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Business proposal

This is our business proposal.

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Business proposal

  1. 1. Business Proposal E- MaMa Shop
  2. 2. Value Proposition ● E- MaMa Shop is an online blog shop that sells items that are hard and expensive to find in Singapore. ● Items include Elmer’s Glue, Washi Tape,Modelling Clay, Poppin Cookin, loom bands and cute stickers.
  3. 3. Value Proposition Reasons why consumers will buy Elmer’s Glue ● Elmer’s Glue is 100% safe for consumption. ● Kids can use them without adult supervision. ● Easy to clean up when spilled. ● Available in all sorts of cartoon characters to captivate the children
  4. 4. Value Proposition Benefits of Washi Tape. ● Available in all sorts of colours and decorative patterns. ● E- MaMa Shop is selling at a cheaper price with the same quality. ● Washi Tape can be reused for a couple of times. This help to save money and the Earth.
  5. 5. Price of Washi Tape from Other Competitors
  6. 6. Price of Washi Tape For E- MaMa Shop
  7. 7. Revenue Model We are looking at a profit of $2 per bottle of Elmer’s Glue and $2 per bundle of Washi Tape. The sum of money required is SGD $200,000. The money will be used to deliver products to consumers and also to buy the products from consumers.
  8. 8. Market Opportunity ● Target audience for these products are children, all types of bookstores and designing schools like NAFA. ● Schools may also buy the products in bulk for occasions like Children’s Day or Youth Day.
  9. 9. Competitive Environment ● E- MaMa is the only shop selling these products. ● Competitor is ‘MaMa Shop Online’ that sells everything, from cooking oil to cosmetics. ● However, they do not sell stationeries.
  10. 10. Websites that appear on Google
  11. 11. Information on ‘MaMa Shop Online’
  12. 12. Competitive Advantage ● Since there is only ‘MaMa Store Online’, and they do not sell similar things as us, there are no competitors challenging E-MaMa shop. ● No website are selling these products, thus there is very little competition for E- MaMa Shop.
  13. 13. Market Strategy ● These products are targeted at students of designing schools and people who like doing arts and crafts. ● Products can be sold by persuading consumers and informing them about the benefits of the products etc. the non toxic Elmer’s Glue suitable for children.
  14. 14. Market Strategy ● E- MaMa Shop is using social media like Facebook to gain traffic. ● Website has been created for consumers to buy the products.
  15. 15. Facebook Page of E - MaMa Shop
  16. 16. Facebook Page of E - MaMa Shop
  17. 17. Website of E - MaMa Shop
  18. 18. Website Of E - MaMa Shop
  19. 19. Consumers’ Response towards our Website
  20. 20. Management Team CEO - Caleb Tan Chief Executive Officer. Leader of the company. COO - Faye Pow Chief Operating Officer. Ensures that everything is operating well.
  21. 21. Management Team CMO - Lai Min Chief Marketing Officer. Markets and sells products made by the company. CTO/CIO - Benjamin Ng Chief Technology Officer. Ensures that the website and facebook page of E - MaMa Shop is working.
  22. 22. Management Team CFO - Hoo Sze Loon Chief Finance Officer. Takes care of the profit and finance of the company.
  23. 23. End Of Presentation Thank you for your kind attention. This is the end of our proposal. Done By: Lai Min, Faye Pow, Hoo Sze Loon, Caleb Tan, Benjamin Ng