Presentación españa castilla y león-valladolid

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Presentación españa castilla y león-valladolid

  3. 1. Alcázar; 2. Catedral de Sevilla; 3. Archivo de Indias; 4. Giralda; 5. Torre del Oro; 6. Plaza de España Radka Jahnová
  4. The Escorial is a palace, basilica and a monastery.
  5. TOLEDO Alcázar Museo del Greco Catedral de Santa María Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes
  6. GRANADA Albaicín: historical neighbourhood Alhambra: medieval muslim palace Generalife: summer palace
  7. Segovia founded by celts and then populated by romans
  8. Antonio Gaudí 1852-1926 His most important architecture was la Sagrada familia (Barcelona). Others well-known are el Parque Güell, el Palacio Güell, la capilla en la colonia Güell en San Coloma de Cervelló, Casa Milà, Casa Batló, y el Palacio Episcopal en Astorga.
  9. El PARQUE NACIONAL DE DOÑANA  Located in the south-west of Iberia Peninsula in the part of Andalucia  Is important because of the migration of the birds, and animals in danger of extinction.  The typical nature are lakes, dunes of sand, bushes, bogs, de la
  10. + Salamanca is a city located in the region of Castle an Lion. Their inhabitants are 154.462 Their best monuments are: la Catedral Vieja y la Nueva, la Casa de las Conchas, la Plaza Mayor, el Convento de San Esteban. Salamanca has the oldest university in Spain, and the first in Europe with the title f university that had been given by Alfonso X de Castilla y de León in an edict of 1253 de and a bula from the pope Alejandro IV in 1255.
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  12. El camino de Santiago This pilgrimage route symbolise the Camino de Santiago were is buried saint Santiago in Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage route is a system of routes thar covers all Europe The more well-known is the french route, that go across Pirineos. During the route you can discover a lot of historical monuments and beautiful nature. The symbol of the route is the shell of vieira. This pilgrimage has a magic influence, it is said that heals and bring you happiness. Nowadays is more well-known thanks to Paulo Coelho and his book about the rout..
  13. + - Region: Castilla-La Mancha - Population : 52 980 (2007) - Área : 954,00 km2 Hanged houses: Building on the rocks. Bridge of saint Paul building between 1533 and 1589 Nuestra Señora de Gracia: the cathedral of Cuenca builded between 1182 and 1270
  14. + The Teide is the name of the mountain and also for the national park. Located in Tenerife island, that is one of the Canary Island. The peak of Teide, is the highest mountain of Spain (3.718meters) In the past it used to be an active volcano, this is the main reason why the sand of the beach is black.
  15. Marie Blinková biodiversity and culture • SALINAS PARK • THE WALLS OF THE CITY: • Medieval part: during muslim era • Renaissance part: during the kingdom of Felipe II has been built two protection towers to prevent the pirates come into the island. Is located in the Mediterranean see Their inhabitants are: 129.562
  16. Ávila -Ávila es la ciudad donde se encuentran el patrimonio, la historia y el arte, la gastronomía, la fiesta y la mística, la cultura y la naturaleza. -Está situada en la comunidad autónoma de Castilla y León, y es la capital de la provincia de Ávila. -Su casco histórico medieval, en excelente estado de conservación, fue declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad en 1985. -Murallas, casas, palacios, templos y conventos configuran el rico patrimonio artístico de la ciudad. Ávila tiene las murallas mejor conservadas en el mundo. Markéta Čandasová
  17. Speaking the Spanish Language. The Monarchy and the Government President. Respecting the rights and obligations in the “Spanish Constitution” We eat three times a day. We really like going out with friends to drink a coffee and talk, talk and talk. It is said that we speak very aloud. Our Mediterranean Diet (with vegetables, meat, fish, olive oil, garlic, onion and fruit…) We like to eat Chocolate with Churros, Tapas, Potato’s omellete and ham. We are said to be familiar, tolerant and gentile, we like to receive people over the world. Spain is a multicultural country full of European influences. The shops are closed to 14.00 till 17.00 to have a nap, we really enjoy to have a nap after lunch. We have an Spanish Square and a Bull Fighting Square in every city!!!
  18. SPANISH CONSTITUTION 6th December. We are known to celebrate everything!!!!! Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year„s Eve (when we eat 12 grapes), New Year„s Day and The Three Wise Men Day (when we eat Roscón, delicious!!!) THE CARNIVALS in February. In every village we have festivals in summer with bulls, real music concerts, typical dancing, tradional clothing... We have a great celebration at Easter Time. We feel very strongly the Holly Week with processions the whole week.
