ Marine aquaculture 0,45 √ Blue biotechnology ? Elstat 2010, Eurostat, Ministry of Shipping Maritime Affairs and the Aegean √ Most promising Marine Economic Activities Costline length 17400Km Max water depth (Aegean) 2658 m Max water depth (Ionian) 5121 m Islands & islets (70% of coastline) Greece, 12 regions (Nuts 2) to be considered as coastal Marine and Maritime Activities (Crete) Coastal tourism √ Cruise √ Maritime Transport √ Fisheries √ Coastal/ maritime infrustructure √ Aquaculture ? √
  8. Legal Aspects Currently in Greece No specific legislation for ICZM or MSP Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Energy and Environment has the main responsibility for MSP cooperating with: Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism ● Legislation for Environment and Planning (Laws, Spatial Plans-For Tourism and for Aquaculture Included, national,regional and local-, Med Protocol on ICZM-signed) ● Legislation for Shipping ● Legislation for Underwater Cultural Heritage ● Spatial Plans accompanied by SEIS followed with a public consultation procedures ICZM related implemented projects (TERRA, LIFE), MSFD currently implemented, involved in AI initiative ICZM & MSP Projects (BEACHMED,CADSEALAND,COASTANCE,ECASA, ECPSUMEMR,ENCORA,HERMES,MedPAN, PEGASUS,OURCOAST)
  9. Local demands Conflicts of reoccurring activities Growth Drivers for promising activities Barriers to grow and development Supporting SMEs Fostering Blue Economy EU and Macroregional Strategies & Initiatives EU and National Legislation Projects Results & Databases Links with Institutes RIS Monitoring and Evaluation Ensuring healthier marine environment Strengthening cross-sectoral governance Public Sector Maritime Policies Marine Spatial Planning Decision-Making A tool, for planning at marine space with competent activities 1 2 34 5 6 International/ Cross-Boarding Cooperation and Fundings National Aspects/ Legislation Regional Strategies and RIS Macro Regional and EU Strategies Sub regional Priorities Local Demands and Development Sectors Regions
  10. Food for thought and further steps Specific criteria to cooperate and get prepared Must be prepared and must prepare Coordinated under National umbrella and WGs Getting scientific Information Land interactions vs. maritime dimension Regional Plans-Conflicts Capitalization of Projects Networking Open Data-Databases functioning Evaluating Different aspects >> holistic approach Institutional and Governmental/regional links EU (Med) Regional Networks Scientific Institutional Networks EU Strategies Med Initiatitives Sub Basins Perspectives East Med >> Greece >> Crete •Integrating Scientific Guidance •Maritime Policies in the Framework of Public Policies, for a sustainable marine space management Region of Crete & Hellenic Centre of Marine Research in Cooperation with EU and Macroregional Bodies East Med >> Greece >> Crete
  11. Thank you! Dr Eleni Hatziyanni Director of Environment and Spatial Planning, Region of Crete, Greece Post Doc Research Associate at the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research, Greece In cooperation with: Dr C. Arvanitidis Dr K. Dounas Dr Y. Koulouri Mrs M. Nikolopoulou, HCMR, Inst Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture