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Gupta empire

  1. GuptaEmpire Golden Age of India
  2. Gupta Empire: AD 320 – 500Gupta Empire: AD 320 – 500
  3. Gupta RulersGupta Rulers  Chandra GuptaChandra Gupta II  AD 320 – 340AD 320 – 340  First king of GuptaFirst king of Gupta empireempire
  4. SamudraguptaSamudragupta  AD 340 – 380AD 340 – 380  Expantion of kingdom takes placeExpantion of kingdom takes place  Defeated shakes rulersDefeated shakes rulers  Chandra Gupta II (Vikramadittya)Chandra Gupta II (Vikramadittya)  AD 380 - 415AD 380 - 415  Profitable trade withProfitable trade with the Mediterraneanthe Mediterranean world!world!  Huns invade – defeated by guptaHuns invade – defeated by gupta kingskings
  5. Chandra Gupta 2 (Vikramadittya)Chandra Gupta 2 (Vikramadittya)
  6. Chandragupta and Kumardevi are shown, Chandragupta is offering a ring (or putting Sindur) to his queen Kumardevi. Chandra in Brahmi script is written below left arm of King while Shri-Kumardevi is written near right hand of queen Reverse of coin shows goddess Laxmi, Appears on all coins minted by gupta kinga. Coins in Gupta empire Coine minted by Chandragupta :
  7. Fa-Hsien: Life in Gupta IndiaFa-Hsien: Life in Gupta India  Chinese Buddhist monk traveledChinese Buddhist monk traveled along the Silk Road and visitedalong the Silk Road and visited India in the 5c.India in the 5c.  He reported the people toHe reported the people to be happy, relatively free ofbe happy, relatively free of government oppression, andgovernment oppression, and inclined towards courtesy andinclined towards courtesy and
  8. International Trade Routes duringInternational Trade Routes during the Guptasthe Guptas
  9. Extensive Trade:4cExtensive Trade:4c spices spices spicesspices gold & ivory gold & ivory gold & ivorygold & ivory rice & wheat rice & wheathorseshorses cotton goods cotton goods cotton goods cotton goodssilks silks
  10. KalidasaKalidasa  The greatest of Indian poets.The greatest of Indian poets.  His most famous play wasHis most famous play was ShakuntalaShakuntala..  During the reign ofDuring the reign of VikramadittyaVikramadittya..
  11. GuptaGupta ArtArt Greatly influencedGreatly influenced Southeast Asian art & architecture.Southeast Asian art & architecture.
  12. MedicineMedicineMedicineMedicine LiteratureLiteratureLiteratureLiterature MathematicsMathematicsMathematicsMathematics AstronomyAstronomyAstronomyAstronomy PrintedPrinted medicinal guidesmedicinal guides 1000 diseases1000 diseases classifiedclassified PlasticPlastic SurgerySurgery C-sectionsC-sections performedperformed InoculationsInoculations 500 healing500 healing plants identifiedplants identified DecimalDecimal SystemSystem ConceptConcept of Zeroof Zero PI = 3.1416PI = 3.1416 KalidasaKalidasa SolarSolar CalendarCalendar The earthThe earth is roundis round GuptaGupta IndiaIndia GuptaGupta AchievementsAchievements
  13. The Decline of the GuptasThe Decline of the Guptas  Invasion of the White Huns in the 4c signaledInvasion of the White Huns in the 4c signaled the end of the Gupta Golden Age, even thoughthe end of the Gupta Golden Age, even though at first, the Guptas defeated first, the Guptas defeated them.  After the decline of the Gupta empire, northAfter the decline of the Gupta empire, north India broke into a number of separate HinduIndia broke into a number of separate Hindu kingdoms and was not really unified again untilkingdoms and was not really unified again until the coming of the Muslims in the 7c.the coming of the Muslims in the 7c.
  14. Why Gupta Empire is considered as a Golden age of India ? Because –  Westeren invaders were defeated – Shaka & Hun  Establishment of kingdom from east to west cost of India  Prosperity & wealth in society is due to the good governance of Gupta kings  Share of Indian trade in world was more than 20 %, now it is less than 0.1%  Kalidas, Panini, Bhas, Varahamihir were the leaders in various fields presented their classic work to the world