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  1. 1. Nivel: ElementalAlumno:___________________________________________________________________________Examen FinalUnidades 8-14 Total Score: ___________________READING: 8 MARKS 40%A.- Complete the text below with sentences A–H. A The change in climate changes the places they live in. B No, not yet. C It’s good to see more wind farms for example. D What is the future for our world? E They know they have to work together. F The population of the world is growing very quickly. G He was not optimistic. H Another problem is pollution.The future of the planet0(D What is the future for our world?) We asked Professor Mike Summerbee of the University of Manchester for hisviews. 1______________________________________ ‘I am very worried about the future,’ he said. In the last ten years,climate change has become more and more of a problem. This means the world has got hotter and will continue to gethotter in the future. Because of climate change, animals and plants are dying out.2________________________________________ For example, areas which were forest are now becoming deserts.Another problem for animals is man. 3________________________________________ More people need more land.We need to build houses and grow food. The animals have a smaller and smaller area to live in.4_________________________________________ There are more and more cars and factories opening every day. Thispollution makes the air and water dirtier and people will die younger. This is already happening in some cities such asTehran, Mexico or Los Angeles where you can see the pollution in the sky.So, is it too late? 5_______________________________________ We can still save the planet if we try. We can findclean energy for electricity and cars. 6________________________________________ Some people don’t like them butthey do give us clean energy. We can also plant trees and stop destroying the rain forests.The good thing is that governments can now see what the problems are. They are talking about them. 7 The question is,will they do more than talk? Will they do something soon? Or will it be too late? 1
  2. 2. USE OF ENGLISH: 45 MARKS 60%A.- Complete the gaps with the words from the box. There are more words than you need. (5 marks) cloudy / income / unemployment / sunny / noisy / foggy / banned / support / ideal / peaceful 0 This is an __ideal___ place for our summer holiday. 1 I love spring in France. It’s _________________ and warm. 2 In many European countries smoking is __________________ in all public places. 3 People who live here have a lower _________________ than in the capital, but everything is cheaper. 4 Have you ever been to Loch Lomond? It’s a very ________________ place in Scotland because there aren’t many tourists there. 5 It’s sometimes very _________________ in the morning. When you drive a car, you can’t see the road.B.- Write the correct questions. (6 marks) 0 What should you do if you go into a church? You should take off your hat if you go into a church. 1 What _____________________________________________________________? The weather in summer? Well, it rains a lot and there are many storms. 2 How ______________________________________________________________? They created 50,000 new jobs last year. 3 Why ______________________________________________________________? People visit London because they want to see Buckingham Palace. 4 Who _______________________________________________________________? King Luis XIV was a famous French king. 5 Where ______________________________________________________________? You can only smoke in pubs. 6 When ________________________________________________________________? The Second World War ended in 1945. 2
  3. 3. C.- Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. (4 marks) to about for from 0 There are many reasons _for_ culture shock. 1 After three weeks of living in that noise she started to suffer ______ headaches. 2 Do you really want to move ______ a different city? 3 She’s very impatient. She gets annoyed ______ very silly things. 4 My children can’t wait ______ the first day of the holidays.D.- Complete the sentences with the or –. (10 marks) 0 __–__ lake Como is in _the_ north of __–__ Italy. 1 _____ Alps are the place where many tourists spend their winter and summer holidays. 2 Are you sure that _____ Vistula is the longest river in _____ Poland? 3 _____ Canary Islands are a group of seven islands in _____ Atlantic Ocean, near the west coast of _____ Africa. 4 During our last trip to _____ London, we had a picnic in _____ Hyde Park. 5 On Saturday we bought some souvenirs at _____ Leicester Square, not far from _____ Charing Cross Road.E.- Underline the correct words. (8 marks) 0 Pandas eat very slow /slowly 1 We wanted to look at the cheetah but it sudden / suddenly escaped. 2 He tried very hard / hardly to see the crocodile but he couldn’t. 3 Look at those dolphins! They’re jumping so happily / happy. 4 Koalas are bad / badly runners but they’re so sweet! 5 Did you know that tigers can swim very well / good? 6 If people give more generously / generous, we can help to save many animals. 7 Don’t laugh so loud / loudly! You’ll scare the birds! 8 We know it’s not easily / easy but if we all help, it will be a better place to live. 3
  4. 4. F.- Use the prompts below to make sentences about the future. (5 marks) 0 water / There / be / for / enough / everybody / won’t There won’t be enough water for everybody_______________. 1 smaller / the world’s / get / Will / population __________________________________________________? 2 next / change / will / years / The weather / 50 / the / in __________________________________________________. 3 our / help / animals / won’t / without / Endangered / survive __________________________________________________. 4 food / there / Will / everyone / for / be / enough __________________________________________________? 5 more / 2030 / expensive / Energy / be / will / by __________________________________________________.G.- Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. (7 marks) 0 Have you ever (see) seen anyone famous? 1 I (never write) ______________________ for a newspaper but last year I wrote a story for the school magazine. 2 Last summer we (go) ________________________________ to America on holiday. 3 (you ever eat) _____________________________ real French bread? 4 I (not do) _______________________________ the washing yet. 5 Have you ever failed an exam? No, but last year I only (get) ______________________ 65% in History. 6 Who (you play) __________________________ in the match yesterday? 7 Dan (never drink) ____________________________ cola! 4