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The Anatomy of a Great Candidate

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Savvy job seekers know how important choosing the right words is when communicating with prospective employers, but what about nonverbal communication? It has been said that non-verbal communication accounts for over 90 percent of the message you are delivering in your job interview! Your verbal content only provides 7 percent of the message.

Here are a few ways to send the right message during the interview with appropriate body language: http://www.edelman.com/post/anatomy-great-candidate/

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The Anatomy of a Great Candidate

  1. 1. ANATOMY OF A GREAT CANDIDATE THE LEFT BRAIN Thinking and acting with instincts and logic THE EARS Listen very well THE FUNNY BONE Brings a sense of humor to their work THE HANDS Invite partners with new ideas and perspectives THE GUT A smart, intuitive, 'common sense' approach about things THE RIGHT BRAIN Hits the ground running with creative ambition THE EYES Look ahead to anticipate and navigate challenges and opportunities THE MOUTH Speaks “digital” and integrated communications fluently THE HEART Cares about their work and is passionate about delivering results THE FEET Move nimbly and are able to quickly shift gears