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Key Findings During an average week, how much time do you Print trumps digital for newspaper and spend reading the following: magazine readers. Over 5 hours 1-2 hours None While nearly half of US adults now read at least some 3-5 hours Less than 1 hour digital magazine and newspaper content, print remains the dominant format. Almost eight in ten US adults have read print Print magazines or newspapers 13% 20 35 27 5 newspapers or magazines in the past month. Of those who read print publications, 33% spend 3 hours or more [Figure 1] per Magazines or newspapers online week doing so. Unsurprisingly, older adults (55+) tend to be the 6% 11 26 27 30 (e.g., using your computer or mobile web browser) heaviest consumers.Magazines or newspapers via a dedicated application 4% 5 10 17 64 (e.g., Wired magazine iPad app) Digital formats have yet to be consumed as much as print; still 47% of adults have read publications online in the past month. 0% 100% Magazine and newspaper applications are on the rise; 19% of readers use them regularly (at least one hour per week). Younger Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 1] consumers (ages 18-34), particularly men, are significantly more likely than average to read digital content online and through dedicated mobile and PC apps.3 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era www.elasticpath.com

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