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Which of the following have you ever done as a result of seeing an ad in an online or digital newspaper or Digital newspaper and magazine ads are magazine? effective at driving purchase. Visited a website 55% Interactive ads in digital publications appear to be effective Entered a contest 36% at driving consideration and sales. While 18% of viewers had taken no action in response to an online or digital newspaper Gone to a store to see a product 32% or magazine ad, 36% had entered a contest, 31% had made Made a purchase 31% a purchase, and 20% had signed up for a trial [Figure 9]. Many Requested more information about a 25% others had taken steps toward a purchase decision, including product or service Signed up for a product/service trial visiting a website (55%), requesting more information about a 20% product or service (25%), and going to a store to view the item Forwarded the ad to someone 20% (32%). Printed it out to look at later 18%I have never done anything as a result of seeing an ad in an online or digital newspaper or magazine 18% With digital formats better able to capture reader attention and I have never seen an online or digital newspaper create a more engaging experience than static print ads—at 12% or magazine ad the same time as being more measurable and micro-targeted, advertisers have shifted their dollars away from print. However, 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% in a world of proprietary content and apps, it can be difficult for advertisers to deliver a large-scale campaign. Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 9]11 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era www.elasticpath.com

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