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Quotes on marketing

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Quotes on marketing

  2. 3. “ The future is not ahead of us. It has already happened. Unfortunately it unequally distributed among companies, industries, and nations.”
  3. 4. “ The internet will create the winner and bury the laggards .”
  4. 5. “ It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them.”
  5. 6. “ It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable.”
  6. 7. “ Marketing is becoming a battle bases more on information than on sales power”.
  7. 8. “ Today you have to run faster to stay in place.”
  8. 9. “ The most important thing is to forecast where customers are moving, and be in front of them.”
  9. 10. “ Many businesses are wisely turning their suppliers and distributors into valued partners.”
  10. 11. “ Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors.”
  11. 12. “ Don’t buy market share. Figure out how to earn it.”
  12. 13. “ Watch the product life cycle; but more important, watch the market life cycle.”
  13. 14. “ Who should ultimately design the product? The customer, of course.”
  14. 15. “ Your company does not belong in markets where it cannot be the best.”
  15. 16. “ The best way to hold customers is to constantly figure out how to give them more for less.”
  16. 17. “ Every business is a service business. Does your service put “ a smile ” on the customer’s face?”
  17. 18. “ Sell value, not price.”
  18. 19. “ Establish channels for different target markets and aim for efficiency, control, and adaptability.”
  19. 20. “ Successful “go-to-market” strategies require integrating retailers, wholesalers, and logistical organizations.”
  20. 21. “ Integrated marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer.”
  21. 22. “ The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.”
  22. 23. “ The successful salesperson cares first for the customer, second for the products.”
  23. 24. “ The marketing organization will have to redefine its role from managing customer interactions to integrating and managing all the company’s customer-facing processes.”
  24. 25. Sompong Yusoontorn