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Playing Together: How IBM is Bringing the Outside Inside by Ben Edwards

  1. Social Media and Change Management at IBM October 6th, 2010 Ben Edwards Vice President, Digital Strategy & Development
  2. What change do you want? Management Employees Shareholders/owners Markets Perceptions The board Government/regulators Competitors Analog to digital Business performance Page 2
  3. “Change comes through consistent communication” Sir Nick Scheele Former President and COO, Ford Motor Company Page 3
  4. “Controlling information is like trying to control a conversation: it can’t be done and still be genuine ” The Cluetrain Manifesto Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Rick Levine Page 4
  5. A rich culture of collaboration Page 5
  6. IBM Social Computing tools Source: IBMer Christian Carlsson Page 6
  7. The rise of the employee-generated intranet Page 7
  8. Page 8
  9. “If you unleash all this energy, opinions, and hope, you better be prepared to do something in response.” Sam Palmisano, Chairman & CEO, IBM, Harvard Business Review Interview Digital is… Page 9
  10. InnovationJam  More than 150,000 people from 104 countries  4.6 million page views  46,000+ ideas  67 clients, business partners and academic institutions worldwide  12,690 family members Page 10
  11. Jam Outcomes Real-time Simplified Intelligent Translation Business Utility Services Engines Networks 3D Internet “Digital Me” Smart Electronic Branchless Healthcare Intelligent Health Big Green Banking for Payment Transportation Record Innovations the Masses Systems Systems System Page 11
  12. IBMers on… 75,000+ 17,000 internal blogs 1,000,000 daily page views 60,000 200 IBM channels 30,000+ as IBM 200,000+, 500 groups 40,000+ 200,000+ Page 12
  13. Social Computing Guidelines “It is very much in IBM's interest—and, we believe, in each IBMer's own—to be aware of and participate in this sphere of information, interaction and idea exchange: To learn… To contribute…” Page 13
  14. The IBM digital strategy 1. Lead how forward thinkers engage with experts and expertise to make the world work better. 2. Design a digital system that engenders trust and accelerates forward thinking and action 3. Iterate Page 14
  15. Overall findings: Connecting with Experts  Experts area was a huge winner with Design A: participants, even if some reported they weren’t sure if they would use it.  Instilled feelings of confidence, trust, empowerment, and partnership with IBM.  Competitive advantage! Differentiator for IBM.  Up to date content is critical. Out dated blogs, twitter entries, etc., from Design B: • Key user quotes experts will impact the usefulness and perceptions of confidence and trust. – “I like seeing human faces, people, positive images.” – “…I feel empowered.” – “If it came down to IBM and a competitor for a solution- neck to neck tie- this would push me to IBM.” – “This is new, different from other sites. Puts a face to people behind the scenes. Makes me confident about the product and the enterprise.” – “Shows IBM is serious about helping the customer and not just selling the product.” – “Brilliant!” Page 15
  16. Jams open possibilities for change — new ways of working across industries, disciplines, and national borders  First industry-wide virtual  Over 150 companies with  Results: Redefined the Supplier collaboration event to address the participants ranging from CEOs OEM relationship challenges facing the North to middle managers and (background on auto supplier jam) American supplier industry engineers  CEO sponsored to identify ideas  Over 1/3rd of Nokia participated  Results: Nokia-wide restructuring to realize the company’s new from 40 countries including to focus revenue growth in strategy with it’s new values as factory workers, sales teams, expanding AP consumer markets the framework R&D and manufacturing (background on  The World Urban Forum (WUF)  HabitatJam was the largest  Results: 8k+ ideas netted down was established by the United brainstorming ever on urban to 70 – all presented and Nations to examine rapid sustainability bringing together not adopted at the WUF3 urbanization and its impact on only NGOs, politicians and conference as it official platform cities, economies and policies academia – but the slum dwellers (background on habitat jam) whose lives were directly impacted by this body  CEO sponsored to generate  Over 1/2 of Lilly participated from  Results: Greater adoption of new practical ideas to help drive and 40 countries including factory values program, and hundreds of realise the new values into the workers, sales teams, R&D and ideas, one example in SCM company. manufacturing packaging saved $14M (background on Page 16
  17. 2010 - Cross-industry guidelines needed Work in concert with C-Level officers of like- minded, influential companies. Leverage their influence and standing. Work across industries and corporate functions to create “how to” manual:  Prove business value for social media and recommend how to make employees experts  Provide guidance for:  Governance  Risk management  Enabling employee base to “speak” externally for the company  Dealing with regulation  Results measurement Page 17
  18. Digital is… Page 18