  19. Provincias ¡Benvido a Galicia! You can arrive to Spain through the famous Camino de Santiago that is finished in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia’s capital. There you can visit the beautiful Cathedral. In Galicia you can eat: empanada gallega, pulpo, lacón con grelos y mariscos, delicious!!! green There are beautiful m mountains and vineyard. There are great beaches and very fresh fishes. It’s frightening! There are many stories about the meigas, the famous Gallega’s witches.
  20. Asturias was the first Cristian Reign in Spain. The capita is Oviedo, a beautiful city full of monuments and history. Galicia and Asturias are linked with Great Britain because of the celtic roots. Consequently, the tradicional music is very similar. There is a typical intrument called The prince of Spain is called Príncipe de Asturias. People in Asturias speak Bable o asturiano. gaita. In Summer Asturias is full of festivals. In august you can canoying festivals in the famous Sella River. enjoy during the The most typical food is FABADA ASTURIANA and you can drink the special SIDRA.
  21. The capital isSantander Cave painting in Altamira, in the XIX century. The Flower’s Battle is a beautiful festival where people decorate floats with fresh flowers. In February you can enjoy the FISHERMAN CARNIVALS. National Park “The European Peaks” Cocido Montañés, Eat the prepared with beans, potatoes and meat.
  22. In this region the people speak Euskadi. It is a very rich province because of the wealth of natural resources. Fishing is the main job for men and it gives them a great variety of species. In Bilbao we have the Guggenheim Museum, very important one because of its modern artworks. Vitoria is a very ecologic city with everybody riding bikes as a medium of transports. They’ve got rural sports such as sokatira and pelota vasca (above).
  23. You can run in front of the bulls… They have NATIONAL FESTIVALS with SAN FERMIN. People run in front of the bulls around the streets of the city. We have very good asparagus. A typical recipe is pimientos del piquillo. (pepper with sauce) As a typical drink we have pacharán, a black licour. .
  24. La Rioja is the most important region of Spain with the wine matters. It produces the best wine in the whole world because the weather conditions really fit with the grapes’ growing and the wine production. The landscapes diversity makes people practise a high number of sports such as trekking, climbing, speleology, cycling…
  25. One of the most important dances in Spain is danced in Aragón, we call it “Jota Aragonesa” and we use the castanets to dance it and sing it. In the 12th of October, we celebrate an important festival in Spain, we calle it “El Día de la Hispanidad”, In these festivals people in Aragón offer flowers to the virgin and they create a very high statue with flowers about the virgin.
  26. In Cataluña there are two official languages: Spanish and catalán. There is a piece of the Pyrenees called Aigüestortes. Along the festivals they bring the “castells” that are human towers. This is the monument that represents the sardana, typical dance that represents union between the world. There is a great park called Parque Güell (Barcelona) from Gaudí, the artist that created Sagrada Familia (the main cathedral in Barcelona). There is the sunny Costa Brava. They have the typical “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with tomato) and cava catalán (a drink)
  27. In Valencia there are gorgeous theme parks such as Terra Mítica. They have the Sciences and Art City with great museums. A beautiful paradise!, wonderful beaches in They make a tomato battle in Buñol and it is known around the world. It is called Costa Blanca o Costa Azahar: fun and amusement. The most beautiful city in the Coast. You can visit La lonja and the cathedral with the tower. In the region they have many castles and beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape with the humidity of rice called La Albufera. They prepare the most delicious dish in our coutry called Paella. La Tomatina! Many people around the world come to enjoy Las Fallas. Great festivals in with wooden statues are made and people burnt it one night. Their typical drinks are Horchata y Agua de Valencia, two cold drinks for summer.
  28. BALEARES is a wonderful archipelago of crystalline water, wooded mountains, white small villages, caves and prehistoric monuments. There are many lively night clubs. It is a luxury for our senses!!! It is made up of five islands. Menorca is a paradise of nature. Ibiza Is a present for hippy lovers. There are the biggest discos in Spain. Mallorca is the biggest island. It is the perfect turistic destination for international people. Formentera: beaches with crystalline water and bright sand. Cabrera is a no habitated island, it is declarated as National Park. They have a delicious desert: la ensaimada.
  29. Castilla y León is the biggest region in Spain. its monuments, natural landscapes, castles and rivers make it one of the most beautiful community in Spain. The Segovia’s aqueduct and Avila’s walls are In Castilla y León there are nine provinces. The most typical dish is suckling pig. baked incredible! Valladolid is the capital of the region and this is its cathedral. Here you can dance jotas castellanas using the castañuelas (castanets) In this region there is the oldest university in our country and one of the oldest in Europe with Oxford, Cambrige or Sorbona.
