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How often do you do the following after reading an online or digital magazine or newspaper article? Members of Gen Y are keen to share their Very often Sometimes Rarely Never influence online. Tell someone about it face-to-face 23% 43 19 15 Social media, particularly Facebook, has changed the way we or on the phone interact with content. Most readers enjoy letting others know Email someone about it 14% 35 30 21 about articles they have read; two out of three (66%) regularly share information face-to-face or by phone, while half (49%) Rate or review the article 9% 25 31 34 do so via email [Figure 10]. Younger adults (ages 18-34) are particularly keen to share their influence online; members of Post a link to the article on Facebook,Twitter, or your personal blog or website 10% 23 22 46 Gen Y are more than three times as likely as older adults (55+) to post links to articles on social networks (59% vs. 16%), write Leave a comment for the author on the article page 9% 18 30 43 comments (43% vs. 14%), and rate or review articles (55% vs. 18%). Digital publishers who offer comprehensive social sharing and community tools, and make it easy to share, will directly 0% 100% benefit from an increased audience for their content. Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 10]12 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era www.elasticpath.com

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