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The weirdest apps of 2014

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There are almost too many apps on the market to choose between but here are the weirdest we have found! Read more here: http://www.eatsleepdigitals.com/weirdest-apps-2014

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The weirdest apps of 2014

  1. 1. What’s this all about? With over 1.3 million apps on the iOS App Store and Android apps on the Google Play Store quickly catching up, it’s fair to say there are a lot of apps out there. The following apps represent the worst of the worst that we have stumbled across. Warning: download at your own risk!
  2. 2. iFrenchKiss If you’ve heard of people practicing kissing using their pillows and hands, this is the technological development. iFrenchKiss basically asks you to snog your iPhone screen and then rates you on the performance. It offers tests on French kissing and top tips to improve your technique. It is free to download from iTunes but has had some stinking reviews.
  3. 3. Will You Marry Me? This app does exactly what it says on the tin – you can propose to your beloved via an app. To propose simply pass your phone over to your one true love, and a virtual ring box flips open on screen with the question, ‘will you marry me?’ You have the classic choice of selecting yes or no buttons – that is if a pop-up ad doesn’t ruin the ‘romantic’ moment.
  4. 4. Beef War Have you ever imagined an alternative war which fought with meat? No us neither, but Beef War is a game where your only ammunition is cuts of beef. There are 48 unique cuts, 7 types of tanks and intense strategies in which you fling meat at your enemies.
  5. 5. Ethan Ever find yourself talking to Siri as if it’s a real person? Well Ethan is a real-life version living in an app where you can ask life’s most meaningful questions, like what should we watch on TV tonight? Apparently there is a genuine person responding to all the questions, but the preference for multiple choice questions is highly suspicious. Just don’t ask him if he’s real….
  6. 6. Hold On The premise of the game is this: hold the button for as long as you. If you let go you lose and then you get to start the fun all over again by trying to beat your record. For 69p you can submit your score to the world rankings – which is 100% anonymous as the app doesn’t have a working keyboard…
  7. 7. So what now? Have we caught your interest yet? To read the full article all you have to do is head on over to our website or click the link below! The weirdest apps of 2014