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The Edelman Master Narrative

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The Edelman Master Narrative

  2. 2. Lead the Dialogue: The Master Narrative 2 People have always communicated through stories. Companies, however, continue to focus on key messages as their primary communication vehicles. Today’s stakeholders are becoming suspicious of corporate messages that are increasingly generic and poor at capturing imagination or inspiring action. By contrast, a well crafted narrative helps a company stand out in a cluttered environment and encourages stakeholders to care about the outcome. Even an unfinished story acts as a force for dialogue with stakeholders and brings audiences along on your journey.
  3. 3. Relevant in Japan? IN JAPAN, MAJORITY NEEDS TO HEAR COMPANY INFORMATION MORE THAN 3 TIMES TO BELIEVE MESSAGES 2% ONCE (1) 10% TWICE (2) 89% MORE THAN THREE TIMES (GLOBAL: 82%) 15% TEN OR MORE TIMES (10+) 1% SIX TO NINE TIMES (6-9) 27% FOUR OR FIVE TIMES (4-5) 46% THREE TIMES (3) Q165. [TRACKING] Think about everything you see or hear every day about companies, whether it is positive or negative. How many times in general do you need to be exposed to something about a specific company to believe that the information is likely to be true? (Provide Space to Insert Number) Informed Publics Ages 25-64 in Japan (excludes Don’t Know Responses)
  4. 4. What is a Master Narrative? • The master narrative is YOUR STORY – who you are, what makes you different, why that’s important. • It is based on evidence, facts, and measurable results – but it’s told in HUMAN TERMS. • It's a key tool for BUILDING CONSENSUS for an organization that has many moving parts. • It’s an efficiency engine that makes everything you say work harder…because all the instruments are PLAYING THE SAME TUNE. THE MASTER NARRATIVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY YOU HAVE TO TELL
  5. 5. Why a Narrative? • People don’t remember facts; they remember stories. • Stories and metaphors help people grasp complicated issues. • Storytelling is the most convincing way to make a point; people see themselves in stories. • A story isn’t static; it continues and begins a dialogue. Answers three fundamental questions: 1. What do you stand for? 2. How are you different? 3. Why does that matter? CAPTURES WHAT YOU ARE DOING, WHERE YOU ARE GOING, WHAT YOU VALUE, AND WHY
  6. 6. How Do You Tell Your Story? BACKSTORY • How does your past shape what you are today? COMPLICATIONS • What obstacles stand in the way of your success? STAKES • What’s at risk, for all of us, if you fail? Why do you MATTER? PROMISE • What are you DOING about it? What do you have to deliver to make your strategy succeed? PAYOFF • What’s in it for me? How do you convert your activities into BENEFITS GETTING THE RIGHT STORY AND CONTEXT TO STAND OUT
  7. 7. Master Narrative Structure Media Storylines Multi-Channel Content Message Architecture catchphrase, examples, statistics, anecdotes, analogies, stories Message Silo catchphrase, examples, statistics, anecdotes, analogies, stories Message Silo catchphrase, examples, statistics, anecdotes, analogies, stories Message Silo Master Narrative Elevator Pitch Core Speech Paragraphs A 30 second oral narrative covering the most compelling element of your story. Message platforms supported by proof points – the “reasons to believe” in a company’s story – organized as a quick reference guide. A series of story headlines that use the Master Narrative for media outreach A one-page narrative that provides depth and dimension to your current defining story. Provides template paragraphs that can be dropped in to speeches as needed. Master Narrative leveraged in multi-media content (audio, video and images) for use across all external and internal corporate communication NARRATIVE PACKAGE CONTAINS MESSAGING TOOLS NEEDED TO ENGAGE TARGET AUDIENCES AND ENCOURAGE ACTION
  8. 8. Review of existing communications materials Narrative Development Review research findings and interviews. Develop first draft Narrative Refinement Present Narrative to client and refine based on feedback 1 Discovery 2 Discourse Development Desktop research covering media and other stakeholder perceptions Master Narrative Workshop / Interviews with client Present research and work through the five communication bridges The Master Narrative Process 3
  9. 9. Developing the Master Narrative Development (E&J) • Elevator Pitch • Core Speech Paragraphs • Message Architecture • Media Storylines Finalization • Drafts submitted for client review • Redrafts after feedback • Finalization • Approval from top management 1 Research & Information Gathering 2 Analysis & Alignment 3 Development & Finalization Research • Media Audit • Industry Audit • Competitor Audit Interviews • Leaders • External Stakeholders • Keyword Analysis • Message Mapping • International and Japanese Message Alignment • Initial Narrative Structure Presentation Submitted • Working group to confirm direction Internalization • Internalization Workshops with Executives and Others as Needed Reflect into: • PR Materials • Marketing Materials • Website • Internal Communication 4 Internalization & Usage
  10. 10. Migrated across All Communication Channels Master Narrative Marketing Materials Company Website Internal Comns Boilerplate Media Pitching
  11. 11. Bringing the Master Narrative to Life APPROVED MASTER NARRATIVE APPLIED TO: • Communications materials (off-line and on-line) • New and evolving marketing materials • Press release boilerplate • Media pitches • Thought leadership, industry relations, public affairs • Employee engagement and change management • Kick-off meetings / training with managers • Media training
  12. 12. Messaging Workshop FINALIZE AND PERMEATE MASTER NARRATIVE ACROSS YOUR ORGANIZATION WITH HALF- OR FULL-DAY INTERACTIVE MESSAGING WORKSHOP • Objective – Garner feedback on Master Narrative from employees – Internalize Master Narrative through interactive exercises • Process – Present Master Narrative to participants – Dissect into manageable chunks and ask for feedback – Conduct exercises on how to use the messaging in their everyday work – Each group is to presents its theme, objective, and how it made use of the key messages
  13. 13. THE EDELMAN MASTER NARRATIVE “The most important story you have to tell” Copyright ©2013 Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. All rights reserved. All information contained herein is confidential and proprietary to Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. (“Edelman”). Thank You. Edelman Japan KK 7th Floor, Toranomon Kotohira Tower 1-2-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Tel: +81 (3) 6858-7711 Fax: +81 (3) 6858-7712 www.edelman.jp japan@edelman.com