  30. It is one of the most visited city in Europe because of its rich culture and customes. It is said that in Madrid you can reach the heaven! It is said to be the city that never sleeps because of its lively night. There are a typical dance called el chotis. Puerta del Sol is a symbol of The Their football team is This is a beautiful REAL MADRID, one of Park Buen Retiro the most famous teams in Spain. They have a huge aveniu called Gran Via which is said to be the small Brodway because it is full of wonderful theaters and auditorium Madrid. The clock shows the twelve rings of bells in New Year’s Eve when we eat the twelve grapes.
  31. Gorgeous monuments in Madrid
  32. This is the famous place where Miguel de Cervates set his best novel called “Don Quijote de la Mancha” with the funny adventures of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza. Our region is famous also because our delicious cheese called Queso manchego. This cheese has been denominated World Heritage culture. This is OUR REGION!!!!And cuenca is our city!!!! This region has got two World Heritage Cities which are Toledo and Cuenca. CUENCA IS OUR CITY!!!! The famous Hanging Houses in Cuenca.
  33. Murcia It is known as Spain’s orchad because it grows a great variety of vegetables. It is said to be the paradise city set between two seas. Caravaca de la Cruz is a Saint City. The Cathedral contains gotic, reinassance and baroque styles.
  34. It is a province made up of three Mountains Ranges full of olive trees. They produce the best ham: “jamón de bellota”, in the whole Spain. If you go you eat the best ham in Spain and visit great architecture. Mérida is the capital city. It was founded 25 b.c. and was designed World Heritage City. You can visit the Roman Theatre in its old building.
  35. Andalucía is a modern region with very strong monumental and cultural heritage caused by its past roots. Andalucía has a great diversity of landscapes: Citizens in Andalucía live strongly and specially religious festival such as the Holly Week. Desert of Tabernas in Almería Andalucia‟s territory is bigger that whole countries such as Belgium, Holand, Denmark, Austria or Switzerland. Three range mountains: Sierra Nevada in Granada Sierra Cazorla in Jaén and Sierra Grazalema in Cádiz. Millions of tourists enjoy its beaches in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean.
  36. They have a great tradition of the growing of Olive trees. They produce the best Olive Oil in Spain and they include it in the delicious traditional dishes they cook in this region. The flamenco represents Andalucia’s folklore. The first artists grew in this region and recently this kind of art has been defined as World Heritage Culture. Two important painters internationally known are: -Picasso (El Guernica) -Velázquez (Las Meninas The Bull Fightings were grown in this region. Now they are critized around the world but they are a great part of the Spanish Heritage.
  37. In Ceuta people speak Spanish, Arabian and Tamazid. They have beautiful Royal Walls, arabian baths, cathedral, castles and a dragon‟s house. As some of them belong to the Arabian Religion they have some great synagogues and mosques. Mmmm, their best recipe is roasted tuna with salad. There are many people from Ceuta who has their ancestors in Morocco, India and Andalucía.
  38. This city is situated in the African Continent but belongs to the Spanish government. It lives with four cultures: cristian, muslim, hebrew and indian. As well as Ceuta, Melilla is full of typical places to practise religions, Cristian Churches, Synagogues and Mosques. A such as mixture of religious and cultures which made Melilla a very rich city. Going to Melilla you can celebrate many different kind of festivals such as the Cristian festivals of Victoria‟s virgin. You can also celebrate the Muslim Ramadán, the Hebrew Carnival and the Indian New Year. It is part of Spain since 1497.
  39. The Canarias Islands are made up of four national parks and three biosphere natural landscapes. There is a huge balance between the humans and nature. La Gomera, a small island Lanzarote is a volcanic territory discovered from Colón. with Lunar Landscapes. Provincias Tenerife the island in which you can reach the highest mountain in Spain: EL TEIDE (a huge volcano) La Palma, is said to be the Green Island. Fuenteventura has many kilometres of beaches and the most practised sport here is Surfing with people coming from the whole world. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is internationally known El Hierro, where you can visit hanging houses from high cliffs. by its Canivals, they are the most important mundial carnivals with the Brazilian ones. In the whole island, you can enjoy baked potatoes with a special sauce from the islands called Mojo Picón. In the Canarias Island they have a different time zone from Spain, that is, one hour less.