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Getting In-Feed Sponsored Content Right Infographic

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edelman Berland conducted a study on how U.S. online news users feel about sponsored content and, importantly, what it takes for brands, publishers and agencies to get it right. The study focused on in-feed ads like sponsored stories that sit next to pure editorial.

The key takeaway is that we found a direct link between how consumers already feel about the brand advertiser, the publisher and the potential success of the new format.

Learn more: http://edl.mn/iabscstudy

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Getting In-Feed Sponsored Content Right Infographic

  1. 1. Getting In-Feed Sponsored Content Right What It Takes to Win Be Relevant Brands: Match editorial in style/quality. Publishers: Turn away advertisers that don't fit. Be Authoritative Brands: Share your expertise vs sell. Publishers: Help advertisers adopt a more editorial mindset. Brands/Publishers: Err on the side of transparency. Be Authentic 81%say brand familiarity and trust is important as well. 60%say they are more open to digital advertising that focuses on telling a story rather then only selling a product. 82%say subject matter expertise is also critical. “Make sure it is relevant to me. If it reflects the types of articles I am reading then I will be more likely to seek out those advertisers.” -Research Respondent “I think that when it is a brand that hasagoodreputationandisputting information together they can back up, then it [is] more likely to be taken seriously and be viewed as trustworthy.” “Make it contain articles that I actually want to read that doesn’t look like just advertising” 33%is the boost in credibility that in-feed sponsored content gets when featured on well-respected websites. Be Authentic Be Relevant Tell a Story Partner with Great Websites -Research Respondent -Research Respondent Be Authoritative